Friday, May 29, 2009

Reflections of Yesterday and Today's Happenings

Thursday started off a good note, actually several of them! We had a wonderful, yet busy day. We started our day off with all of the regular things, breakfast, brushing teeth, pottying, getting dressed, etc.

Then we headed off to pre-school. We wanted the boys to see their teacher and meet their classmates., so we scheduled an hour to go. Except when I got there to pick them up....they didn't want to leave! LOL! So, they stayed another hour. I got to get our ads in for next week's papers for our "big opening day", while the boys were there. I felt so lost coming home to an empty, quiet home. So strange! I cannot believe they start Monday!!!!

We had two nephews of John's to come and work on cutting brush from the side of the drive. They worked 3 hours and had to leave, go figure. I paid them and they asked if they could come back Wednesday after they go to the beach for a few days. Sure, if we don't already have it done by then. I was kind of ill about the matter. I thought they should have been able to get more done, considering how capable they are. (They are college students)

My 10 year old nephew, Peyton came over to play and have supper, so I hung out with the boys. After supper we played outside. Then when Peyton left, I took the twins over to my parents and got the golf cart. John was mowing my parents grass (it takes about 5 hours to mow all of it), he had gotten stuck close to the blueberries, so we watched him use the 4 wheeler to pull the mower out. The boys thought that was the grandest thing.

After riding around for awhile, looking at the garden, the orchard, cows, visiting with the dog and so on so forth, we headed home for bathes and story time. Their Daddy was home by then and we got them in bed. Then I headed for a long bath. It was a nice, long, bath and it was so nice. John and i had some tv/computer time and then off for a good sleep. Except nausea and a screaming child woke me at 2:30 this morning then I was in the bathroom for over an hour and a half. Yuck! I slept in until 5:45 then.

Last night we got some interesting news, there seems to be a job coming available that john is suited for......perfectly I might add. It is local, pays very well and great benefits. It is not a driving job and that is the best part! He loves the "idea" of the job. So, we are going to call this am and find out more info. Please pray that the Lord will open the doors if this is his will.

John has gotten to work three days this week! Praise the Lord!

Thankfully my helper is coming today!

  • On my to do list today is call phone co.
  • call KB
  • call DP
  • Sam's
  • PO
  • Aldi
  • Wal-Mart
  • Kohl's?
  • hair appt. (I'm getting at least 5 inches cut off and a highlight)
  • Penny's
  • Sally's
  • pay bills/bal. checkbook

My parents are at a convention that my Daddy is speaking at. My brother is spraying the apples this morning for brown rot, then there is lots of squash, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli to pick. And guess what? Peaches too! We will pick the first few baskets today. Yay! We are so excited! These things will be sold at Pepper Place (by my brother) tomorrow. this is just one of the many markets that we go to. Sunday he (my brother) will be at the Chattanooga Market selling some of the same things. What a busy year it is shaping up to be! Praise the Lord!

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I stand amazed at my two little blessings each day. As our busy season approaches (way too quickly), the boys will be starting pre-school again, this Monday as a matter of fact. I cannot believe they are 3 years old!!!

For 32 weekers and all of the medical diagnsois they each have overcome and to be able to say and do all of the things I am going to speak of in a minute.......I stand amazed, not just at them. They did not do this alone and I certainly had NOT a hand in it. God is so good ALL of the time!

Less than a year ago we they were signing EVERYTHING. They each spoke maybe a dozen or so words each, when prompted. Wow! I have worked with them some since they came out of pre-school last October. I am so proud of you boys! My heart is overwhelmed to be your Momma!!! Thank you Lord for all of your blessings!!!!

  • Can say anything. He can spell his first name and say his whole name.
  • Can count to 12
  • Say his ABC's
  • Sing several songs by himself
  • Recite the Lord's prayer, say grace and his bedtime prayer as well.
  • He can draw most shapes and recognize all of them.
  • He knows all of his colors and then some.....thank you Crayola!
  • He is fully potty trained except at night.
  • Can fully dress himself.
  • Does "chores" such as putting dirty clothes in laundry room, setting/cleaning table, wiping dinner table down, cleans up books and toys and keeps his room picked up.


