Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Goodness! Look What's Happening This Week

This week is crazy! I am so busy with the business and getting enough product made for the open house on Saturday. I so wished you all lived closer so you could come and enjoy some of my goodies with me by the fire on Saturday! Holly, I would love it if you could come (and bring friends!)

Yesterday one of the girls works for me (she's been with me for 6 years now....part time) came and we mixed and mixed. My Mom kept the boys. We made Momma's Roll mix, Granny's Cobbler, Heartside Coffee, MallowChip Cocoa, Crockpot Bean Soup, Onyon Dip, Orchard Cider, Cake in a Cup, Peachy Tea, Snowman Cookie Bar and Cheezee Country Muffin mixes. We filled over 250 jars and bags. I was totally exhausted! I also had appointments to make, calls to return about orders and the usual household tasks.

Today, I hope to get the usual household things done as well as run errands (CVS, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, gas up Durango, bank and post office). I need to get the tree fluffed and decorated and get all of the other decorations out. I will need to figure out how many of what labels to make and get them done as well. MY mother's helper will be here after school........thank goodness! I also need hubby to get more jars from storage, so I can get them in the dishwasher.

Wednesday:make Harvest Soup, Cake in a Cup frosting packs, more cocoa and get labels on all jars. I also have an eye doctor's appointment at 2 pm.

Thursday: deliver orders, p.o., make more bean soup mix and dilly dill dip mix. I also need to get all mixes in Christmas bags with labels attached. The Christmas parade is tonight! Also, a basketball game!

Friday: Deb will be here. I need to get the front porch cleaned off and decorated. Deb will be making baskets. I will be taking pictures for the store and getting it up and going. It will be ready for you guys on Saturday! YAY! I also need to make the demos that will be needed for sampling at the open house on Saturday. The cleaning lady and my mother's helper will be here after school too. Thank you sweet Jesus!

Saturday we will set up and have the open house from 10-2. Hubby will take the boys somewhere. Probably my parents or his Dad's.

I will collapse after that! Absolutely collapse!

If you don't see much of me this week that is why. Many Christmas Blessings!

Decorating For The Season

I positively love this season! Christmas is wonderful! I love to decorate and usually we put up the tree and decorate the day after Black Friday. This year the Iron Bowl (ROLL TIDE!) came of that particular day and I needed to buy supplies to make mixes this week, so it was postponed.

I hope to maybe get it done today. We shall see. My open house is on Saturday (for my mixes) so it has to be done by then.

I think I am keeping it simple this year. I collect angels as well as nativity scenes, but I think most of it will stay up this year. The boys are into exploring these days (as most 2 1/2 year olds are) and I see it being safer that way! LoL! I also hope to get lights up on the house this year. I think the boys would really enjoy them.

So, is your decorating done? Do you decorate outdoors? When do you usually do your decorating?

Merry Christmas!

Home Today

There is much going on today in our church, but without me and the boys. They both feel kind of bad today. Tiger has a runny nose and cough and monkey has that sick "look" in his eyes.

It is cold and windy and rainy and we are suppose to see snow showers here soon. Too damp for us to get out today.

Daddy has went to late service. Our ground breaking for the new church building is at 2:30pm. The Thanksgiving dinner to feed the county's hungry is at 4pm and I am suppose to sing with the choir for that, but i will not be going. Then the county wide church singing starts at 5pm and I will be home by the fire singing carols to my babies, anticipating the season ahead.

So, what is your Sunday holding? is it cold and rainy where you live? Have you seen snow yet?

Sunday blessings!!!

We Are BIG Boys Now!

Thanksgiving Night I was pouring over the Black Friday ads ans saw it. Hubby I were going to redo the boys rooms in John Deere and buy them bedroom suites for their third birthdays in March. Then we got to thinking maybe they are a litle too small for twin beds just yet and the furiture too. They are big climbers and I can just see them sitting on top of chest of drawers and jumping. Not funny. So when we saw it Thursday night we just knew it was right for the boys.

We wanted the CARS set but they only had one, so we settled for Backyardigans. We got them set up and the crib/toddler beds taken down. The boys are so proud of their new beds and bedding. They seem to really like them and I am so glad. They were almost too big for the crib beds.

The best thing was that the beds were bogo 50% off. so we paid $90 for both. Yay!

Have a great Sunday!

Spa Day For Me Saturday

I have a heated/vibration foot spa that I've had for about 4 years (hubby gave it to me for Christmas back then). I've used it a total of 4 times until yesterday.

Hubby has been after me to take more time for me. Yesterday was the perfect time. The boys went down for a nap, hubby crashed in front of a football game and told me to lock the bathroom door.

I grabbed some green tea, some favorite magazines, a candle and had a few hours to myself. First I washed and massaged my head and hair. Then I gave myself a facial. Then I had a long hot soak in the garden tub with bubbles galore. Then I filled up my foot spa and put in some special foot soak. I then used my new Winter Candy Apple body cream and massaged my arms and legs. I had a wonderful foot soak and spa treatment on my feet. While my feet were being pampered I read my magazines, drank my wonderful tea and took in the aroma of the winter cranberry candle. Then I massaged my feet with my favorite foot rub and put on a pair of moisturizing socks.

Then I fixed my face, styled my hair and got dressed. I felt like a new woman. My hubby commented that was the first time the bathroom had smelled like me since we had the boys.He said I acted like a new woman. He said he was going to make sure I had time for me from now on. How sweet is that?

Do you find that you don't take time for yourself like you should? I have neglected myself for too long and Marva is back! My spa day was just what I needed!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Scores

What a day! My bff C.T. and I left about 4am and headed off to the big city (about 45 minutes away). We scored some great deals and had a blast!

We first stopped at Wal-Mart. It was crazy, absolutely crazy. They were out of a lot of things on my list, even 20 minutes after the doors opened but that was okay.

At Wal-Mart I got:

Next stop was KOHL"S
I got:
LEVI JEANS $27.99 (REG. $45)


Next stop K-MART
I got:


We then pulled through Arby's drive through for a quick biscuit.

Then on to Target:

Then we hit BED BATH and BEYOND. They were out of two of the three items I went after.
I did get:

Then we ran in Bath and Body Works. I was armed with coupons, lots of coupons. This is what I left with:


Then we started on our way home. We stopped for lunch at Applebee's and were home by 12:30pm. We had a blast and I got a lot of things out of the way.

