Sunday, April 22, 2012

Surgeries and Happenings

Things have been a little crazy around here. Not sure why I am saying that as they always seem hectic to me! LOL!

On Tuesday the 3rd I took Aunt Mary for chemo and to see the docs. They had told her maybe 2 months with treatment (that was the Friday before Christmas). Here we are almost 4 months out and she is doing pretty well. The chemo has some terrible side effects! Her infusion ran for almost 3 hours and we were gone for almost 6 hours. Please keep her in your prayers. We just celebrated her birthday this past Friday. Cancer is EVIL!

Easter was great and we are so blessed. My parents' Labradoodle "Mollie Lou" had her puppies also. She had 7. She laid on 2 and killed them, one was still born and the other one somehow got out of the dog house and lost it's body temp and died. That left 3. She never produced any milk and just wasn't sure how to Mommy to them. I talked with the vet and decided to bring them home and raise on a bottle. They are all black and boys. They are two weeks old today and just precious but I tell you it's like having triplet newborns! When we brought them home they were eating every 2 hours! It's gotten better now. Only one has opened his eyes a little. That is to be expected since they were about a week premature. They are thriving and now we are looking for good homes for them both the end of next month.

 Last Wednesday the 11th I had punctal plugs put in both eyes. I was awake and it was done in the eye doc's office without any numbing drops just antibiotic drops. It is to help increase my tear production from the top ducts (the plugs were done to the bottom). It was very uncomfortable! I still feel like I have 10 somethings in my eyes. I go back to the eye doc tomorrow for my follow up. I also ordered new eyeglasses since my script has changed so much.
I also had a dental appointment before the eye surgery and had a crown cemented and 3 more fillings.

Tuesday the 17th I had bladder surgery. They did it without making an "external incisions" but they made a 3 1/2  inch internal one and then I have some metal type sutures attaching the neck of the bladder back where it goes, they also used a sling and tape to hold it on position. I have had to train the bladder to function again...NOT FUN!  I am still in the uncomfortable part of the pain, lots of pressure and very swollen. they gave me a lot of gas to knock me out. Instead of the normal 2 breathes it takes most folks it took me like oh SEVEN! LOL! I am moving slowly and steps are bad....BAD! John was off work with me for 3 days and learned how to be Mommy when needed! He had an eye doc appointment and took the boys for dental check ups all by himself! :)

I managed church today just for preaching and that pew was oh so hard. Today is my father-in-law's first birthday in heaven and I rode with John and the boys to the cemetery and to get milkshakes from Jack's!

We have some great changes coming our way and many prayers have been answered concerning John's job situation. more on that next month when things are finalized! God is so good and we are so blessed!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Ready

The last few weeks have blown by and if I might say they have been rather intense. Since the boy's birthday I have taken 4 different folks to various doctor's appointments and chemo treatments. I have been scheduled for a rather invasive bladder surgery as well as eye surgery. I wish the eye surgery were lasik but my eyes are in too bad of shape for that. I also have had two more crowns cemented and seated as well as 6 fillings. I brush my teeth FOUR and FIVE times a day and floss and swish and I do NOT drink sodas. I just have bad teeth! Both my parents had dentures by age 22. I hope the boys inherit their Daddy's oral genes! :)

I have been letting things slide since others have been deemed more important. With all the death and sickness it just doesn't seem like Easter time. I have always been "on the ball" with all things holiday! Not this time. I ordered the boys pants and a shirt for Easter. Neither fit them correctly and I have not taken them back. I have resorted to letting them wear last years attire,AHEM...if it fits. If not i will run to Wal-Mart and pick up some khakis and a polo. I am not even sure what hubby has to wear since his weight loss. And since my AHEM weight GAIN I am not sure if I have clothes either. My parents have decided that I need not cook and we will just get take out for Easter lunch. This is NEVER heard of in the south at least at our house. I am totally okay with it though....for some odd reason.

I have not dyed eggs with the boys or read the Easter story for that matter. Their Resurrection Eggs have sat alone in the closet as well. I am actually okay with this.....most all of it actually and am not stressed at all. I do and will talk with the boys about Jesus being "Alive and well" and how blessed we are. John is singing his first solo at church (Easter morning no less) and does not even have the soundtrack to listen to for practice and he is as calm as can be. While we are not ready we are okay and God has a plan. Perhaps we will figure it out before out Sonrise service Sunday morning! :) Happy Easter!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boys' 6th Birthday Party!

Here are the actual pics of the boy's cowboy party. They had a blast and were so much fun!

Waiting to blow out their BIG #6 candle!
John was just a little bit excited (LOL!) and Mason was quit happy to have a basketball each!
They were even more excited to have an adult size basketball goal their very own! :)
The "theme".
Pawpaw still has it! He hit a "3"!
Some of the yummy homemade cupcakes. That was chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla butter cream icing! All homemade! ;)
Two tired yet happy 6 year olds with Nana and Pawpaw at the end of their party day! Pawpaw was not asleep....just closed his eyes for the pic. LOL! We are SO BLESSED!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Actual BirthDAY!!!! March 22, 2012

John (on the left) and Mason (on the right) opening gifts before school on their BIG day!
I went to school to eat lunch with the boys. Here is Mason!
Here is John!
I got to make cupcakes and take to school for their special birthday snack that afternoon. You would never have believed that Mason (on the right) had the flu and strept earlier in the week and had missed several days of school.
Mason opening a few gifts from my parents that afternoon!
John is loving his new basketball shirt from Nana and Pawpaw!
Loving Pawpaw!
The boys getting birthday love from Nana!
The boys had a great birthday but the party is yet to come!