Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It seems that since life has taken a hard road for me of late I have  a rotten attitude. I seemd to be short with my husband and boys and well just be miserable to be around. I have asked God to heal my heart and HE has told me HE will in time, HIS time but in the meantime I have to find a way to deal with myself, to be me again. Sickness, death, tragedy......they all do something to a person. Life is hard without having to deal with those things. I am trying to make conscious effect each morning to get up and be me again. I also am going to see the doctor in a couple of weeks for "my feelings".

I have a lot going on right now. Daddy is down with his knee again. He went back to the doctor yesterday. I am fighting staph infection in my sinuses...it seems that is an ongoing thing. I am trying to get Momma's cookbook finished and in publication by February 1. We are very excited about this, just wish she were her to see it finished. The boys are still playing basketball. Big John is loving the farmlife yet still (praise the Lord!)!

I am trudging on and God walks with me, although HE sometimes has to carry me. I am blessed and HE is so good! Blessings!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy As A Bee

I have found the busier I am the better. It keeps my mind set and not wondering about the little things. So what's on today's to-do? MUCH!

  1. Post Office
  2. Check to bank, paperwork to bank
  3. Cut up canatloupe and strawberries
  4. Make guacamole
  5. Make creamy black bean salad
  6. Puppy to vet
  7. Bathe puppy
  8. Take car to auto repair shop/get estimate on back bumper
  9. Wait on windshield repairman to come
  10. Dust
  11. Vaccum
  12. Sweep and mop kitchen
  13. Reading
  14. Clean laptop
  15. Laundry put away folded load, do what's in dryer and washer and do linens from all 3 beds.
  16. Supper: chicken tortilla soup
  17. Pick up boys from school
  18. Get Allegra
  19. Piggly Wiggly- chicken, corn, grapes
So, what's on your list today?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Word

I have seen many friends and bloggers post their "one word". You know the one thing you wish to keep close to your heart and achieve for this year. I have seen "intentional", "treasure" and "focus". I thought about  "joy", then about "direction", then about "family". 

I finally settled on "faithful".  This means that I will stay true to myself completeing the tasks at hand and doing what I say in a productive way with a successful will. It means I will faithfully spend time with my family and less time buried in the laptop screen. I made my Momma a promise on her death bed and it will come to fruition and hopefully a publisher later this year.

Faithful, that is what God is to me and what I want to be to HIM and everyone around me. So, do you have "just one word" this year?

New Year Blessings, my friends!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 Currents

Current Reading List:
Mudbound by Hilary Jordan for me. I am currently reading The Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums to the boys. We are doing Jesus Calling devotion with the boys. I am doing the  Made to Crave Devotional. I wish John and I were reading or doing a devo together but we're not. I think  I will suggest it though.

Current Playlist:
Nothing. I find myself at home enjoying the peace and quiet. When I am in the car I tune to 93.7 and listen to some current Christian Jams.

Current Food Craves:
Cajun turkey sandwiches with hot mustard and provolone cheese. Coke.

Current Wishlist:
My Daddy not to be so sad. Also for him to have good health.

Current Need:
To get my Acadia's windshield fixed where a rock cracked it a couple months ago. To get the relector fixed on the back corner where someone hit me. Also we need to clean vehicles out and wash them.

Current Triumph:
Still dealing with Momma's death with the Lord's help but beginning to think about medication. I am short and snappy and I do not like being that way.

Current Annoyance:
My sickness; I have staph infection in my sinuses with a secondary sinus infection and have felt miserable for a couple of weeks now. Still on several meds including antibiotics. The infectious disease doctor wants to do a picc line but we are trying oral antibiotics again. I am 4 weeks into a 6  month stint of Doxycycline.

Current Addiction:
Our new puppy. He is a Chorkie and is 16 weeks old. His name is Brixon and weighs about 4 pounds.

Current Blessing:
My family. All of them......husband, children, Daddy, brother, sister-in-law.....all of them. i love them all so much!

Current Outfit:
Hot pink thermo pj shirt and light pink scotty dog pj bottoms.

Current Excitment: Taking the boys to see Parental Guidance at the movies after church (and after we feed the cows) and eating at Red Robin.

Current To-Do's:
Cleaning out/up and organizing the junk room. Starting back to work on the cookbook.

Current Favorite Things:

My Shark Navigator Vaccum. It picks up so well! Better than my Rainbow type vaccum (called a Delphin).