Sunday, June 29, 2008

How's the Train a Movin' ?

Hi all! I just wanted to check in and make sure everyone had mailed out this past Monday (the 23rd) and also received this past week? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Please continue to mail out each Monday.

Nikki, Heather did not get your info in time to mail out this past week. I will put you an envelop of coupons in the mail tomorrow.

Heather, please let me know that you received my last few emails from the address. This has all of your info in it.

Thank you all for your participation. If you have any problems please let me know asap! Please feel free to comment or email about the smallest detail. This is what makes the train work! Thanks!!!

I got my coupons from Mel this past week and mailed out to Mimi.

Thanks again and many blessings!

Typical Summer Sunday's

Our summers are jam packed. There is little leisure time, but we are blessed! This morning hubby has taken my Dad to the market. They left at 6am. My Dad is feeling under the weather and even went to bed for a while yesterday (that is completely unlike him). When they get back they will get breakfast for us and then unload the truck. I am up making beds, ironing clothes and preparing the boys things for their first day at preschool tomorrow. I also am going to try and catch up the wash while the boys eat breakfast.

My brother and sil are already on their way to Chattanooga to the market at this time.

We will all go to church, come home and hubby will get the boys fed lunch, while I go to work. I will work from 1-4pm today. (Mother and Daddy will work from the time I leave until close at 7pm). Come home get us all ready and fed supper and we will go to a community 5th Sunday singing tonight at 6pm (our choir is singing). I hope the boys can sit through it. There is no nursery provided, so we will see. The boys are usually getting cranky by then and their bedtime is not far off from then.

I hope to have them home and in the bed no later than 8pm. They have a big day tomorrow and so does their Mommy.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday filled with HIS blessings!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Around Here

Yesterday was busy and I had a migraine to boot. My bff came and we cleaned all of the floors really good and I put more poison out for any leftover house guests. As of last night there had not been a sighting..........let's keep it that way!

I also had to get to the peds office to get the boys immunization records. I am working on a really BIG order of peaches for Monday for a local business. We are so blessed that this going to give us some extra money!!! I did 6 loads of laundry, took care of the boys, cooked us spaghetti, garlic cheese bread and made a salad for supper. We also had a cantaloupe (dessert).

I made my parents chicken stir-fry for their supper and then I cooked Terayki stir-fry for my lunch today. I made a peach cobbler for a friend that had a car accident last week.

Early yesterday morning the boys and I went to Wal-Mart and had some pictures done and then on to the farmer's market where my Mom was selling and gave her one of the 5x7's. She was so surprised by the visit and the picture. Then the boys had a animal cracker and ice water snack and I had a Strawberry freeze from Taco Bell. It was so yummy.

When the boys took a nap yesterday so did Mommy. An hour's rest was so nice and it helped the migraine too.

Today I have to be at work at 7:30am and will work until 5pm. I also have to get to the daycare and take the boys stuff and pre-pay for next week.

Please keep two family friends in your prayers. They both have learned in the last couple of weeks that they have colon cancer. Dr. Ann and Larry are their names. I went to school with Larry's twins and Dr. Ann is from our old church. She had surgery yesterday and he will have it next week.

Well, I guess I had better get hopping! Hope you all have a blessed Friday and I'll see you this weekend!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

House Guests

Or should I say unwanted house guests? And by the hundreds!!! They seems to be in our master bathroom, the kitchen, utility, dining room and living room. They are in the carpet and seem to have no problem crawling allover it.

ANTS!!!!! I absolutely cannot stand those critters. I can tolerate them....OUTSIDE!!! My house was made for humans though.

We have used the Ant Bait traps, ground cinnamon, vinegar and anything else I can think of. This morning I am going to call Cook's......I hope they have something that will help.

ONE HOUR LATER...................................

On the way to the store for caulking and boric acid. Just call me Marva the exterminator!!! Do not use the acid around children or pets!!! My friend at Cook's said that was the best thing to do. I found a place in the bath I think they might be coming in I come with caulking! The boric acid I will use around the back door and the ant trail leading into the house.

I hope you all have a critterless kind of day!


Monday, June 23, 2008

What a Day!

We are staying busy here as usual. I have put up a couple bushels of corn today and this past Saturday. I do mine (like you southerner) cut it off, milk it (heat and cool it) and freeze it, Then this winter it'll be good in the skillet!

