Thursday, December 8, 2011

August, September and October

Here are the boys for Halloween. John was Spiderman and Mason was Optimus Prime (a Transformer).

We also got a Border Collie; her name is Mia! She was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia last Christmas. She is almost a year and a half old.

For our anniversary hubby and I purchased me a new vehicle! It is a 2011 GMC Acadia. It seats 7 and we LOVE it! The Durango was not cutting it any longer. When I would take my foot off of the accelator it would go dead; most of the time in the middle of the road! We had it to three different places (one being a dealership) and NOONE could find what was wrong with it. Back in September I was making a left handed turn and it went dead, an 18 wheeler almost hit it becaise it did not want to crank back up. It was past time to trade! The best thing is that I do NOT have a payment!!! We were so blessed to have enough $$$$$ to pay for it ourselves!

This is me and the boys on my birthday! I turned 35 this year! So proud to be here EVERY year!

This was the boy's first homecoming at school! They were so excited to wear their homecoming tee shirts and support their Panthers!

This is my Daddy (on the far right) and some of his brothers and sisters. We were celebrating my Uncle Jack's birthday (he is the one is navy striped shirt). September 15

This is my parents! We were celebrating my Daddy's birthday August 20th! Aren't they a great looking couple?! Daddy was 78 this year!

This is mason on his first day of Kindergarten! What a cutie!

This is John on his first day of Kindergarten! Also a cutie! We had the boys separated this year and they have different teachers.

Here I am with the boys on their frist day of BIG school! I was down 41 pounds here!

John is already to go!

Mason is too!

John with posion (oak or ivey) one of the two! It was so bad that he had to get a shot and a steroid pack! Poor thing!

Some of the peaches we grew!

Some of the Red Gala apples we grew! These trees are in our front yard.

The boys riding in the trailer being pulled by the four wheeler. Aren't they cute in their rubber boots?! They are headed into the apple orchard to pick!

Here is John picking! Look how many are already in his basket!!

Here's Mason! He was trying to get his basket full quicker! LOL! Those are half bushel size baskets!

Here are the boys in the tomato field! John planted 6 Cherry plants and Mason planted 6 Roma plants

. They picked 7 pecks (8 quarts baskets) off of the 12 plants and sold them for a total of $88. They spilt the money and put it in their savings! Here you see them picking and Pawpaw in the back supervising! :) That winds up August, September and October! I will get November up soon! I have missed blogging but real life must come first! Hoping someone somewhere still reads my blog! ;) See you soon!