All I like now is:
2 pr. Wrangler jeans for hubby
2 boxes chocolate covered cherries
2 pr. shoes (tennis) for the boys
2 pr. jenas for the boys
2 shirts for the boys
plush barneys and dvds for the boys
Thomas dvd for the boys
Chanel *5 for my Mom (from my dad)
Jon and Kate book for me
cd for hubby
pantry organizer for me
belts for the boys
work station for my laptop
a John Deere tractor/truck set for the boys
a photo calendar for my parents

Almost done! How about you? Did you hit Black Friday? How's your shopping coming?


Thanksgiving Day

I am a little (okay, a lot) late with this. Better late than never, right?! We had such a blessed Thanksgiving. We had lunch with my family. Thankfully, I had almost all of my cooking done the day before. I made a run to CVS about 10am and got a camera and a memory game for each of the boys. The toys were buy one get one free. I also got in on the all of the free goodies. I made in back in time to help hubby get the boys ready. WE were loaded up and at my parents before 12.

We had a terrific lunch at 12 and then my parents played with the boys while hubby watched a ballgame (or two) and I fell asleep on the couch. My Mom took the boys out to ride the BEEP BEEP (golf cart), when their other PawPaw drove up. Hubby went out and he and the boys had some quality time with his Dad. I slept.......I know.......I'm awful. About 3pm we headed home and put the boys down for a nap, I plotted my papers, coupons and lists for Black Friday. I then slept some more. WE got up, got ready yet again and back to my parents we were at 5:45pm to meet my brother and his family. We had a blast! The food and the company was great.

My parents let the boys sleep over (except there was only 2 hours or so of sleep ALL night long), so I could shop Black Friday. Thank you so much Mom and Daddy!

WE headed home from my parents about 8pm or so and crashed. Hubby got to work. YAY! I went shopping.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful, as well!


Coming Soon!

We'll I have several posts coming soon. I am a bit behind and have a sick little one. The Iron Bowl is just now over and I still have to get the kiddos bathes and such. The features are......

  • Thanksgiving
  • Spa Day for ME
  • Black Friday Scores
  • We are BIG boys Now
  • December Menu planner
  • Decorating For the Season
  • Oh, Look What's Happening This Week

I hope to get some of them up tonight after the kiddos are tucked in tight.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I am one of the crazy folks that heads out at 4am to catch some great sales. I love crowds and knowing that I am saving a bundle. This morning I and my bff are heading out with the boys in tow. No, I am not crazy! Smile! They are staying in the suv with her and I will do our shopping. They will sleep most of the time. I have packed lots of books and dvds as well as breakfast and plenty of snacks. So we are off.

Here's what we're hunting for and the plan.
Wal-Mart 5am - clothes, toys, ornaments, towels, bedding, shop vac
Target 6am- dvd's, games (board), pull-ups
Bed Bath and Beyond- pie crust saver, organizers for my pantry
Bath and Body Works -body stuff
Family Christian Bookstore -cd and book
Kohl's - apron sets, hooded towels
New Balance Store boys shoes
Academy- wrangler jeans

I also am looking for a fog less shower mirror (for hubby's shaving needs) and a dvd/vcr combo.

I think that is all. I do my parents shopping for my family, so there is a lot to do. I hope to get it all done today!

Are you shopping today or just staying in? What's on your list today?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

I just wanted to wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day!

Here are a few of my blessings.

  1. MY Savior
  2. My husband
  3. My children and their health (we've come a long way babies!)
  4. My parents and family
  5. My health
  6. Freedom
  7. Hubby's job
  8. Health and Dental insurance
  9. A warm home, stocked with food
  10. Power and water
  11. My appliances that help make my life a little easier each day
  12. A dependable vehicle
  13. Wonderful friends (all around)
  14. The ability to use my talent (making mixes) to help suppliment extra income
  15. The main things paid off and most of the bills paid
  16. Living on our farm

What are you blessed with this year? What are you most thankful for?

Thanksgiving Blessings!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little More than I Bargained For

I shall not complain anymore. I really put my foot in my mouth this time! the same day I hollered and shouted about the strain on (money wise) the Lord showed me otherwise. I got my Christmas bonus and a spiral sliced ham! Yippee! Praise the Lord! I am so glad he is in control and not me!

Thanksgicving will be at my parents (there would have eaten by themselves). Also, hubby's siters all wanted to have Thanksgiving at their own homes. We were invited to each but declined. We may go for a visit later, we'll see. His Dad is probably coming with us to my parents.

Hubby is really missing his Mom right now. He wanted some of her chicken and dressing so bad. So, I found her recipe and made it for him. It was NOT without a lot of effort though. I have never made dressing before and her recipe is a little different than my Mom's. I decided than hubby, the boys and I are going to have our own little family Thanksgiving tonight.

I have our ham just out of the oven (turkey and ham at my parents tomorrow), sweet tea made, gravy made, working on potato salad, need to make the skillet cream corn and green beans as well as the sweet potato casserole. I have the honey apple cake in the oven now.

Yum! I will take some of the above to my parents tomorrow. The dressing will stay here and our ham.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great day before!


Mix Winner

I am so sorry that I did not get this posted last night. I was absolutely exhausted. The winner is Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom. Steph please email me and let me know which mix (orchard cider, bean soup or onyon dip) you would like, also your address. Congrats Steph!

Thank each of you for your participation. You all have wonderful ideas and suggestions.

We are still debating on some things, but I will let you know which way we go. Thanks again and BLESSINGS!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling The Strain

I seriously need to vent for a moment! I love being home with my boys!!! Love it! I will not change that for the world. They did go to preschool for four months so I could work on the farm and that was NOT a mistake. Their speech and social awareness are so, so much better.

We have blown through the savings from the summer of farm work.

However, things are getting tight........well, tighter! Sometimes, I wonder how large families make ends meet?! We have had some astronomical medical bills. Like over $35,000.00 out of pocket in the last 2 1/2 years (after insurance). Then hubby have knee surgery and all of the pt.....that was suppose to be covered by insurance but wasn't. GRRRRRR!

I was thinking, I'm not sure if i have ever told you or written here, but we did NOT qualify for WIC because hubby made too much. $13 a month too much. The boys formula when we had to pay full price was $120 or so a week. This did not include diapers. Tiger went through a pack a day some days because of the c. diff.

Yes, I know that I say God is good and he is, but I am human. I looked at our bills for this month and next and it stinks, just plain stinks. Can you smell it?