This morning I made my way to the Post office (except I forgot to mail my coupons Mimi.....I'll do that tomorrow). Then went to the Pig (Piggly Wiggly) for some sale items. Picked up Ms. JJ, came home and unloaded the car.

Then we headed off to T'ville. There I got to go to two CVS's, Aldi and Sam's. Then a yummy lunch at Arby's. The parents needed supplies for their roadside market and we needed a few things too!

We were back and Ms. JJ was dropped off by 1. We went by the market to unload, home to unload and then up to my parents house to visit with my Mom. The boys did not want to leave, so she kept them for 3 hours. That was a treat for them and their Granny!

I then went home and cooked supper for Ms. KK's family. Her Mom had surgery last week and is very sore and weak yet. I made spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. I also took a watermelon, peaches and a cantaloupe (they picked 800 or so (cantaloupes) last Friday and Saturday). I also tidied up and put groceries away.

I visited with them about an hour, then talked to them about why I was enrolling the boys in pre-school and made Ms. KK an offer she couldn't refuse. She will be going to my markets with me starting next week and will still keep the boys two Saturday's a month while I work.

Praise the Lord for working it out and no hard feelings!!! I am so excited for many reasons. We (I should say "I") have the opportunity to earn some large income in the next two months. God is so good!

I went back and picked up the boys from my Mom's, went home, cooked supper and checked a few blogs. Blogger was down and I could not do all my favs.

I got a long hot bath, honey vacuumed and we got the dw loaded and humming. I also folded 3 loads of clothes. The boys are tucked in tight and sound asleep and I hope to be too.

They was not any work Hubby could do tomorrow that would bring him back home in time for his doctor's appointment at 4pm. He will find out about the surgery tomorrow (for his knee).

I will be going back to the T'ville farmer's market tomorrow. I also have to get some things picked for it. Hubby will be having a tire on the pickup repaired (a screw in it), the tires rotated and the oil on the Durango changed. Our grass has not been mowed in two weeks and that is also on the list. Especially since I found a tick latched on, sucking my blood while I visited with Ms. KK's family this afternoon. YUCK!!!

I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday! Stay safe and cool!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Favorite Squash (Yellow) Casserole

Melissa emailed and asked for my squash casserole recipe. So, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

4 c. squash
1 c. onion
1/2 c. water
2 T butter

Cook all together and drain excess. Set aside.

2 eggs, beaten
1 c. sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
2 T sugar
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. black pepper
3/4 c. mayo

Mix all together (including squash). Put in greased 2 quart baking dish. Then top with 1 cup of butter type crackers (crushed). bake at 325* for 30 minutes or until knife comes out clean.


Tiger & Monkey Are Going To Pre-School

Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions as well as your thoughts and prayers. My Mother's helper actually is a close friend of the family and goes to church with us. Their is no one is our area willing to keep the boys the weird schedule I will start working. Also hubby is having knee surgery again and he needs quiet and no little hands around while recouping.

My work schedule:

Sunday (2 a month) 1pm-5pm

Monday 12pm-7pm (parents roadside market)

Tuesday 7am-12pm (parents roadside market)

2pm-6pm (T'ville farmer's market)

Wednesday 9am-6pm (parents roadside market)

Thursday 7am-12pm (J. farmer's market)

1pm-6pm (parents roadside market)

Friday 9am-6pm (parents roadside market)

Saturday (2 a month) 7am-5pm

I will also be delivered peaches to grocery stores when necessary (I'll just leave from the roadside market).

The school is great and I have already been for an "unexpected" visit last week. The meals and snack they serve are nutritious and the boys regular speech therapist can work with them there. It is a state licensed facility. The employess all have had background checks and have wonderful references. It is not far from home and well recommended.

The boys therapists recommend them going to a pre-school since their verbal skills are behind. The curriculum is very good too. The teachers are wonderful and have early childhood education degrees.

The boys will come out of the pre-school in late October and will be re enrolled next June. We are taking them out since I will be home and RSV season starts in October. They are still highly susceptible to RSV until age 4 (being preemies, multiples, lungs under developed, low immune systems, etc.).

So, there you have it in a nut shell. We are excited for this opportunity. Many blessings! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grocery Budget

I am reposting this for Dana (Elijah's Mom). This is how we do groceries........

