Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bless Those Children

Saturday night after a morning of basketball and after the Circus that afternoon we went to eat Mexican. We chose a little place that we adore called Habernos. We went in and ordered. We all had an entree, three of us had sweet tea and one had milk. We also had some yummy cheese dip with our on the house chips and salsa. Usually John and I order water not from the money aspect but from watching the waistline aspect. We typically eat out once a week. We live on one income, oew no debt and all of our bills are paid. We are working on building savings for each child to attend college and we have a little nest egg of our own, although it would not cover retirement at this point. We are comfortable.

I never and I mean NEVER remember a time in our lives where we dragged our children out to a restaurant, ordered for myself and my husband and told them that could not eat there because they had already eaten at home. If we could not afford for them to eat we would stay home cause we certainly could not afford for us to eat either!

Saturday night as we were finishing our meal up a couple about our age, well dressed came in and was seated behind my husband and Mason. They also had their 4 children with them (somewhere between the ages of 5 and 12). The mom ordered a beer and the dad some other type of alcoholic drink and the children each had water ordered for them. I heard two of the older boys ask if they could have some chips and the mother told them no, they had already eaten. When the waiter came I could not believe my ears! The mother ordered, the father ordered and when the waiter asked what for the children, the mother said nothing. The children ever so quietly protested and asked to order, the youngest one even crying. Yes the mother refused and told them to just shut up, they had already eaten.

It was bad enough that my own children were witnessing such behavior from a grown woman, a mother no less but to hear her speak to them in that tone with those words. Mason actually started praying right at our table for "their mommy to have a kinder heart". We quickly finished our meal. The woman proceeded to have not one but two more drinks and the man another one as well, but yet they would not let their children eat. God help us, what is this world coming to?!

When we got in the car the boys wnated to pray for that family and we did. I wanted to say something to that woman, actually if I were being honest I would tell you that the anger in me made me want to slap her jaws. That was not the Christian thing to do and I refrained. What would you have done? Would you have said something?

I just cannot imagine telling my children they couldn't eat.................

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stomach Virus

The last week has been trying. The stomach bug has hit and is attacking the McRae household with a vengeance. Last Thursday I picked the boys up from school and we barely made it by my parents for Lil John to use the restroom. He had diarrhea. He told me he had had it that day at school too. It had it the rest of the afternoon and then that night he had started vomiting. He ran a fever with it too. The nest day I kept both the boys home since Mason had been exposed as well. Friday they both seemed fine except John's tummy hurt some.

Saturday they had a basketball game and they played. Everyone seemed fine and we just rested the rest of the day.

Sunday none of us felt too good so I kept the boys home from church while John went to finish cleaning out his Dad's apartment. We met John in town and went by the nursing home to see his Dad for a quick visit.

Monday I sent both of the boys to school as they felt fine. When I picked them up I found out that 3 students had checked out of John's class sick. By the time we made it home and through the door, Mason had diarrhea. That lasted on and off until after bedtime. At 11pm he started vomiting.

He had diarrhea and vomiting constantly for over 24 hours and he didn't eat for 40 hours. We kept him hydrated with Gatorade. In the midst of all of this I called the peds office on Wednesday am for Zofran.

The peds office had been closed Tuesday due to a tornado touching down in the area. 2 were killed and over 700 homes damaged or destroyed. Please pray for these!

As Wednesday progressed Mason was a new child, feeling so much better. He was up and playing and I was a happy Momma!

However, as Wednesday wore on I got sick. Thank the Lord for Zofran and Imodium. I still feel rotten today and am in pain from the diarrhea and dry heaving. Hoping this bug leaves our house soon. The boys missed basketball practice Tuesday night but have a game Saturday. We also have tickets for the Circus that afternoon. Here's to a healthy house of McRae's soon!