We have asked my parents to let us handle the dental bills (all $6600) of them. Yes, we have lost our minds. That will be on a dental card. Right now we are paying them still out of pocket. Yesterday was $279. Ouch. Hubby is not bringing home much more than that most weeks. There is little work in his company for him. You would be surprised at the companies that will not hire a wonderful 32 year hard worker that just had knee surgery 2 1/2 months ago.

Someone asked me what he does. He hauls hazardous waste. Right now he works out of a army depot and hauls waste water from the incineration plant. It could contain anything from mustard gas agents to other chemical agents. His pay stinks but this is how his company won the contract (with a low figure).
You would think that hauling this stuff the 2 hours to the only place in Alabama that accepts this type of waste would pay a little more than $195 per load (one load per day), wouldn't you?!!

Some drivers in his company haven't seen a paycheck in two weeks or so. He just happened to be on this run as a regular. Praise the Lord for that!

I really am not looking forward to budgeting for 2009! We owe little cc debt. Our vehicles and home are paid for. There is so much to be thankful for! Thanks for listening (reading) I feel so much better now.

How is the economy effecting your family? Many blessings!

Mexican Chili Casserole

3 c. chili
1 pk. taco seasoning
1/3 c. water
8 oz. tomato sauce
1 - 10 oz. can cheddar cheese soup
1 - 12 oz. bag of tortilla chips, crushed

Combine all ingredients. Mix well. Line 9x13 baking dish with crushed chips. Pour chili mixture over chips. Bake at 350* for 30 minutes. Garnish with sour cream and taco sauce if desired.

Blessings!!! ENJOY!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Opinions Are Needed and a Giveaway!

Hi all! I am looking for some ideas. I have a few ideas for my twin boys for presents but it gets difficult when I also have my parents shopping to do as well (I purchase the boys things from them). So, I need lots of ideas. They have several toys, blocks, puzzles, ride-ons, etc., but they have outgrown some toys and we will began purging soon.

Tell me what you are going to buy your kiddos this season (if your sare about mines age....the boys will be three in March). If you have older children, what did yours enjoy at that age?

Now, tell me what the worst toy you ever purchased for your children was OR what the worst toy you ever received as a child! Just leave a comment about that!

I will draw a name by random on Tuesday night about 8pm and announce the winner then.

Oh, the winner will receive........their choice of one of these mixes (bean soup mix or onyon dip mix or orchard cider mix). All of these are from my line at Marva's Marvelous Mixes.

So, tell me about your topys ideas or bad toy experiences!


It's a Rainy One Here Today

I have so much to do today. I have s sitter for the boys, so they can stay in out of the weather. It is raining and cold, not too cold but the rain makes it seem even colder. Here's my to do for the day.

  1. Laundry (I've gotten a good start- 4 loads down)
  2. Strip and remake beds
  3. dentist appt. 11am
  4. Target
  5. Aldi
  6. CVS
  7. Post office
  8. Bank?
  9. Wal-Mart?
  10. IGA
  11. cook supper
  12. make tea
  13. Call Deb
  14. Call Leah
  15. Call portrait innovations
  16. pay bills and balance checkbook
  17. call ccc
  18. call Dr. K
  19. call U. D.
  20. clean kitchen
  21. do invites for open house and mail out
  22. finish Christmas card list and addresses in laptop
  23. go by and see my parents

I think that's all, at least I hope that's all!!!!

What's on your to do today? Are you playing catch up too?

Many blessings!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

And It Was Born

Some of you know, some of you don't and some of you have asked about my little business. I think it was 8 years ago we were broke, I mean we didn't have a pot to tee tee in broke. It was the Christmas season but what could we give anyone with very very little to buy anything with.

I always save my Christmas magazines each year. I started scanning them for ideas of something (anything) homemade. I was desperate! I am not a crafty person by nature, but I can cook and I love to do stuff in the kitchen. I finally found a bean soup recipe and a hot cocoa recipe that I liked (at least most of it). I tweaked them and tried them out on hubby and he loved them. He said maybe you should do this for a living (half way kidding around). I told him I couldn't ever come up with enough recipes to make that many mixes (at least for a business). Boy, was I wrong. After Christmas had come and gone that year several friends and relatives asked if they could buy more of the cocoa and the soup mix. Well, yeah!

I spent that winter trying out recipes I had come up with on my hubby and to my delight he loved most all of them. I would add several more over the next 2 or 3 years. Now, Marva's marvelous Mixes has over 100 different mixes that I make and sale. We have anything from drink (cocoa, teas, coffee), soups, breads, muffins, cookies, dips, seasonings, brownies and even pie crusts. I do all types of gift sets and baskets for all occasions. My busiest time is at Christmas though.

Up until I had the boys I did arts and craft shows all over the southeast. I hope to do a couple next year here locally. I still have several regular customers and ship as far away as Australia. I also have a Christmas open house each year.

We had a website and took it down since it did not do well a few year back. I am happy to report that I will have another one up by the end of the first week of December. It will be through blogger and be more like a little store. I will do exact shipping prices, not just guesstimates.

I hope to see you at Marva's Marvelous Mixes. I will let you know when I get it up and going. I am so excited about this new venture to market my mixes through this great avenue!

Many blessings!

How Many Meals Can You Get Out of a Ham?

I bought an 8 pound spiral sliced ham a the 29th of October. I paid $14.91 for it. Let's see what all I did with it.

16 sandwiches for hubby's lunch
2 fried ham dinners for us
2 ham and cheese omlettes
1 breakfast casserole
ham in one pot of navy bean soup
and finally...........

Wednesday of this week......the 19th I think I finally finished it up in a pot of bean soup. i used the ham bone, onion, carrotts, 5 kinds of dry beans, cumin, garlic, water and chciken boullion. it was delicious. We had enough for us and my parents for 2 meals and lunch for me today. It makes the house smell so yummy!

I thought that was a great stretch of the buck! Many blessings!

Feeling A Little Better

I am feeling some better and can get around better too! That is a relief. I amtaking Tyneol and Relafen (sp?).

The chiropractors around here (3 of them) all have suits againist them or have had in the past 3 years. That makes me a little skiddish.

There is a really good one 45 minutes away that some of our friends use, but our insurance does not cover that expense. I don't like taking so many meds but if it helps, it helps.

Thank you all for your well wishes!



Yesterday I had a ton of things to get accomplished. You know, like paying bills, running errands, making beds, laundry, cooking, cleaning and making myself look presentable for later when hubby gets in from work.

