Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting a Little Busy Around Here!

I went back to work this week and it has been hectic, as farm life can be at times!

Today will make two farmer's markets I have been to. All of the yard sale stuff in on a ton truck and a 24 foot trailer ready to be unloaded at 5:30am tomorrow, for the weekend yard sale. We cleaned out of family's market building yesterday and they are in the fields this morning harvesting crops for tomorrow's opening day there!

My Mom has been to the doc this week about the swelling in her feet and hands and is scheduled for tests with a specialist in the am at the hospital as well as a biopsy on her leg.

John is still working 6 days a week. The boys are liking school but with all of the hours we are working finding enough care to help us out seems impossible! We are very blessed though and that is what I''m keeping in mind!

All of the common household things are still taking place like laundry, cooking, paying bills, bathes, reading to the boys and doing devotions, menu planning, making lunches and so on so forth.

We have hired John's brother in law to mow our grass though. it is just getting to be more than we can handle. Summertime is always chaotic here.

This morning I will finish 2 hours of cleaning at my parents market and then home for a few minutes to eat and shower and then off to another market. The market is over at 6pm, then an hour's drive home, unload and then pick up the boys from my parents, home and eat supper, bathe them and me, story/devotion and them to bed, then dishes , laundry and such, John should be home by then (about 9pm), heat his supper and finish chores and then bed for me. Lovely day, don't you think? :)

So how is your summer going? What are your plans? Are you visiting your local farmer's markets?