Has the tummy bug hit your house or area? Blessings!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pin Pointing Saturday

Today has been eventful to say the least! Here is a breakdown of the day. First off, the boys missed school yesterday due to a stomach bug. Thankfully they are much better and food is staying put. It is no fun picking chunks out of carpet and emptying poo out of pants and underwear just so it can go into the washing machine. Thank you, Lord for a great washer with a sanitary cycle! :)

  1. 6:00am up, get ready, try to get boys to eat some dry Cheerios and have some Gatorade
  2. 7:30am get cooler ready with snacks and drinks (it's our turn to pack these for gameday)
  3. 7:50am pick up my Daddy and head to the gym for boy's basketball game
  4. 8:30am game starts
  5. 9:30am game over (we won 18-10 - WOOHOO!)
  6. The rest of the day was kind of a blur........ate breakfast @ Jack's
  7. home, change, relax, John heads to nursing home to see his Dad, watch tv, play Legos
  8. eat lunch (the boys only wanted cheese, crackers and Gatorade), then nap (1pm)
  9. 3 up, John home, get ready, find coupons for supper, go get John a new phone (his is going out)
  10. drive to Trussville (almost an hour away), CVS, Verizon, Chic Fil A, Sam's (the boys love playing on the ipads)
  11. home by 8pm, boys in bed by 8:30. Cookies baked and coffee made. John and I head to our master bedroom retreat to tv/computer it.
  12. 9:50pm I blog and get ready for bed.........

Goodnight and blessings!

Friday, January 20, 2012


The boys love the cowboy lifestyle. Mainly they love the jeans, boots, buckles, horses and hats! LOL! They have decided to have a cowboy themed birthday this year. Their birthday is in March but it will be here before we know it! They want us to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. I will make bronco baked beans and we will have choctaw chips and dip. I am having a friend to make a cowboy cake with 2 smaller cakes with the boys' names. I would love to find some metal pie tin type plates for serving up the grub. I think we are going to keep the family/friend list a little smaller this year. We shall see how it all pulls together! Do you have ideas or suggestions?!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hard Times

When people refer to "hard times" it usually pertains to money or finances. However, these hard times are just that, difficult days. We got John's Dad settled into a local nursing home Tuesday evening. He is content there but sad. He had worked right up until 3 weeks ago, as a transportation manager for a Chevrolet/Dodge dealership. His credit card and keys were turned in and last paycheck picked up. We are currently cleaning out his apartment out and should finish this weekend. Dividing pictures up and sorting through his life, mind boggling. I feel like I am invading his privacy, John is just so sad and disgusted. These are hard times. We had breakfast with Sandra (half sister and husband that have been helping) and Kerry yesterday morning, just to sit and have a normal conversation. We had a nice time but then back to the apartment.... back to sifting through life, making decisions what to do with this and that. What to keep for sentimental reasons. I can only imagine how John feels. This is his only parent left and he will lose him soon too (say the doctors- 8-10 weeks at best). It is so hard not to question God. We know that all things work for the glory of HIM. Just please pray for John, Sandra and John's Dad the next few days. This transition is nothing but just plain hard times.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Sticking To It

I am sticking with my new year goals, well all except the blogging one. I am having a hard time finding time. My father-in-law is very sick and it has taken an additional toll besides caring for my parents and aunt. I have also had a tummy bug.

My father-n-law has finally been given a true diagnosis of Cirrhosis of the liver (non-alcoholic type). He is in the final stages of this disease. The home health nurse said he might have 8-10 weeks left. He can no longer stay alone, is on a walker and O2 full time. He doesn't know when he needs to use the restroom. Sometimes he talks out of his head or sees things or people that are not there. He goes from grey to yellow. He eats very little and is staying swollen for the abdomen down. We took the boys by his apartment yesterday to get some pictures. We will be moving him today or tomorrow one to a nursing home in the same town where he lives. One of John's half sisters is a supervisor there and knows the nursing staff and such. She has been helping us with him ever since their Mom died (almost 3 years ago).