I admit it, I am one of the ladies of the world that take a few minutes to freshly powder my face, apply a day of listick and run a brush trough my hair before hubby arrives home for the evening. This is not always possible, but most nights it is.

Last night we ate supper, all got ready and went and picked up my Daddy. We went to my 10 year old nephew's first bb game of the season (his Dad, my my borther is the coach). They lost but played well. the other team was huge and kept stealing the ball. About half way through the game I noticed my hip and leg and back were uncomfortable. I was actually in pain.

The more i thought about it, I recongized this pain. It's my sciatic nerve. The only other time I experienced this was during my pregnancy with the boys. Boy, am I miserable.

It eases up when I lay a certain way and that is the only time I find relief. We have some Celebrex here at home, but I had a hives type reaction to it a few years back, so that is out of the question. I am going to call my friend K, the pharmacist and see if any of hubby's anti-inflamitories will work for me.

This wife and Mommy is in sweats this morning with out her make-up. I couldn't get in the shower this morning and barely got my face washed and teeth brushed.

I have a ginorous to-do list but it may hvae to wait. I have the boys in front of the tv and they are liking it. They watch very little tv, but this Mommy needed a helper this am They are watching public television with a spelling/abc/word cartoon on. I don't know the name but they love this show.

Have a great day. I hope to feel some better soon and will post more later.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Longest Day

Today seemed to take forever to get to the part that we were needing to know about. My Daddy had the tests run this morning and then a 2pm appointment with the neurosurgeon. We finally saw the doctor at 3:45pm! MY head was hurting from a migraine due to low blood sugar and the stress of the unknown. To say we were scared is a true statement..........we are RELIEVED though!!!!!

Yes, I said relieved! The spot had NO change! YES! YES! YES! Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord! We could have hugged the doctor's neck! This is such an answer to prayer and just goes to show me again how good God is! What a wonderful Father I serve!

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, emails, comments, calls and concern!

Blessings always!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Menu

The traditional menu for this feast at my parents is as follows.

Pecan smoked turkey
Pineapple glazed spiral sliced ham
Brown and serve rolls
My Mom's chicken and dressing
Sweet potato casserole with pecan topping
Homemade green beans
Homemade cream corn
Mac & cheese
Potato salad
Pickled crabapples
Cranberry sauce
Honey apple cake
Sweet potato pie

What do you have on your menu? Is it always the same or does it differ from year to year?


Thanksgiving Update

I finally got hubby to talk to me last night. We would have liked to have his family here as well as my parents. However, when i have (or he has) asked in the past they wanted it at his parents or one of the girls (he has three sisters) houses'. So, we stopped asking. Our house would accommodate them all a lot better. It is almost twice as big (ours is 2200 sq. ft.) as most of their houses. There is 23 of them and they are rather large folks. One of them plays college ball and is 6'4" tall and weighs 330#.

So, hubby and I are making a compromise. If my Daddy gets a bad report tomorrow (praying it is good!) then we will eat with my parents at lunch and visit with his family late afternoon. Then eat with my bro and sil later.

If the report is good then we will stick with hubby's plan and eat with his family at lunch and my parents (and bro and sil) at supper.

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions!!!


Glorious Food

Yesterday was hectic, very hectic. I cooked and cooked and cooked and so did the littles (with MY parents came over and played with the boys and had supper with us. We all enjoyed that.

Here's what we cooked.....
  • BBQ meatballs
  • venison chili (2 gallons)
  • homemade creamed corn
  • homemade green beans
  • chicken rice
  • candied pork chops with apples
  • wheat bread with sorghum
  • peph peas
  • buttermilk biscuits

There is leftovers for us and my parents. I am making buffalo and honey bbq wings to go with it. Also fried green tomatoes, brocolli salad and whole kernal corn.

I am taking supper to my sick aunt and uncle as well. They are having the sorghum bread, bbq meatballs, peph peas, fried green tomatoes and whole kernal corn. I am also taking some chili for them to have for later.

What's on your menu for today? What goodies are you making these days?


Sickness All Around

After weeks and weeks of having the sinus ickies, it is still lingering. I feel all yucky this morning. My eyes are still bothering me a good bit as well.

The boys still have a slight cough and runny nose and I know if they were in daycare/pre-school it would be much worse!

Hubby threw his back out yesterday somehow.

My Uncle V and his wife, Aunt B have been in the hospital. He has lung problems (from dealing with asbestos) and now pneumonia. She has no use in her right hand or arm due to nerve damage. Her arm just hangs. She now has cancer in that shoulder. They will be testing her to see if it has spread.

My Mom went to the lung specialist yesterday and is doing much better (I am happy to report!).

My Daddy will see the neurosurgeon tomorrow (he will have tests in the am) afternoon to finally have a diagnosis of what the spot is on his brain. We are praying that it has disappeared altogether!!! Hubby's sister, Ronda is coming to stay with the boys so I can go with them. A big thank you to Aunt Ronda!

Thank you all for your praying and uplifting. I hope you are all well! Many blessings!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Contentment Winner

Well, the results are in. First, I want to thank you all for partciapting in my contentment quest.

The one thing i know and have known is that God is so good......all the time. I am content in him!

Now, the winner is..........................Holly at Southern Seven!!! Congrats Holly!


Thanksgiving At Our House

Thanksgiving morning the guys all go deer hunting and then are back by 11am to help the ladies finish the last minute touches for our feast. We usually eat at 12pm, with my parents and some other family. Then we eat at my in-laws at 3pm. Then we meet up with my bro and sil at my parents at 6pm or so for another meal. There is lots of football in between as well.

This year things will be different. My mil passed in March and Hubby insists we change tradition. So we will be going to my hubby's sisters house and meet with his family at lunch and my parents and family at supper. That is all fine and dandy except my parents have no one eating with them at lunch and it will not even feel like Thanksgiving if they are by themselves. MY Daddy sees the neurosurgeon on Wednesday of this week and I told hubby that was fine as long as my Dad did NOT receive bad news. He was not very happy with me.

We may each have to do our own thing.....I don't know what's going to happen.

So, what do you think? I know he is my hubby and head of the household. BUT!!! I want to be with my parents too (at lunch).

Suggestions please! How do you manage all of the madness this time of year?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Does Contentment Mean to You?

