Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have always stressed the importance of responsibilty to the boys. They turned 5 in March. Here is a list of their chores and responsibilities.

  1. Make their beds

  2. Put their dirty clothes away

  3. Cleaning their rooms

  4. Setting the table

  5. Clearing the table

  6. Bringin in groceries and things from the car

  7. Putting groceries and things away

  8. Helping fold laundry (washclothes, kitchen linens)

  9. Unloading the dishwasher (no knives or glass)

  10. Helping with supper prep

  11. Brushing their teeth and flossing of a morning (we do their bedtime brushing and flossing)

  12. Dressing themselves

  13. Putting their laundry away

  14. Emptying indoor trash cans

  15. Keeping their toys picked up and put away outside

So how old are your children and what responsibilities do they have around the house?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hodge Podge

Just a few days after I posted last we were bombarded with straight line winds and tornados. Two tornados hit within 5 miles of us. Straight line winds took out many apple trees and many large trees as well. We were blessed, we are all safe and no structural damage. WE lost a good but of food due to the long power outage.

Daddy's ribs are better! His bp is still dipping some.

Mom got a GREAT report from the neuro doc! God answered our prayers for a full recovery, just will take time (maybe a year). The doc said she may even get to drive again! :) She is having fever as well as intestinal problems though. Her polymycitis is acting up as well.

Big John has now lost a total of 40 pounds!!!! He was hospitalized 7 years ago for the worst kind of migraine. It took 4 days to get it broke. It hit (fir the first time since that). I gave him some meds and he is some better!

Little John is good other than regular allergies. Mason's coughing asmatha is acting up due to allergies.

A friend from high school had to take her 36 year old husband off of life support and he was buried Friday.

The boys planted their tomato plants. They each did 6 this year. John did grape tomatoes while Mason did romas.

I FINALLY am well enough to get rid of the antibiotics for the staph infection in my sinuses!
I am having bp problems is way too low. The neuro doc took me off of most of the preventive I am on for migraines and now they are back! GRRRRR! So I'll be calling tomorror!
I am still managing two households and cooking Mom and Dad's meals. I guess I am doing okay....just really tired!

So that's where we are now! Blessings!