There are 2 more half sisters, John is the only biological child and closer to his Dad than the girls. Their Dad is still living and is a part of their lives. There are some hard feeling from one of the sisters grown children that we are not bringing him home with us and taking care of him here. They will just have to get over themselves. (They have not stepped up to help). John works outside the home and there is no way to keep a normal life for our boys, do their activities, me work and continue to take care of my folks and aunt, nor can I lift him. Please pray for us as we watch him transition to the next life. Man knows not when this will happen but the Lord does and we are trusting in him.

I hope to be around and post more often but we will see! Blessings!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's To Do List

  1. Read Genesis 12-30
  2. Make beds
  3. Take meds
  4. Feed pets
  5. Load/run/empty dw
  6. Sweep kitchen and entry way
  7. Clean kitchen sink
  8. Clear/wipe kitchen counters
  9. Plan/cook dinner
  10. Wipe bathroom sinks
  11. Empty trash
  12. Do laundry
  13. Read to boys
  14. Exercise
  15. Quiet time
  16. Prepare tomorrow's clothes
  17. Clean bath mirrors
  18. Clean light fixtures and change bad bulbs in bathrooms
  19. Clean out purse/wallet
  20. Pay/file bills and balance checkbook
  21. Clean toaster
  22. Change boys hand towels
  23. Clean out my nightstand
  24. Send thank you card to Connie
  25. Soup to AM/AP/MD
  26. PO
  27. DG-carpet cleaner/milk
  28. Call Peds East-print out for last year
  29. Mop kitchen and master bath
  30. Vaccum
  31. Iron and put boys stars on shirts
  32. Take Christmas stuff down
  33. Organize spare bedroom
  34. Clea out fridges' freezers
  35. Clean tiolets
  36. Check Mom's meds

Oh my! Maybe this will be today and tomorrow?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Yummy Goodness...........Pear Preserves

This is what we've been eating with hot buttered biscuits as of lately! So good!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Weekend Get-Away, Date night???

No, neither! John and I have had so much on our plates for so long I cannot remember how long it's been since we've had a date night. I know we left the boys with his sister and we went to supper for our anniversary in October. Before that it had been close to a year. As far as a weekend get-away (just the two of us) was 3 years ago.

Yesterday we hired a sitter so we could drive an hour to the hospital to visit John's Dad. We stayed at the hospital for 2 hours and then went to eat an early supper/late lunch at Chili's. Then we drove the hour home. It was so nice to be able to sit and eat and talk just the two of us. We love our boys dearly but there were NO interuptions, no potty needs, no cutting up food, no spills or messes to clean up...it was JUST us! We would love a get away though!

So how often do you and your hubby go out just the two of you? Or do you? Do you go on weekend getaways together?


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday, Saturday

Well Friday slipped away from me without getting a post finished! I started one on couponing but things got in the way and life happened. I also had a really bad migraine. It was one of the worst I have had in several months.

This morning the boys have their first Upwards basketball game. Afterwards we will come home to grab a bite of lunch and leave the boys with a sitter to head to the hospital. John's Dad has been in the hospital a week today. Yesterday he was transfered to a larger, better facility in Birmingham. He has swelling in his stomach/ abdomen area and it is worse when he eats or drinks anything. He also has swelling in his feet and legs and his legs hurt really bad. He is using the bathroom in his clothes without knowing it. His kidneys are not wsorking at all. He has a bleed behind one kidney. Non life saving surgery is not an option at his age (he's 83 years old). His bloodwork is also out of sorts. We will meeting with an oncologist as well.

Please keep him and us in your prayers. Blessings on this rainy Saturday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Wanna Read It, I Wanna Read It!!!

Here are the books I want to read this year! Some of them I did not get to read last year and they have been left on my list. What is on your reading list?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

November 2011

This is our newest addition a Labradoodle that we took at just 2 days old. She was 4 weeks in the picture above. Her name is Princess!