Does it mean you have to have your hair and nails done very week, the perfect tan, the designer clothes and live in a mac mansion? Does it mean that you have to find the right bargains and live frugally on a set budget? Does it mean you have to have the latest gizmo to keep up with the Jones's? Does it mean to have this and do this and have a certain type friend and go to church with certain type people? Does it mean balance and organization? Does it mean knowing that you're raising your kids in the admonition of the Lord? Does it mean that your hubby and you are still married and have been through _ _ _ _ together and still love each other? Does it mean to know where you are in the Lord Jesus Christ and where you're going when you depart this earthly home? Is it knowing that your children are healthy after a rough start?

Where is your contentment? What does it mean to you?

I ask these questions of you, not to preach to you, but to help me find out for myself. What does it mean to me?

It seems like I get every catalog and sales paper know to man. When I go shopping I always want more. I always see something I think I need. Why is it along as I am home and have my mind on the right things what I have is fine. It is enough. As soon as I flip through magazines, catatlogs or even go get groceries I "need" that or that.

Thre are many things that I want, but not because I actually need them. I think if I cut down my trips to the stores (even to Wal-Mart) that would help. Do you ever feel this way?

I am so confused though, about how people define contentment. In this uncertain world we live in, I am finding more and more contentment in the Lord. He's always there and had never forsaken me. The clothes fade and tear. Friends fail you. Homes burn (sometimes) and deterorate. He is there......always.

I find contentment in being organized. I love my lists and things nice and neat. I love clothes washed, dried, folded neatly/ironed and put away. I love knowing what is on my to-do list for the day. My calendars and planners are looked at everyday.

I find contmentment in knowing my bills are paid. I love knowing that our ahome and vehicles are paid for. I love paying cash for things. I love being a saver (that is not happening right now though).

I love growinf my own food and living on the farm.

I also find contentment in my my family. I have swesome parents, wonderful children and a terrific hubby.

We live in a double wide manufactured home and I love it. I mainly love it because it is ours and paid for. You can go to the home tour label for pics.

Everyone defines contentment differently. What makes you content? Where does your lie? Please comment on this even if you never have left a comment here before.

I am having A RANDOM drawing for a book called Find More Time by Laura Stack. It is a great read. Please leave a comment on the subject above and I will let one of the twins draw a name on Monday (8:01pm). Comments will be closed at 8pm (central time) Monday night.


Answers to Comments

Thank you all for your comments! I love comments!

Southerner had asked about hubby working another job. It is no doable. The nearest UPS would be about an hours drive one way. Besides he leaves the house for his regular job at 4am. He does not return home usually until after 4pm. Sometimes it's 5 or even 6pm. His job might take longer, it depends on the Army depot and the haz mat landfill he hauls the hazardous waste to. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Mrs. D.....we actually thought we were expecting a third in the last few weeks and I still am not sure that we aren't. God's plans are so much bigger (and better) than our own. No, I am not "late" in that way just yet. Sorry to disappoint you! ;)

Melissa, I am so excited for you about the house. I know this is something you've waited for your whole life. God is good and he will hold you in his loving arms always.
I am so sorry that hubby lost his job. I imagine we are not far from that at the rate the company is going. We are cracking down on the extras around here too. Our savings has went down the drain lately. I hope things get better for you. Is hubby look for work or maybe going back to school? I will be praying for you!

Blessings to you all!

Update on My Eyes and My Daddy

First and foremost my Dad is doing well, after a bleeding incidence last night from the incision.
They will not know anything until the pathology report comes back. Please continue to pray for his healing and a good report.

On to me now. My eyes hurt, I mean they ache like noboody's business. The eye doc suggested refraining from computer and tv time to rest my eyes. They are inflammed, irriatated and have cold and infection in them. Also, she said there is some signs where the pink eye had been. Lovely! Also, I have severe dry eye issues. After the co-pay for the doc and then the $60 eye drops ($190 without insurance). I also had to get some magic mouthwash ($12) for the thrush (from the antibiotics a few weeks ago). They feel some better but not much this morning.

I am still reading blogs and keeping abrest of the latest developments but not commenting. I hope to be back to my old seeing self ina few days.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wow, it's 6:30am and I'm just rolling out of bed and the boys (all three of them) are still asleep. Hubby is home again today, not by choice though. There is not any work for him today. There are men in his company that have not worked any days in over two weeks, so we are blessed that he is getting to work at least three days a week. It is still difficult to pay the bills that way though.

Please say a prayer for my Daddy this morning. He is going back and have another surgery done on his face. They did not get all of the skin cancer the first time. Thank you for your prayers!

I have several things on the agenda today since hubby is home. I am going to the eye doctor today. I also need to get breakfast going and grab a quick bath. i hope the doctor can give me some relief. I am miserable!

I also intend (I promise!!!) to get the giveaway up with the contentment post. I have a couple of recipes to post too.

The house is in some order this morning and most of the laundry is caught up (or close enough), so I am oh so happy about that. The cleaning lady came yesterday and we bartered. That was wonderful. I gave her some homemade canned goodies and some mixes as well. She did a terrific job as usual!
The house was inn some kind of need of a deep cleaning.

What are you doing on this wonderful Wednesday? Whatever it is, I hope you are blessed!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Not As Planned

Isn't that how life goes? Well, it was in my neck of the woods today. I cannot go into details as my eyes are hurting way too badly. They are still red and irritated, maybe from the pink eye a couple of weeks ago. It did NOT help that one of the twins chose to scream for me during his nap time and did NOT have a nap at all today.

I hope to get my post about contentment up tomorrow or tomorrow night.......maybe Wednesday.

Please remember all of our military and the freedom they provide for you! Pray for them and their families......

Happy Veteran's Day!


Good Monday Morning

I am way to chipper to have gotten in the bed after 10pm and up and stayed by 4am.
Today looks like a great day. After I finish here I am off to get ready for the day.

Keep thinking about the question. What does contentment mean to you? I hope to get my post on that subject done today, tomorrow for sure.

I am running errands today, paying bills, headed to the post office, CVS, bank and Wal-Mart. I also need to strip the beds, catch up the laundry and get started on supper prep.

I am so excited that Christmas is around the corner (and Thanksgiving too)! I updated my address book last night and started putting my card list in my rusty laptop for easier access.

I had been wanting to get the boys a Little People's nativity set for over a year now and never could find one on sale or at a yard sale or thrift store. We broke down and just bought one from Family Christian Bookstores a few weeks ago. Yes, of course I had a coupon and $.99 shipping! lol! It came last week and I was so tickled! The boys love it. They have just played and played with it.