We have a grocery budget of $350.00 (as of January 2008) per month. it used to be $300.00 but with milk and things going up we had to increase. We are a family made up of husband, wife and 21 month old twin boys (that are little piggies). (The boys are now 27 months old.)This includes:

  • cleaning supplies (we try to make most of ours)
  • diapers/wipes
  • paper products
  • cosmetics/ health & beauty aides/toiletries
  • all food products

  • We try cook almost all meals at home. We usually eat out twice a month.
  • I try to bake a good bit for snacks and all.
  • I stockpile every chance I get.
  • We use Angel food Ministries (check out There is no age, income or government restrictions.
  • Hubby takes lunch to work each day.
  • Only buy things on sale and use coupons.
  • I also use I find great coupons on there.
  • I buy coupons from coupon sites and E Bay.
  • Comparison shop.
  • Use CVS to my advantage. (check out for more info).
  • We grow almost all of our fruits and vegetables.
  • I can and freeze those. I make almost all of our canned tomatoes, green beans, peas, salsas, jams, jellies, butters, chutney, bbq sauce, spaghetti sauce, soups, taco sauce, preserves, relishes, pickles, applesauce, ketchup, okra and tomatoes, and so on so forth. Canning can be economical if you can grow your own and/or get your produce cheap.
  • I freeze okra, corn (on the cob and cream style), green tomatoes, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, freezer jams and so on so forth.
  • We deer hunt and eat the venison. We try to have a freezer full by the end of deer season, around January 31.
  • We buy some things in bulk.
  • We try not to buy much processed food, soft drinks (although,hubby takes a Coke each day in his lunch), pre-packaged foods and things of that nature.
  • I almost never pay over $2.00 per pound for meat. This includes b/l s/l chicken breast, center cut chops, roast, steak, bacon, sausage, ground chuck, tenderloin, cubed steak, ham, fish. The usual things. Hubby has to have meat with every meal.
  • We have 2 yard sales each year. 2 huge ones, at my parents home. They last 2 days and there is usually n o less than 7 families. The stuff is good things. No stains, broken or not usable items. All clothes are on a hanger and so on so forth. Everything is always priced with the person's initials on it. We advertise well and everyone knows we usually have one around the 1st part of March and somewhere between October 1 and November 1. On average each person usually sells around $500.00.
  • Now, to say my say here. All of the things I get for free or almost free from CVS and the like (that we don't use or have way too much of) I sell at the yard sales. For instance last year alone I got over 150 tubes of toothpaste fro free or no more $.25 each. I sold what we did not need for $1.00-$1.50 per tube. What does not sell I donate to the local Children's center or a women's and children's shelter. I also do stocking for each niece and nephew with toothpaste and toiletry items for Christmas each year. I make extra money and this supplies groceries for my family throughout the year.

I hope this helps someone needing to save a few dollars here and there. Please feel free to ask questions or email me. I can always use help and suggestions!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hard Working Woman

Hi! It's been a little while!

Those of you on the coupon train will get an email from me by Thursday night with all the details, if you have any questions, please email me!

Now on to regular programming;)

I have been working 10 hour days at my families produce market. On top of that we are picking so much stuff (3 varieties of peaches, white nectarines, 3 varieties of plums, cabbage, cucumbers, green tomatoes, 4 varieties of peppers, yellow and green squash, broccoli, starting eggplant and blueberries and finishing up cauliflower).

I am doing a farmer's market once a week and in a couple of weeks there will be another one as well. We do many more markets and grocery stores as well.

Yesterday was the first day at my market and it was great. The other farmers are "real" growers and they do NOT buy their stuff and resale it. I love them sweet.

The customers were wonderful. WE had almost sold out completely by the end of the 4 hours. I was so tickled! I also got a dozen fresh eggs. I bartered with a little boy (peaches for eggs). ;)

I am off until next Tuesday (not by choice, I do not have a sitter for the boys). That is a whole post in itself.

I plan on catching up on cooking, cleaning , laundry and time with the boys.

I hope you all are having a great week! Don't forget to check out your local farmer's markets for fresh and yummy produce this week!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

More on the Coupon Train and Directions for Those Interested

Mimi, Nicole, Ellie........please do NOT mail coupons tomorrow. I have several interested in the train and I will be revamping the train this week. We will be back on track the Monday. Thank you all for your patience.