Here's another shot of her and the proud "brothers"!
Here are the boys and my parents at Thanksgiving! Doesn't my Mom look great for the ordeal she has been through?!
Here are the boys in their Thanksgiving Feast attire for their Thanksgiving production. John was Little Deer and Mason was Thunder Bird!
Here is John driving us to our first Auburn game!
Little John is so excited he brought his camera to take pics of his fav Auburn players!
Mason is more excited about the toy catalog and picking out what he wants Santa to bring!
Here is our sweet Princess at 4 days old and 9 ounces.
Here are the boys ready tohead to their first "Panther" football game at school!
That sums up November!!!! Blessings!

Decluttering and Finding Organization

I love a new year, a fresh start! It makes me feel like I get a do over! In the Summer there is NO time for anything extra with all the work on the farm. It unnerves me and makes me feel lost in my own home. I am here merely to sleep only. Most meals are NOT even eaten here. I always try to get some things decluttered and organized in the beginning of the year so six months down the road when I go to work in June I can find my way....well somewhat!
I purchased a this calendar from here. Search under products. The one I bought is called Full Sized Page Per Day Planner With Scheduled Bible Readings. The purchase was for the whole year and not just the sample page. LOL! It has Bbile reading (you can get it wothout). I think it was $8 and I had a coupon code for $1 off.
I also found this neat FREE declutter and organize calendar. It is a great tool as well!
Next I made a list of all of the birthday, anniversary, ect. cards I would need for the year and went to the local Dollar General and purchased them. I came home and filed them under the apprioate month so I will never be without it when needed. You can also purchase a few extra general birthday cards for emergencies and such.
Then I took Mom Do It All Pocket magnetic fridge calendar and wrote in all appointments, birthdays and things that I already know so that in the mornings I can look on it to see what the day or week holds.
I keep a Mom's Plan It Planner in my purse.
I am currently going through each room and decluttering. This includes any item that we no longer need, want or will use. Then it's off to the Hope House to donate it. We normally have a yard sale in the Spring but I am so tired of things being piled up so I am just donating everything.
So how do you declutter and organize???

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 Menu


1 Ham, turnip greens, peas, dressing,
potato salad
2Chicken noodle soup
3 Jack’s
5 Shrimp salad, cookies
6 Steak, salad, baked potato
7 Santa Fe soup
8 Enchiladas, beans, rice, salad
9 Leftovers
10 Jack’s
11 Spaghetti, salad, bread, peach
12 Peas, fried okra, potato salad,
13 Sloppy joe’s, fries, slaw
14 Breakfast casserole, friend apples,
15 Beefstew, cake
16 Pork chops, green beans, corn, fried
17 Jack’s
18 Sauted squash, peas, friend green
tomatoes, cornbread
19 Burgers, fries, salad, peanut butter
20 Brats, slaw, chips
21 OUT
22 Cornmeal chicken, mashed potatoes,
gravy, green beans, biscuits
23 Butterpeas, cornbread,
mac&cheese, fried potatoes
24 Broccoli and cheese soup
25 Chili, cornbread
26 Gravy, biscuits, sausage
27 Nacho bar
28 OUT
29 Roast, carrots, potatoes
30 Potato soup 31 Jack’s

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Resolutions......smooshutions! Blah! I really don't like to make resolutions! One fellow blogger summed it up as why set yourself up for failure! Here are a few things I would like tomake happen in 2012; however if they don't I REFUSE to beat myself over them!

  1. Blog daily.
  2. Take more pics.
  3. Read Bible daily and get through it in one year.
  4. Read 2 + booke per month.
  5. Read more to my boys.
  6. Restart daily devo and prayers with hubby as a couple.
  7. Read Bible and pray daily with boys and hubby as a family.
  8. Declutter and organize!
  9. Keep my toenails painted and my feet in great shape.
  10. Paint and redo master bath
  11. Get new kitchen counter tops
  12. Actually stick to a defined budget and put more $ back.
  13. Finish cookbook and get it to the publisher
  14. Get back to my "magic number" weight wise! ;)
  15. Organize pics and clean off some of our sd cards.
  16. Use more kind and encouraging words with my family.
  17. Surrender and trust more fully in God.

So what do you want to accomplish in 2012? New Year Blessings on you and your family!