This week we are going to work on shoe boxes for operation Christmas child. The boys will have such a good time. I want them to learn from early on that Christmas is about Christ and giving, not what Santa brings Christmas morning.

So, what is going on in your neck of the woods for the day? What ever it is I hope it is a great day!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting Down to Business

Today has been quite a day already. What am I saying this week has been plain crazy?!

Hubby was off on Wednesday (not by choice.....but because there was no work for him), so we decided since we have a pass to the zoo we would go. The boys had a wonderful time and we enjoyed getting out and a bout with them. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! The boys favorite part of the zoo is the train, so we had to ride it. They had a blast. then we were off to eat was yummy as well, although the prices were steep. I always have brought our lunch and we would make use of the picnic area. We will be doing that anytime when we come back from now on.

After the zoo the boys got their flu vaccinations and saw Dr. H. Tiger has eczema. It is on his chin and cheek and upper lip. We got the prescription filled and changed his moisturizer. He nor Monkey can use regular baby lotion any I may be doing a baby item giveaway here before long. thankfully the boys are old enough for the Flu mist and did NOT have to get shots!YAY!

Hubby worked yesterday but got bad news about his job. We are praying about things, please be in prayer with us. I will post about this at a later time. The boys and I hung out at home and played.......ALLLLLLLLL day!

Today hubby had a doctor's appointment and with his work, if you cannot work all day then you don't work at all. They do not have personal or sick days either. So, he was at home earlier with the boys while I went to the post office and to the store. Now, he is at the doctor and trying to get his radio (for the big rig) fixed. He is going to a play off high school game tonight and i suppose i will stay home with the boys since it is raining.

I have unloaded the dw, loaded the dw, cleaned out both fridges, done 2 loads of laundry, cooked breakfast, got myself ready and showered, made sweet tea, made muffins and cookies, laid out meat to thaw for supper, made the bed and cleaned the kitchen.

I need to use the Delphin and clean all of the carpet. Our machine is kind of like a Rainbow vac. It is awesome! I also need to get supper done and make a broccoli salad for my parents and make a couple of calls when hubby returns home. I think the list is never ending.......... There is plenty more i could add, but it will keep until later.

I think I might start my Christmas cards tonight. We send out a lot of Christmas cards. Sometimes with such big families this is our only form of communication......sad I know. I am the youngest of 36 grandchildren, just on my Daddy's side. Hubby comes from a big family too.

Well, I need to get busy before the kiddos wake up........have a blessed Friday!

One more thing.......please think about this question. What does contentment mean to you?

I will be asking you to comment on that in the near future and there will be a giveaway as well! I hope you are as excited as I am!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas List 2008 Completed

Thank you all for your great comments!!!! You all had wonderful ideas and many I had never thought of. Monkey drew the random winner and it was DITARAE !

Email me your mailing address and I will get your book and gift out to you. The "gift" is a surprise!

Here is the updated Christmas list and how we make it work. We have a budget for gifts of about $700. Now, that does not include stamps, cards and food things that are for meals.

1. Daddy- fav lotion (free from CVS), pop-corn tin ($5), Brita water pitcher (clearance at CVS $2.99), framed 8x10 picture of my little family ($5), photo calendar ($10)

2. Mother- fav lotion (free from CVS), pop-corn tin ($5) Brita water filters on close out ($11), framed 8x10 picture of the boys ($5),

3. bro & sil- lg. box of chocolate covered cherries ($3), framed picture of the boys ($3)

4. nephew 1- homemade cocoa mix($2) , smores camping set ($4 clearance at CVS), $25 Team Fever gift cert. ($14.19 w/ online code)

5. nephew 2- homemade cocoa mix ($2), smores camping set ($4 clearance at CVS), $25 Team fever gift cert. ($14.19 w/ online code)

6. cousin-B framed pic of the boys ($3), Yankee candle ( it)

7. Aunt P.-B&BW Rice Shea and Flower body spray ($3.75 on sale w/ coupon)

8. Uncle J.- 2 crossword puzzle books ($2 Dollar Tree)

9. A.G.-NBA coloring book ($1 Dollar Tree), Tow Mater Crayons ($.25 part of 4 pk. from Dollar Tree)

10. Aunt M.- framed pic of boys ($3), Fresh vanilla body splash (onsale w/ coupons @ B&BW, $3.75), eyeshadow (free CVS)

11. cousin D.- doggy gloves ($3.00), Mulberry candle (on sale $2.50), eyeshadow (free CVS)

12. D's hubby S.- smores camping kit (CVS clearance $4)

13. GMS &GDS- photo calendar of boys ($10), 5# oranges ($3)

14. C.T.-serling silver NIP snowman charm pin/brooch ($1 yard sale), magnolia bath set (Wal-Mart clearance $2.50), book ($1 Dollar Tree)

15. Miss J.J.-scarf ($1 Dolllar Tree), photo ablum (Target clearance $2), 3 pc. bath gels ($1.50, Wal-Mart clearance)

16. hubby's Dad- 1/2 gal sorghum syrup ($3), $20 cash

17. Ronda-lipstick (free CVS) brag book w/ pics ($3)

18. Matt- smores camping kit ($4)

19. J.J.-smores kit ($4)

20. Amanda-Victoria Secret rush lipgloss set (free from last year)

21. Dakota- smores campfire kit ($4)

22. Kayla-liggloss ($.50 clearance from CVS), coconit lime gift set ($2.50) clearance from Wal-mart, wild eyes shadow (free from CVS)

23. Sharon-lipstick (free from CVS), brag book w/ pics ($3)

24. Richard-smores campfire set ($4)

25. Abby- High school musical pencil case ($1 clearance from Wal-Mart), 3pc. lip balm set ($1.50), Lip Smacker's nail and lip set ($1 clearance from CVS)

26. Andrew-smores campfire set ($4)

27. Melissa-Victoria Secret glove and hat set (free from last year), Burt's Bees lotion (free-re-gifting)

28. Sandra-lipstick (free from CVS), brag book w/ pics ($3)

29. Kerry-smores campfire set ($4)

30. Anthony-smores campfire set ($4)

31. Nicole-candle (yard sale find $2), monogramed pillow ($1 yard sale find)

32. Gavin- Hot Wheels bath set ($2 clearance at Wal-mart)

33. Ava-My little pony coloring book ($.50 clearance CVS), coloring set ($.75 Wal-Mart clearance), crayola toothbrush set (free from CVS)

