Friday, January 28, 2011

Standing Still and Everywhere to Go

I have so much on my mind right now. I am just going to do a bulletin post.
  • There is so much death and sickness going on around me it is overwhelming;especially since it is mostly children.
  • Little John has been sick with the sinus yuckies and we just finished antibiotics.
  • We've had to put our Disney trip on hold since I am sick.
  • I had to put my surgery on hold as well as a deep dental cleaning, a tooth extraction and a crown. So my mouth hurts all the time and I pee on myself every time I laugh, sneeze or cough............just keeping it real! Yes, the bladder has come back out of the temporary position the ob/gyn placed it in. I have to go back for another attempt "to place it" until I can have the TVT-O /Solyx procedure (when the staph infection is deemed out of my body).
  • I finally go back to the dreaded infectious disease doctor in 10 days! I will have taken 6 weeks liking one day of the 8 week prescribed antibiotics, at that appointment.
  • I am tired of being sick but glad i am feeling some better and my energy is slowly reappearing even though I still overdo it. I still take a nap almost daily.
  • The boys have been staying in trouble at school and it is taking a toll of my Mommy skills.
  • We got out federal tax refund after only 9 days! Praise the Lord!
  • My Mom has went off a little and decided to start raising Labradoodles. Lord help us all. She got a female (solid black) a couple of weeks ago, named her Molly Lou. The dog is only 10 weeks old and already weighs 12 pounds! Oh and did I mention it is a house dog for time being?! This (my Mom) is the same woman that would not allow relatives to leave their mobile homes and come to her house in bad weather because they would bring their dogs to her house. Anyhow....I just find that interesting!
  • The boys wanted to play t-ball but know little about it. We have decided that they are not mature enough to play at 4 years old and need to wait. We are taking a LOT of slack about it from friends. It really doesn't matter their opinions though. We have thought it through and with my brother and Daddy's advice have said not now. First of all it is very sad when the kids don't know what they are doing and run the wrong way or score for the other team and the parents/fans laugh. That bugs me! That makes kids self conscience as well as humiliated! Also, I have seen little kids get hurt badly because they were watching the bird in the sky and not the ball. One child got hit last year and got a concussion. So, we are going to work with the boys this year and maybe next year we will let them play if we feel they are ready! Registration is $85 per child. That does not include uniforms. Also, bats, helmets and gloves are your responsibility to buy. That is a lot of money for us times two.
  • This is the last weekend for deer season to be open and my heart hurts so badly for my Daddy. He loves to hunt and has gotten to very little because of the Trigeminal Neuralgia. I hope he gets to go in the morning some.
  • We are already starting to work in the orchards; pruning trees.
  • Beautiful weather today (high 50's) and tomorrow and pleasant for a week or so. Then we are suppose to get a massive snowstorm for here. They are talking schools being out for sometime (a week or more). The school year in already going into June to make up for the last storm that shut everything down.
  • I am teaching "coupon classes" on a regular basis now; mostly at churches. It is going well and I am learning even more about saving money myself. I thank God everyday for this blessing of being able to teach others how to save money! I am not charging for the classes. I believe the Lord blessed us the way he did when the babies were born as well as financially and he gave me this talent to give to others. I do not want paid for doing right.
  • I have an uncle that has been in and out of the hospital. He lost his wife almost a year ago and has been having it so bad since. This week he has had a stint put in and the angioplasty done on his heart. He also is fighting c. diff. He is still in the hospital after a week already. please be in prayer for him.
  • I have a cousin in her 40's that spent from August until Thanksgiving in the hospital (she had a liver transplant). She went home the day before Thanksgiving, the first time. She has had to return twice since. She is still in there. She is finally off the ventilator and has a trachea. She has lost down to 80 or 90 pounds and has a feeding tube. She has one infection left and the doctors think they have it under control. She is having to have major rehab services. Please be in prayer for her. She has an 11 year old daughter that needs her Mommy.

I guess that clears my mind a little. My heart just seems heavy today. I am going to find my blessings though! Right now as a matter of fact! Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping Trip

I am beginning to get some of my energy back. I decided to hit the city for a good shopping trip since the cabinets were gettting bare. I went to CVS, Winn Dixie, Publix, Aldi and Walgreen's. I think I was sucessful!