  • Can say anything. Can spell his first name and say his whole name.
  • Can count to 10.
  • Can say his ABC's
  • Sing several songs by himself.
  • Can say grace and bedtime prayer as well.
  • Can draw some shapes but recognizes all of them.
  • Knows all of his colors and like Mason, even recognizes pinks and others!
  • Is #1 potty trained.
  • Can fully dress himself.
  • Does the same chores as Mason.

What blessings they are! Thank you Lord!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wednesday's Cooking Marathon

Last Wednesday I knew I had a lot to do. We were having mexican night at home with chicken burritos, cheese dip and chips and all american peach cobbler. For everyone else (my parents, uncle, aunt and father-in-law) I made Sweet Spanish cornbread, squash casserole, butterbeans, fried okra, potato salad and peach cobbler.

I had it all made and delivered by 2pm yesterday. I was so glad that it was over and done with. My parents really enjoyed it and we did too.

What's cookin' in your kitchen?


Monday, May 25, 2009

Lazy Man's Peach Cobbler

I love cobbler, especially peach, wonder why?! LOL! I make the quick kind. My Mom and her Mom always made this and i guess I picked it up from them. You can use any kind of berry or fruit you wish. You can also substitute canned peaches for fresh or fresh frozen ones. I always use ones from my freezer unless we are gathering fresh ones.

1 stick butter
1 c milk
1 c baking mix
1 c sugar
3-4 cups of fruit, sweetened (don't drain off all of the juice.....I leave about half of the juice)

Melt butter in a 13x9 baking dish on 350*. Mix sugar and baking mix together: stir in milk until moistened. Pour over melted butter. DO NOT stir. Then pour peaches and juice over the batter. The batter will rise to the top as it cooks and make a delicious crust. Bake for 45 minutes in 350* oven. Enjoy!!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009


We have honey bees and harvest the honey to sell along with our fruits and veggies. We leave the honey in it's raw form since that's how our customers request it. We have many people that have always bought it by the case (12 jars). We sell it in pints and in quarts. I even have some at home (from last falls crop). I cook with it a good bit.

When John (hubby) started with his allergies it did not even dawn on me to start giving him honey. We have customers that swear by local honey for all sorts of aliments. Mostly, we hear how it helps their allergies.

After this last bad attack that landed John in the doctors office he started taking a tablespoon every morning on the 16th (Saturday) of this month. He has not had one attack since. He even bushhogged several acres yesterday and mowed our grass. We are very pleased and will endorse local, raw honey from now on! Maybe this could help someone out there.

What do you use for your allergies? Do you have any home remedies? Blessings!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Can You Get For $85?

Tuesday my mom and I hit Aldi on our way home from the doctor. We do not have one locally, so I try to get there once or maybe twice a month. I heart Aldi.

I spent $85. Here is what i got:

6 cans mushrooms
10 ct. waffles
1#curly fries
frozen 2# bag stir fry
4 cans pork n beans
4 cans tomatoes w/ chiles
4 cans refried beans
4 cans black beans
2 - 8oz. blocks cheddar cheese
2 pkg. deli style sliced cheese
2 -250 ct. napkins
2 - 100 ct. paper plates
8 ears fresh corn
2 - 10 ct. flour tortillas
2- 64 oz. cartons oj
2 boxes cereal
48 oz. veg. oil
peanut butter wafers (10 ct.)
3 boxes rice mix
2 -12 ct. pk. string cheese
sweet and sour sauce
2 pk. taco seasoning
hamburger dill slices
2 cantaloupes
10 # sugar
head of lettuce
2 English cucumbers
1# bag salad
4# red seedless grapes
pretzel sticks
bbq chips
5 loaves bread
3 dozen eggs

Grand total: $84.81

I got some awesome savings! Do you have an Aldi close by? How often do you shop there?