34. Deb & Rocky- $50 gift cert. to Shula's steakhouse (online find for $28.75)

35. Sky-leather purse (Target clearance $4), lipgloss (free from CVS), hair set (Wal-Mart clearance $5)

36. Uncle J.- Stetson gift set (Wal-Mart clearance $3)

37. N.- bird house kitchen towel ($1 yard sale)

38. Miss KK-peddy set (clearance at Rite-Aid $7), $25 Chevron gas card (online deal $12.75), photo ablum ($3 clearance at Target), $25 Team Fever gift cert. ($14.19, online deal)

39. B.J.- moonlight path lotion ($3.75 sale and coupon B&BW), Steve Martin book (free-re-gifting)

40. C.J.-smores campfire set ($4)

41. D.J.-smores campfire set ($4)

42. Carter-crayola toothbrush set (free from CVS), Cars key set ($2), Coloring book (CVS clearance $.50), coloring set ($.75 clearance from Wal-Mart)

(for both Cater and Clarie) musical bubble bath elephant ($5 Wal-Mart clearance)

43. Claire-coloring book (CVS clearance $.50), coloring set ($.75 Wal-mart clearance), Care Bears dvd (Dollar General clearance $4)

44. Leah-
$50 Melting Pot gift cert. (online deal $28.75)
45. Kevin-

46. post lady- homemade bread, jam and coffee mix fixed in a gift basket ($5)

47. hairstylist & hubby- hm salsa, chips, soup mix and brownie mix in gift basket ($6)

48. Pastor & wife- various mixes in gift basket $9)

49. friend K.- same as above ($9)

50. Ms. K. same a s above ($4)

51. Pharmacy- hm apple cake ($3)

52. Tiger- $100 (for gifts and stocking)

53. Monkey-$100 (for gifts and stocking)

The boys get the same things. I will go into detail more about their Christmas later, as I have not finished their shopping.

Grand Total: $580.06

The key is to shop all year long and always be on the lookout for a good deal. Most of the Wal-Mart clearance items were bought after Christmas last year. Also, the frames for all of the pictures were bought the same way. I also will be shopping black friday!

Hubby and I bought a television ealier this year, since ours went out when I was pregnant with the boys 3 years ago. That will be our Christmas as it was our anniversary and next anniversary and Christmas. LOL!

Thank you all for your input and many blessing for a frugal and fun Christmas season!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas List 2008

Our Christmas list rarely changes, but I still need to get it on paper since there is so many on it. This year my mother-in-law is not here to celebrate with us, nor is my husband's dear Aunt Linda. You both are missed!

I wanted to list everyone for you and then in a later post I will describe our budget and outline it for you. It seems as though we would go into debt buying for all of those on this list, but not so.

The good thing is that most of our shopping is done. I will do my parents shopping for them (to us) on Black Friday. My Mom dislikes shopping, so she lets me do it.

Here goes......
1. Daddy
2. Mother
3. my bro and sil (age 40's)
4. nephew 1 (age 16)
5. nephew 2 (age 10)
6. Cousin B. (woman, 50's)
7. Aunt P.
8. Uncle J.
9. A.G. (cousin age 6)
10. Aunt M.
11.cousin D. (age 40's)
12. D's hubby S. (same as above)
13. GMS & GDS (90's)
14. CT (50's)
15. Miss JJ (early 20's)
16. hubby's Dad (80)
17. Ronda (40's)
18. Matt (40ish)
19. J.J. (early 20's)
20. Amanda (same as above)
21. Dakota (same as above)
22.Kayla (17)
23. Sharon (40's)
24. Richard (same as above)
25. Abby (11)
26. Andrew (early 20's)
27. Melissa (same as above)
28. Sandra (40's)
29. Kerry (same as above)
30. Anthony (early 20's)
31. Nicole (same as above)
32. Gavin (5)
33. Ava (2)
34. Deb & Rocky (50's)
35. Sky (15)
36. Uncle J. (70's)
37. N. (late 20's)
38. Miss. KK (16)
39. B.J. (50's)
40. C.J. (14)
41. D.J.(50's)
42.Carter (2)
43. Claire (2)
44. Leah mid 30's)
45. Kevin (same as above)
46. post lady
47. hairstylist and hubby
48. Pastor and his wife
49. friend k. (30's)
50. Ms. K (boys teacher)
51. the pharmacy
52. Tiger (son......age 2)
53. Monkey (son.....age 2)

That is quite a list! Leave me a comment how you would shop for my list. Your budget is $700. You may include homemade gifts for only 10. Now, I will leave the comments open for 36 hours, through Wednesday. Thank about it and leave your comment. I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday night at 8pm. The winner will receive Dawn Hall's, Fun, Fast, Festive Christmas Cookbook, along with a Christmas present (that part is a surprise). So, what are waiting for .......get a thinkin'!


New Day

I was hoping to feel my very best today, but not so. At least it is not YET! Hey, it's only 5am though!

Southerner hit the nail on the head in the comments the other day when she said something along the lines of my hormones being out of whack.........boy are they ever!

The pink eye is now in both eyes (I am using antibiotic drops) and both of the eyes get so matted us at night I have to leave a wet washcloth at my bedside to use before I even get out of the bed. My eyes are running (green stuff) and are both so bloodshot.

Then, to top it all off I woke up to a chesty cough, sorethroat, earache, headache, stuffy nose and yucky stuff coming from my head and chest. Lovely! Just lovely!

I am calling the doctor and geting a steroid pack and an antibiotic this morning and I am already taking Mucinex (as of 4am) and Tyneol.

My grand plan of serious potty training and school with a nice schedule has went out the door today. I will play by ear and just do the best I can. The sitter is coming at 3ish so I can do my shopping and all.

Today's Goals:

Feel Better
Get ready
Call doctor
Get the boys meals prepared and them dressed
Do one load of laundry
Entertain and love on my boys
Run dw
Cook supper
Make CVS and grocery list and get coupons together
Make bed

I hope you all have a healthy day and enjoy it to it's fullest! Everyday is a gift from God! Blessings!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Supper Plan

Here in the south it's supper, not dinner. Usually lunch is called least the south I'm from.'s how's I hope November plans out! Have a great month!