Some of the people are not mailing out and are receiving (not any of you mentioned above). That is why we are redoing things.

This is who I have that might be interested:

If I have left you out please email me at me and I will give you my address. You can just send me your coupons and I will divide them out among the coupon train participants (if that if good for you). Just let me know.

Once I receive all of the information from those interested in participating I will send a personal email to each participant. The email will include the name, address and want list of the person you will be sending to. The person you mail to each week will NOT be the same person you will be receivng from. therefore, I need every one's name, mailing address, email (you want used) and want list (this is where you will specify coupons you are interested in receiving).

Once the train is chugging along everyone will mail 50 coupons (preferably off of that person's want list) each Monday. This is very important to keep the choo choo going.

Please, Please contact me if you need further assistance or have any question that I have not answered here.

I need everyone (old and new members) to email/re email me the above information no later than Tuesday (the 17th) at midnight.

Thank you all for your interest! i could not do this without you. I can't wait for everyone to start saving those $$$$$$!

Blessings and Savings!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Reorganizing Coupon Train......Calling Participants:New and Old

Long story short.........we have lost members and some members never produced.

We need new members. Email me if your are interested. Please email me by Sunday Morning the 15th. My email is

Current Members: (This is who I have heard from that wants to keep participating, if I am overlooking anyone, please email me).


Mel, mykidsmom, Nikki, Heather, Deb, Stephanie, Julie, Amy and anyone else............interested????


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did I Really Use To??????

Oh Goodness!!!! I cannot believe how tired I am......exhausted is more like it. I cannot believe I due to do all of this........well minus the twins. Let me just give you a peek.

3:30am up, put Hubby's lunch together, got him off to work
4am-5am catnap
5am up, get ready, make my lunch, take meds, pray, make bed
6am boys up, changed, fed b'fast, I eat b'fast, put a load of laundry is washer
6:45am make list for mother's helper and one for speech therapist
6:55 leave for work (told you I live close)
7am -5pm work

During my 10 hour workday I eat lunch when I get the chance. I clean, pay bills, answer the phone, relay orders, loads/unload trucks, wait on customers, get truck ready for retail market tomorrow and refill emptied containers.........ALL DAY LONG!!!! I did finish my lunch at 2pm.....finally.

5pm come home, cook supper (Hubby is will be 9:30pm before I see him), feed boys and I decide to skip their bathes tonight. We play, read and I eat.

6:30pm I wash them up, change them and put on pj's. Then we hang out in the floor, they give the best hugs!!! My sil drops by on her way home from work.

7:30pm clean up kitchen, wash everything down, sweep, vacuum, unload and reload dw, slice-peel-cut up cantaloupe, fold 3 loads of laundry and wash/dry 2 more and empty garbage, oh and water all of the plants.

9pm I type this, bathe and collapse into bed.

Then tomorrow and Friday and Saturday, I do it all over again................

I hope you understand why I don't comment for the next few days or post.

I am going to try and get a giveaway up in the next day or so....

Blessings and I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Season Pass and Aldi

Today was a great day! My Mother's helper and I took the boys to the zoo today.

We got there when they opened at 9am. It is a hours drive (with good traffic). WE had almost made it through all of the exhibits when the rain started. We rushed (ran like with a double stroller pushing and running) to the pavilion (gazebo picnic area). Thankfully I had parked right in front of it. WE had our picnic lunch, changed the boys and headed on our way.

The good thing is that we did not loose our $38. that would be because we bought a season pass. For a family of 2 parents and up to for children you get it for $99. unlimited admission for a year and up to 15 nights of Zoolight Safari (the Christmas light extravaganza). One more trip will have our pass paid for and we've only had it for a month.

I thought that was great savings.

We came back by Aldi. I love that grocery store. The prices are excellent!

