Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June and July

June and July have been quite busy. We have missed many things (VBS, swim and birthday parties) and other things have been postponed (swim lessons) since work has been so hectic. I am averaging about 80 hours a week.

My Mom has been sick (somedays not getting out of bed). She has an auto immune disease of some type and many tests have been run as well as many doctors have been seen. We see the specialist again the 11th and should have a diagnosis then. Her best day was yesterday, she is improving readily!

I have more pictures to post but I added some below to give a little insight. The boys planted their first veggies this year. We decided to start them out with roma tomatoes. They planted six plants themselves. They picked a total of 9 eight quart baskets (the white ones pictured below) themselves. We sold them in smaller containers and made a total of $90 from the tomatoes.It went in their savings for college. They were so proud of themselves and so was their momma!

They are well and have been going to the preschool and after program again this year. We have changed sitters for other times as well. The one that had been with us for 4 years left us very disaapointed and up and quit after she was repramanded for ruining a washer of clothes that she was NOT even asked to wash. She had washed grass covered clothes, with whites, good clothes, kitchen towels and tother things. We are much, much happier now and realize it was of the Lord!

I am good and survived the staph infection from my right sinuses. Made a complete recovery!

I will post more later this month! Hope all is well and I will be back to reading and commenting soon! Hope you enjoy the pics! Blessings!

2000 okra plants being picked by my Daddy.

First mess picked May 26! The earliest we have ever had okra!