1.cube steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, biscuits and apple butter
2. boston butt, baked beans, potato salad
3. hamburgers, fries, salad
4. roast, potatoes and carrots, cornbread, stewed cabbage
5.brunswick stew, pasta salad
6. meatloaf, turnip greens, fried potatoes and pinto beans
7. pork enchiladas, refried beans, chips, salsa and cheese dip
8. potato soup, broccoli salad, fresh wheat bread
9. chicken fingers, fried okra, peas and mac and cheese
10. bacon wrapped steaks, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, salad, rolls
11. ham and cheese omelets, toast, apple butter, fresh fruit
12. chicken patties, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and cheese
13. grilled shrimp salad, fresh wheat bread
14. seven layer salad, chicken wings, garlic cheese bread
15. venison chili, cornbread, whole kernel corn
16.candied pork chops w/ apples, green beans, rice
17.bean soup cooked with ham hock, fresh wheat bread
18. oven baked tilipia, corn on cob, salad, mashed potatoes
19. tater tot casserole
20. cheesy veggie soup, fresh bread
21. chicken and dumplings, fried okra and cream corn
22. bacon cheeseburgers, hm oven fries and carrots w/ dip
23. potato soup, fresh bread
24. chicken fingers, cream corn, peas
25. tuna salad sandwiches (grilled cheese for the boys)
26. chili and rice, corn on cob
27. THANKSGIVING (more on that later)
28. leftovers
30. Mexican chili casserole

DESSERTS: fried apple pies, apple cake, brownies, hm peach ice cream, apple dump cake, cupcakes, chocolate oatmeal cookies

What are you having this month?
Share it with us!


Whatcha Got In There?

I have had a couple of readers to email and ask what I have in my pantry and freezer. I also had one reader to email and ask what I stockpile. Thank you Ella, Jen and Teri for your questions!

I stockpile everything that we might need if we could not get to the store for weeks or even months. look over the following lists and you will see. The only things that I did not list was health and beauty aides (toiletries), cleaning supplies and over the counter medications. However, I stockpile all of those as well.

I am not going to list all of the extracts, spices and herbs I keep on hand. I know there is over 100 different ones though.

Some of the numbers below is just what I happen to have on hand at the moment. This changes frequently.


7 bottles of various salad dressings

chips, bugels, oatmeal creme pies, granola bars, pretzels

3 jars instant coffee

4 quarts of honey

2 - 1/2 gal. buckets sorghum

5 bottles worchestshire sauce

2 jars mayo

dill relish (store bought)

5 jars peanut butter

12 boxes Cheerios

4 boxes other cereals

ice cream salt

2 boxes graham crackers

3 boxes vanilla wafers

3 boxes Wheat Thins

3 boxes saltines

baked cheddar cracklers

10 #baking mix

50# sugar

20# cornmeal

50# various flour (wheat, all purpose and self rising)

20# various pasta (spaghetti, elbow, penne and rotini)

shortening, cooking spray and oil

pancake syrup

animal crackers

baking soda

1 gal ketchup

1/2 gal. ketchup

2 gal. apple cider vinegar

3 gal. white distilled vinegar

bacon bits

2 bottles lemon juice

4 bottles hot sauce

2 cases bottled water

4 quarts shelf stable milk

6 - 12 pk. sodas

6 - 2L drinks

14 family size boxes tea

40# fresh potates (red and yukon gold)

10# sweet potatoes

various baggies, wraps, foils and disposable pans

napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils

5 boxes kleenex

7 rolls paper towels

WHAT I HAVE CANNED (some last year ...leftover and some this year)

over 200 quarts green beans

100 pints pink eyed purple hull peas

20 qt. tomatoes

20 pt. peach salsa

crabapple jelly

crabapple pickles

blackberry jelly

apple jelly

fig jam

strawberry jam

strawberry fig jam

peach jelly

peach pie filling

peach/pineapple jam

grape jelly

pepper jelly

pepper sauce

pepper pickles

tomaot soup

vegetable soup

pear preserves

apple butter

peach butter

pickled beets

plum jelly

bbq sauce

dill slices

dill spears

bread and butter slices

spaghetti sauce

okra and tomato mix

october beans

crowder peas

squash pickles

squash relish

corn relish

I know i probably fogot some things........this is just from memory.

20# green tomatoes (for the freezer)

50# apples (for more apple butter)

ripe tomatoes

15# onions





baby and regualr carotts




8 boxes hb helper

mac and cheese

white, brown and flavored rices

taco seasoning

gravy mix


baking soda

baking powder

baking cocoa

baking chips

soup mixes

confectioner's sugar

5# brown sugar

jello and pudding mixes

cake and brownie mixes

instant potatoes

spaghetti sauce

cranberry sauce

mixed fruit


canned tomatoes



sweet peas

refried beans

enchilida sauce

pork n beans

various broths

chili beans

20# dried beans


tuna and salmon

chciken noodle soup

tomato paste and sauce

Hormel chili

muffin and cornbread mixes


okra (for frying)

corn on cob

cream corn




green tomatoes (for frying)

chopped bell pepper



strawberry fig jam

apple butterhm peach ice cream



veggie mixes

whole kernal corn

fries, tater tots

waffles and french toast sticks

2 N.Y. strips

fish sticks

18 hb patties

4 pk. turkey dogs

3 pk. cooked hb meat

chicken nuggets

2# ground venison

10 # chicken fingers

chicken patties

chicken wings (4 #)

4 1/2 # spilt chicken breasts

4 # chicken chunks2 pk. bacon

meatloaf and gravy

buffalo shrimp

2 shrimp rings

8 bacon wrapped steaks

1 # salmon

1 # tilapia

1 # meatballs

8 center cut pork chops


sand. meat

a spiral sliced ham

boston butt



cheeses (sliced, blocks and shredded)







apple juice

canned biscuits

cubed steak

soft drinks


I hope this answered your questions and thank you for asking!

What's in your stockpile and cupboards (and everywhere else)?



Misery is when your eye is swollen shut from the green gook that pour forth. I have pink eye and it hurts and it's yucky and really, is this necessary?

A dear family friend and a cousin passed away Thursday night. The viewings (visitations) are both tonight at different funeral homes. I have to go and order flowers this morning and go to the pharmacy to get SOMETHING (anything!) for this eye issue. Hubby is working, so I will have the boys in tow. Then I need to get some food fixed for the families and delivered before lunch.

The sitter will be here at 4pm. I also have a few other things to get done, like cook supper, make some more apple butter (already in crock-pot) and laundry of course (couldn't leave that out!).

I hope you all have a blessed and funfilled Saturday and don't get the pink eye from me! LOL!
This is when you can be glad we are bloggy friends and not neighbors! ;)