Here's what i got........
2# red s/l grapes $2.98
5 loaves bread $4.95 (whole grain white)
1 head lettuce $1.09
2 - 1#pk. salad $1.98
3 qt. dole strawberries @.97
2 chicken rice $1.18
2 bags chips $1.18
2 # lemons $2.99
16 oz. Spanish olives $.99
32 oz. veg. oil $2.29
lite Italian dressing $.99
3 - 2# Teryaki stir fry frozen veggies @2.89 each
Munster sliced cheese $1.99
2# chicken fries $3.99
2 - 12oz. hot dogs $1.18
2 - 8 oz. blocks sharp cheddar $1.89 each
12 oz. deli roast beef
12 oz. deli ham
fish sticks $2.49
3 - 28oz. cans pintos
64 oz. oj $1.70
4 cans buttermilk biscuits $1.32
32 oz. white vinegar $.59gal. skim milk $1.99
2 boxes vanilla wafers $2.18
hot sauce $.99

Grand total $72.90
I thought that was a good grocery day!
I hope you all have a great day! What types of season passes do you buy? Why or why not?


Monday, June 9, 2008

Coupon Train Check-In

I trust eveyone is still on the train and it is still chugging right along. Please email me or leave me a comment if you are having any problems. Thank you all for participating!

Many blessings to you and CHOO-CHOO!!!

Is It Here Already?

I cannot believe that I go back to work this week! It has really slipped up on me. I will not tell you how unprepared I am. Actually I am prepared,my home is not. Laundry (washing, drying, folding, putting away and ironing) is behind, I still have a few groceries on the counter that need put away from the last grocery trip. My house needs to be tidied and cleaned, the toilets needs swished, the floors need swept and mopped and the blinds need cleaned.

I need to get our spraying (for insects)done inside and we seen an ant here and there, so we need to get some cinnamon put out. Ground cinnamon deters ants. We put it in our window seals.

Most of it will probably stay that way for awhile, as I will be going with the flow. MY kids come first and I do what I can during their one nap a day, but it is HARD!!!! I refuse to get stressed over it, I am doing my best.

Today I am going to try and get a few things done, call speech therapist, call A.K., email C.B., make appt. for Monkey w/ Dr. B. and find someone to print a sign for the newest market. I also need to get some things ready to mail, as well as cut and organize coupons.

Tomorrow, the mother's helper and I are taking the boys to the zoo and going to CVS, Aldi and a couple of other places. I also need to pick up Father's Day gifts. CVS has an awesome deal on Huggies this week. Their jumbos are $7.99. I also got in on the Pampers deal last week. I think I got 10 packs of diapers and 5 packs of training pants. i am trying to get stocked up, not just on diapers. It is so hard to get to the store in the summer with the busy schedule.

Wednesday the boys have speech therapy. I also start back to work (at the roadside market) the same day. This week I will work Wednesday-Saturday 7am-5pm, except Thursday and I have to be home at 2:30pm to let my Mother's Helper go to class.

Sunday is church and then I will work 1pm-7pm. Also have got to find time to get things prepared for Father's Day meal and make the menu out. I do know we are having homemade peach ice cream.

For tonight's supper I am planning on a veggie supper. Green beans, corn, squash, potato salad, fresh tomatoes and fresh vidalia's, as well as cornbread salad and fried green tomatoes. We still have leftover apple pie from last night's supper.

I hope you all have a great day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Blessings Abound.......What a Great Day!

I still have that nagging cold/allergy thing going on and the hiccups most of the day to top it off. My throat is raw and I can barely talk (Bulldog may be happy about that), but I am so's been a great day!

Monkey is feeling more and more like himself every day but still doesn't like diaper changes or such.

The yard sale was today and it was a good one. By 1pm my stuff had made a little over $300! YAY! I still have several things and a car load for the Salvation Army. Nikki, if you are reading this email me at I have a ton of the boys clothes left (smaller things mainly) and I would like to send Daniel them. Let me know the size he is in if interested. The total for the yard sale (several family members) was a little over $700. I thought that was awesome.

Today was opening day for my parents produce market and it was a sell out! Yay for them. They buy the things not in yet (that they grow) to resell. They sold out of tomatoes (ripe) and watermelons (ours are not in yet). They ran out of peaches at one point (thankfully they were on their way in from the orchard). It is open 6 days a week 7-7 and Sunday's 1-7. I do love all of the fresh fruits and veggies. YUM!!!

Then there are the farmer's markets that we sell at. My brother and his family go to
Pepper Place Saturday Market tomorrow. My Mom and her sister will go to the Oneonta Farmer's Market also tomorrow (it is open Tuesday and Thursday's as well). Also on Thursday's My brother can be found at the Market in Centerpoint and on Sunday's at
The Chattanooga Market. We will start gong to one in Trussville June 17th, it is on Tuesday's and another one in Atalla on Friday's. My Daddy also made deliveries to three grocery stores yesterday (with peaches).