Mulit Vitamin

I have taken a multi vitamin on and off for a few years now. I always took prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant with the twins. I sometimes have to take an iron supplement because of the anemia. However, I am in need of a good high quality multi vitamin. So, what do you take? Would you recommend that one to me? Thank you for your input! Blessings!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom's Day Out With Mom

Yesterday my Mom and I got some much needed time together with out the boys being present. My sister-in-law, Ronda came over and watched them. Thank you Aunt Ronda!

I picked up my Mom and we headed to Birmingham to see the doctor. We have taken the boys with us since they were born and last year was a little too much going to see the ob/gyn with 2 year old twins in tow. At three years old and the curiosity they bear at ALL times I knew it would be too much for them and US! My Mom and I have not had a Mom/Daughter day since they were born. We saw the "female" doctor. Mom had a mammogram and the bone test.

We then went to Golden Corral for a yummy buffet style lunch. Then off to Aldi. She has never been there before and could not believe you could shop for groceries for those low prices. I bought $85 worth of food and had several reusable totes full. Then we hit the thrift store. I love purses, did I mention that I love purses?! Anyhoo, I got two new ones for $1.99 each and hubby 2 pairs of work jeans at $4.99 each. I found me a pair of short and a pair of capris too. As I was looking for hubby's work jeans. I spotted a pair of new Docker dress pants (dark denim). They were too small for hubby but they would fit my Daddy. Mom said she would get them. They were priced $4.99, but when we got to the register they were 75% off of that! Cha-ching!

After that we headed home! We had a tiring but wonderful day out and one that was much needed!

Do you ever get out with your Mom without the kiddos? What a blessing to be able to do so! Praise the Lord!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Attitude of Gratitiude

I have been awarded The Attitude Of Gratitude Award, by my dear friend ELLIE MAE! Ellie is so talented in making the cutest, frugal things for her home. She is working hard on her weight loss and getting her monthly bills down and I admire her so much!

I am so undeserving, especially after this past week. It has been a long week and hubby is still very, very sick. He is getting up at 2 or 3 am every morning vomiting.

The rules to accepting this award are to:
  1. Put the rules on your blog/post.

  2. Nominate 10 people that show an attitude of gratitude.

  3. Link your nominees withing your post.

  4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they have won their award.

  5. Share the love/link of the ;person that nominated you.

  6. Tell how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.

There are many things in my life, that I see as defining moments and learning to appreciate it all. I will only list a few.

At 19 I had to have open heart surgery. That was a life changing moment, needless to say.

Then once we were married (at age 22), we had our ups and downs, the biggest was trying to get pregnant for years and then the twins being preemies and so sick.

So today and every day I am grateful for my wonderful family, terrific friend and a loving God that forgives me everyday.

I am thankful beyond words for my children and what they mean to my life. I am thankful for the life I lead each day and where I live. I am thankful to be a child of the KING and saved by his grace!

I am so thankful for this blogging world that I am a part of and the many friends that I have made and that I love dearly.

I am nominating the following ten bloggers:

  1. Mykidsmom. She is am amazing homeschooling Mom and loves life to the fullest.

  2. Tyra at Never Gives Up. Her blog title says it all. She has persevered through it all and with a thankful attitude.

  3. Nicola at smilernpb. she is always so uplifting, despite having two little ones, expecting the third and her hubby's recent surgery.

  4. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom, she has been through a lot lately, some not told of on her blog, just know she is one exceptional inspiration to us all!

  5. Julie at Blessed With Five, she is a super Mom. She and her hubby adopted their four boys and they manage their own business to boot. She is amazing and has great taste in home decor!

  6. Mimi at Palm Trees and Blue Skies, also a Mom of twins, she runs several blogs and gives all of the greatest deals ANYWHERE.