1 - 12 pk. Coke $2 (after ECB)

2 Soothe eyedrops $6.99-$3 coupon (each)

Crest Complete mouthwash $3.99 (get $3.00 ECB back)

Total was $13.97 -$13.00 (Used ECB to pay) = $.97 out of pocket

Saved $35.48

Aldi (reg. = normal price at premium store like Wal-Mart)

Pineapple $.99 (reg. $2.99)

3 Avacados $.99 each (reg. $1.68 each)

3# bag carrots $.99 (reg. $2.69)

2 Cantaloupes $.99 each (reg. 2/$5)

4# bad Navel oranges $1.49 (reg. $3.99)

5# sugar $2.39 (reg. $2.99)

4# cabbage head $1.19 (reg. $2.89)

3# bag Gala apples $1.49 (reg. $3.99)

Fruit and grain bars $1.89 (reg. $2.50)

2 loaves of whole grain white bread $1.29 each (reg. $2.79 each)

Total spent: $19.71

Total saved: $19.70


Gold bond body wash $4.99-$1 coupon=$3.99 ($4 RR)

Nivea men's after shave $3.99 -$1 coupon =$2.99 ($3 RR)

4 Stayfree 24 ct. pads on sale $1.99 each -2 coupons (BOGO) = $3.98

3 boxes Kleenex on sale $.89 each -$.50/3 =$2.17

Total $14.32 paid with RR (from last trip) $12 = $2.32 out of pocket and got $7 RR back for next time!

Total saved: $27.18

2 Snuggle fabric softener $3 each (reg. $3.99 each)- $1 coupon on each
All detergent $3.50 (reg. 5.99)-$1 coupon
2 Country Crock spread $1.99 BOGO (reg. $2.49 each) -$.50 coupon doubled on each
Jalapeno pickles $1.50 (reg. $1.99)- $.50 doubled
2 Ragu pasta sauce $2.45 BOGO (reg. $2.45 each)-$.50 coupon doubled on each
Newman's salsa $2 (reg. $2.99) -$.50 coupon doubled
2.5 # ground chuck $2.99 # (reg. $3.49#) -$2 winn dixie coupon for beef -$2 publix coupon for beef
6 cans Hunt's tomatoes 2/$1.39 BOGO -3/$.45 couple doubled and another 3/$.45 coupon doubled
self rising cornmeal $1.49 -$.50 coupon doubled
2 Taco Bell Dinner kit $2.69 BOGO -$1 coupon
Capri Sun Roarin' Waters $2 (reg. $2.75) -$.50 coupon doubled
Borden sliced cheese $2 -$1 coupon
3# sweet onions $3.49
I also had a $5/$30 coupon on total purchase from Winn Dixie! (I love that they take competitor's coupons!)
Total spent was $26.24
Total saved was $43.73
Winn Dixie
Huggies diaper$9.99 (reg. $10.99) -$3 winn dixie coupon-$1.50 man. coupon
Huggies wipes $2.50 (reg. $2.99) Buy diapers and wipes and get $2 off at register-$1 wd wipe coup
4 Steamfresh steamers $1 each (reg. $1.99 each)- 4 $.50 coupons doubled
60ct. Mrs. Paul's fish sticks $5.79 (reg. $7.79)
Free steamfresh steamer w/ fish stick purchase (reg. $1.99)
Manwich $1 (reg. $1.99)
4 Ronco spaghetti $4 (reg. $6.67) -$1.00/2 (two of these coupons)
2L SunDrop $1.69
2 L A&W rootbeer reg. ( $1.69) Free when you buy the 2L SunDrop
3 Hawaiian Punch $1 each (reg. $1.59 each)
2 Hall's 30ct. cough drops $1 each (reg. $1.59 each) -$1 coupon each=FREE for both
Advil 24 ct. $2.99 (reg. $4.29) -$1 coupon
2 Dole Caesar salad kits 2/$5 (reg. $3.99 each) -$1 coupon each on bag
Tomatoes $3.99
I also had another $5/$30 coupon.
Total spent: $28.81
Total saved: $41.43
Plus I also got a coupon for a FREE flu shot valued at $23.00
If I counted correctly I got almost $300 worth of groceries for about $90 or a little less! Woohoo!
What stores do you shop to get the best deals! Do you bargain shop?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'd Like to Share

Here is a link I would like to share. It is heartbreaking, encouraging and heartwarming. Go here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Booking It 2011