The hay was also cut this week and it got fluffed today and bailed this afternoon.

I am loving and living life and putting some of those less important things on the back burner for a few days (laundry, housekeeping, etc.).

Hubby and I are taking the boys to run errands for the business tomorrow, after he and my Daddy get back from the market in the morning. The we have to work the home market from 5-7pm tomorrow so my parents can go to a board meeting at the Finley Avenue market tomorrow night.

Church is Sunday and the home market opens at 1pm. It is our Sunday to work. So, busy, busy, busy..........

I hope you all have a great weekend! What plans are yours this weekend?

We live a hard life on the farm but a blessed life and it is so good!!! Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It has been so busy around here you could actually here the bees buzzing.

Monkey is feeling a great deal better, but will be sore for some time. He still needs help getting up and down (most times). Hubby (Bulldog) has had allergies again and really bad. I picked up a little cold somewhere and poor Tiger is taking all of us in stride!!

We have been cutting grass and weed eating. Then there's the picking....... cabbage, zucchini, yellow squash, green tomatoes, cucumbers, green plums, broccoli, cauliflower and peach picking started yesterday.

I cleaned out the junk room today. I sold the bed and the bookcase already. We are working toward making it a guest room and we are getting closer and closer. YAY!!!! I am so excited about this. I need to decide what kind of bed I want. I know we are going to put a full size in there. I am thinking of going with iron.

Now, I should go back. Hubby went back to work on Monday and I thought I was really in for it. We are trying a bunch of new things with the boys. For starters, we have taken down the baby gate to the play area (Living/Family room). They now can roam the kitchen, dining room and Sitting/Computer room. They also can open the doors to every other room, in spite of the baby "locks". Each of their bedrooms still have a gate in the doorway.
We also have put them on a new schedule. They now are up around 6am and are going to bed at 7:30 or 8pm. Only one nap a day. Lunch is at 11:30am instead of 12pm and nap after that.
Now, back to my statement.......... I thought I was in trouble........BUT, Monday the house cleaner (my bff) came and cleaned house. Her daughter came and helped me with the boys for 2 1/2 hours. Then Tuesday my Mother's Helper came from 12pm-5pm. That was a real blessing. She came back today 8am - 3:30pm. Then she is coming back tomorrow from 8am-1pm. She is such a great one with the kiddos and I get do much accomplished!

We have moved stuff from here to there and back sometimes........ For another post.

For last night's supper I had cooked and deboned a chicken. I was going to make crock-pot chicken and dumplings. I know how to make the slow, old fashioned kind, but I wanted something QUICK. WRONG!!!It was a royal disaster. The bad thing was I had found the recipe at a popular site and the reviews I read were very high. It was YUCKY. I will just stick with make my own dumplings and doing it the slow way.

I miss and love you all. Right now, I just have to step back. Some weeks I will be able to blog a lot and others not so much. There is not enough time in the day some weeks. In a few weeks when things are at their peak, I will be working 80 hours or better each week. NOW, for those of you coming to visit.......I am taking that time off and I can't wait to see you!!! I hope to get back to regular blogging in a few months. Please keep commenting........that is what keeps me going and wanting to write. I love to see the comments, although I do not always get to comment back.

How is your week going? Is your garden ready for picking yet? What are your plans for the rest of the week? Hope all is well!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Quick Update

I had forgot to put up my Memorial Day weekend post, so you will find it down below.

I really have my hands full today. Hubby went back to work this morning and I have the boys by myself today. I have lots to write and would love to but they must come first. I know you all understand. Tiger is quite rough with Monkey and after these last 2 surgeries he is so sore! He cannot bend down without getting down on one knee. He has the incision in the belly button as well as the other in the private area. He is still in a good deal of pain today. The "glue" sealed in and over the belly button incision has come off completely and the other is starting to peel from the other site.

I hope to be back tonight or maybe tomorrow. This is also the kickoff of our busy season on the farm. Our market opens on Friday. Also another yard sale that day.

I hope to have another post up tomorrow or maybe tonight. Hubby will be late getting home as he is hauling government waste today, out of an old depot. It always takes longer for some reason.

I hope you all are having a great Monday and I'll see you soon! ;)