  7. Ivy at Sweet Tea by the Baltic Sea, has two beautiful daughters and splits her time between the States and Poland with her hubby. She is amazing! She always lets her light shine!

  8. Nicole at nicostuff is amazing as well with 2 little boys and a sweet baby on the way. She does it all, cooks and makes gorgeous jewelry. She is one great mom!

  9. Nikki at Nikki's Notes is a part time pharmacist, full time Mommy and loves the Lord, she is growing an awesome garden this year too!

  10. Holly at Southern Seven has five kiddos and is so frugal minded it just blows my mind. She appreciates the littlest of things and isn't that the way it should be!? She has an awesome testimony!

So with that, I leave you, but just for a day or two! LOL! Hope you have a blessed Monday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Better But With a Sick Hubby

My heavy heart is better today and I don't feel the cloud of doom and gloom hanging over my head like yesterday. Thank you all for your comments and prayers and thoughts.

Hubby is very sick today and we are headed to the doctor at 11:45. He has bad allergies and yesterday he had an attack. By last night he said his chest hurt and he couldn't breath very good at all. We were up almost all night and his head started hurting with sharp pains at midnight. He was suppose to help my Daddy and brother fertilize the apples today but now my Daddy is helping my Mom watch the boys while I take hubby to the doctor.

Please say a little get well prayer for him, more especially since we are unsure of what is wrong with him.

Hope you have a great day and blessings!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Heavy Heart

As I write this the sadness seems to flow and yes I know we are not suppose to worry. It does no good to worry about things you cannot change but I am hurting for so many this morning. I am going to this in a bulletin type post.

  • Last night we got the call that my nephew, who is 24 left his wife and their 2 children and has been gone for about 10 days. The whole family is just broken. The rumor is that he is cheating, he says she is cheating........It doesn't matter who is what. The children are my worry, they are 6 and 3.
  • My cousin T and her hubby a neurosurgeon decided they wanted a baby late in life. Never had any children and at 41, she delivered a little boy 4 weeks early and he is very sick. His lungs mainly and he has jaundice. He has been in the NICU over a week.
  • I have another cousin that she and her hubby and kids bought a multi million dollar business 4 years ago and moved a couple hours away to run it. Chances are if you live in Alabama, you have stopped there. Anyhow, on her way home from work Monday afternoon a little 10 year old girl was riding her bike on a county highway and swerved to miss a dog. My cousin was driving her SUV and could not avoid her. The little girl swerved right in front of her. She was killed on impact. My cousin worked on her, as she is a nurse but nothing could be done. My cousin is so broken and is having a very hard time.
  • I have a very dear friend who is a reader here. She has 2 little boys. She found a place in her neck. She will have a biopsy next week. She has a family history of cancer. I love you sweet friend!
  • Last but certainly not Mom is very sick. She has a regular lung specialist. She saw him just a few weeks ago on a Tuesday. On Saturday night he committed suicide. She saw one of his associates this week only to find out that she has full blown COPD. IF she does not do what he has instructed she has 6-12 months to live. She is is known NOT to do as the doctor ordered and unfortunately I cannot make her. She says she will try and quit smoking. This is the same exact road that we went down with my mother-in-law. She lost her short battle with lung cancer a little over a year ago. The chances of Mom getting cancer are very high, unless God sees her another road.
  • Hubby only worked two days last week and one day this week. He has looked for other work, but there are no short haul driving jobs and very few long hauls available. With all of the rain there is little farm work to do right now. He is so down and out. We are trying to make it until the first week in June (when the markets start) but it is difficult with all of the medical bills and pharmacy too. He is getting irritable and depressed.

My heart is hurting today. I ask for your prayers for all of the above. Thank you and may God continue his blessings for us all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My first Mother's Day was very special because WE had finally brought our children home from the NICU only TWO days before. My second Mother's Day was very special because we finally given a living diagnosis for little John only four days before mother's day. MY third mother's day (this year) was so very special because my children are finally healthy! Praise the Lord! What a precious gift they are!