This year I am going to try once agin to book it. Life as Mom is hosting this. I am choosing my own books and reading them in no particular order. I am trying to read at least 30 minutes each day though.
Here are my books; in no particular order.
  • The Bible. I am using the Busy Mom's Bible.
  • The House that Cleans Itself (Mindy Starnes Clark)
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tedd Tripp)
  • The Birth to Five Book (Brenda Nixon)
  • Creating an Intimate Marriage (Jim Burns)
  • Bringing Up Boys (Dr. James Dobson)
  • The Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin)
  • Confident Parenting (Jim Burns)
  • More Than Enough (Dave Ramsey)
  • Making Children Mind Without Loosing Yours (Dr. Kevin Leman)
  • The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
  • Healthy Habits, Happy Kids (Gregory L. Jantz. Ph.D.)
  • The Virtuous Woman (Vicki Courtney)
  • Have a New Kid by Friday (Dr. Kevin Leman)
  • I Just Want You To Know (Kate Gosselin)
  • A Mother's Heart (Jean Fleming)
  • Family First (Dr. Phil McGraw)
  • The Complete Parenting Book (Dr. David Stoop 7 Dr. Jan Stoop)

I think that is a total of 18. I also will be reading several if not all of Beverly Lewis ' books. The Amish series. I have many of these and have ordered 5 more to finish my collection. I will be rereading some of them and reading others for the first time.

Are you booking it this year? What are you reading?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010 (Part 2)

Here is the 2nd part of my Christmas post. I am a little late with it.

This "two peas in a pod" handstamped necklace was my gift from the boys! I love it!

Our family at a Christmas get together the day after Christmas day. Doesn't hubby look happy?

Here's John with our Christmas day snow, on the back porch.

And Mason!

Christmas morning!

This is my most favoirite gift from my parents EVER! I think it is beautiful! I love them so very much!

What Santa left!

the boys in their Mickey pj's with their names on them, Christmas eve night.

Mason with his Bruder garbage truck that Nana and Pawpaw gave him.

And brother John.

Decorating cupcakes!

More cupcakes!

Aunt Brenda and her fishing buddies!

Mason decorating the gingerbread house.

John decorating his side!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treatment Plan

The ENT called today after speaking with the Infectious Disease doc. They are in agreement that I should stay on the oral antibiotic for 2 more months and the nasal antibiotic as well. I will follow up with the id doc next month and the ENT in March. We will go from there. If they do not think the staph infection is completely gone from the sinuses then I will be sedated and have a pic line put in my arm for iv antibiotics.

I am tired, my head/face always has pressure and sometimes it pains me to wash my face or my hair. My face is swollen and so are my hands. I tend to have a yellow tint to me still. I am weak but my God is strong and I am fighting!!! I am going to have victory over this in Jesus' name! Amen!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update to Doctor's Visit

Well, I spoke with the ENT that referred me to the infectious disease doc and he was very upset. He will be speaking with the id doc himself and I am awaiting the results of that conversation. So, we shall see.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Visit With the Infectious Disease Doctor

I am not sure where to start. There is not much to say. I am highly upset. There, that sums it up!

Really, I am upset. I was sent to this doctor because I was told by the ENT that I needed iv antibiotics. I was also told by the ENT that the meds I am on was only to prevent the staph from getting worse and would not cure what I already had.

This doctor wants me to stay on those same meds even though he isn't sure if they are helping or not. IV antibiotics were never mentioned. Frustrated is not even in my vocab!

He said he would see me in 4 weeks. He also said that I could be glad since this had not killed me yet it probably wouldn't!!!! GRRRR! How nice of him.

Tomorrow I will be talking with the ENT and find out EXACTLY what I need to do now, cause I really don't like the id doc!

What would you do now? Blessings!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wish I Were Feeling Fine

Some of you have been in contact via email, facebook and comments on this blog wanting to know how I am doing. I thought I would just make a post of it.

There is so much pressure in my eyes and below as well as my nose. It is very uncomfortable to say the least. I have some swelling; mainly my hands and face. I have a "yellow" tint to me. The fatigue is bad. I am just so tired and weak. The energy is little. I am not use to this. I am use to going, going, going! LOL

I am still thinking about the phone conversation with the doctor (ENT). He called while I was driving to "town" to get groceries at Wal-Mart with the twins in tow. I found a place to pull of the road as he told me the results and the car was so quiet (I had put a dvd in the player for the boys) and I was thinking I am not that sick, I am headed to Wal-Mart for crying out loud! The more the doctor said the more scared I became; "port, pic line, infectious disease specialist, iv antibiotics, hospitalization, infusions, months for the body to rid itself of this infection". This isn't happening. This can't be happening! Don't they know I have 4 year old twins and both of my parents are sick and I have too much/too many people to take care of?!!

I am home from church today and I think that it has sunk in. I am scared but I am not alone. I have my heavenly Father watching over me, walking with me. I am blessed, I do not have a terminal illness. My illness can be healed; in many ways. God is good and I will praise Him in the storm and will see the sun again soon, I am sure of it.