The night before Hubby and the boys came in with me a single rose each. A beautiful peach color. Then I found a Paula Deen magazine on my desk later that same night. Then as I was turning back the covers a Snickers bar fell from under my pillow. He is so sneaky! LOL!

My day started off with toast and coffee, getting everyone ready and taking blueberry pancakes and sausage to my Mom. We then went to decoration where my mother-in-law is buried. On the way home I asked John if we could stop at Jack's and just get lunch. He did and we got a family chicken meal. We went home, ate and then took some of it to my parents for lunch. I made my Mom a photo book from the last year's worth of photos of the boys (in a clearance bought album from Target), I also got her a new kitchen rug and some dish cloths as well as some body wash.

I was very surprised by her as each of the boys handed me a card with $25 in it just for me. Then my Mom gave me $50 and the boys each gave me another rose each that my mom had grown (see below picture). We came home and hubby told me to take a nap. I took an hour long nap and loved every minute of it. We then snacked around for supper and hubby gave me his card for me and the boys gave me a card their Daddy had picked out from them. It was truly a very special day and relaxing too. I know he missed his Mom but he sure did a wonderful job making it very special for me.

Earlier in the week, he had told me to pick out a few things I wanted so I did. I found the umbrella below at Wal-Mart for $12. It is huge and I love it. I also got a new pair of pj's and some dish cloths too.

I hope you all had a wonderful day! Blessings!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mason's Doctor Visit

To sum it up, it is difficult for Dr. H to tell for sure if Mason has asthma or not. All of the breathing treatments seem to have things under control....... well kind of.

However, he does have some "junk" in his lungs and has Asthmatic Bronchitis once again (he had it last in January). So, we are on Zitromicin for that, we were switched to Zyrtec for the allergies with the same prescription eye drop and still doing the aero pump (breathing) treatments 3 times a day (more if if needs them) until the cough is gone.

So, we wait and if he has a recurrence, there will probably be an asthma diagnosis. His respirations were normal and his O2 was in the normal range as well. Yay! for that!!!

About Mason sleeping for so long, Dr. H seems to think that his body is just tired and is making up for all of the yuckiness with extra sleep. Not his words, but mine. I don't remember his exact words. It was a long day.......

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and blessings!!!


After storms and tornados around yesterday the weather seemed to settle through the day until last night at bedtime. Thunder and lightening woke me around 12 and I went back to sleep after I checked in on the boys. Around 1 something little John came in our bedroom and right as I was picking him up, it lightening hit. Still unsure of what it was so LOUD and it lit up the bedroom as bright as day and seemed to last for sometime. Little one slept with us until almost 3am. I put him back in his bed as the storms were gone and I needed to take Mason's vitals. The clock then went off at 4:45am for hubby to go to work. I am tired.

I don't know if I mentioned this or not but I have to wake Mason from each nap and overnight sleep. This is another reason that I think his oxygen must be low, even still. Hopefully we can get it figured out today!

I always thought that Little John would be the one with any lung problems. He was the one of the ventilator and so sick with his lungs among other things.

Please pray for answers for us today and good results. Have a great day and i will post when we get back. Blessings!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Bulletin Post

  • There is not much to report.......
  • I have been doing Mason's breathing treatments and taking his respirations, forever. :)
  • His treatments were reduced to 3 times a day yesterday, not enough for him, the coughing is signficantly worse.
  • I take him to the doctor in the morning, at least we can sit on the well side and we are the first appointment! Yay!
  • My aunt and uncle that I cook for sometimes are having it rough. Their only living child (39 years old and divorced-due to her hubby's cheating) had to have emergency surgery Saturday night and is very ill. Pray for her, her name is Pam. My aunt and uncle have her children and my aunt has cancer and my uncle is not well due to lung problems. I cooked a meal and took yesterday.
  • I have meant to get a "garden post" up, but keep forgetting to take my camera to the garden when I go.
  • It looks so lush and green! We have already staked tomatoes and tied them twice! They are starting to bloom!
  • We have baby brocolli shoots too!
  • I will be able to pick yellow squash by the end of next week, maybe sooner! Yay!
  • John's work is still slow and we are back to living paycheck to paycheck. We have some savings and are trying NOT to touch it. With Mason's illness and all we finished cleaning our emergency fund out.
  • Last week's paycheck was barely $200. Thankfully he made a little extra money working on the farm.
  • I am exhausted, but mainly because I am checking Mason's vitals twice a night.
  • His respirations are still a little high, over 40.
  • He is sleeping more and I have to wake him from naps and from night sleep.
  • Little John is being a character due to the fact that Mason is sick and he (John) is getting less attention than normal.
  • The weather is yucky here today, we will eat breakfast and I will get the boys dressed and head over to my parents before the bad stuff hits. Already 80 mph winds, tornado reports and flash flooding in the state.

I guess that is about all. I haven't felt the writing bug like I usually do and just haven't written. I will post sometime tomorrow when we find something out from the doctor. Hope all is well and you have a dry and safe day! Blessings!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Sick Little Boy

Mason is sick, better but still not well. He has terrible allergies and he has had those awful attacks for several weeks now. Friday night he coughed and coughed and coughed. We were up practically all night.

Saturday morning he did not feel well and did not eat or drink much. He was still coughing, so I called the pharmacy to see what he could take with the other meds he is on. I went by the pharmacy and picked up the cough medicine while hubby stayed home with the boys. When I got back he was laying on the couch, he wanted left alone and was quite irritable. His respirations had been increasing all day.

Then he started vomiting. Hubby wanted me to go ahead and take my Daddy to the florist to get flowers for decoration. He took care of the boys and my Daddy and I went. When I got back, his respirations were in the upper 50's (normal for his age are 20-30). We called after hours care and headed that way. We dropped Little John off at my parents house and made the hour drive. His respirations were over 100 by arrival.

We were at the doctor's office for almost 3 hours. After a breathing treatment via nebulizer his oxygen was only up to 94%. He was diagnosed with acute bronchial something the other..........I say rubbish.....we'll see. I am not impressed with the ped that we saw. Nor the nurse that left us alone to administer the breathing treatment in the doctor's office on our own.

We go to the regular pediatrician this week for a chest x-ray and so on so forth. I think asthma. We are doing breathing treatments (via aero pump)every 4 hours, even having to wake him through the night. He is better, but not himself. Eating and drinking are poor, respirations are better.

Please pray for our little boy, he is still sick. I will keep you posted......


Friday, May 1, 2009

May's Menu Planner

This is a really long month and it is the last month off for me for another 6 months. for those that do not know I work 6 months or so out of the year. We farm and I do my "part" from June through November or early December. For those 6 months, I work 80-100 hours each week out of the home and it is very difficult. That is what we do and I love the farm life and raising my children in this life!

This month I am trying a couple of new things and using several tried and true recipes too. Happy May!

1 Chicken tender salad, corn on the cob and raisin oatmeal cookies
2 Grilled steaks, salad, baked potatoes and peach cobbler
3 Bacon, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with cheese, buttermilk biscuits, gravy, coffee and juice
4 Hamburger stroganoff, peph peas, fried okra and cream corn
5 oven fried catfish, slaw, fries and hushpuppies
6 Chicken enchiladas, salad
7 ole farm breakfast casserole, fresh fruit and toast
8 Chicken fingers, peas, mac and cheese, apple dumplings
9 BBQ pork, potato salad and baked beans
10 Brunch at my house for Mother's Day
11 Huntington chicken casserole, honey glazed carrots, green beans, easy peanut butter cookies
12 Chili, apple dump cake
13 Fried green tomatoes, peph peas, potato salad, steamed cabbage, squash casserole, corn on cob, cornbread
14 Beef enchiladas, refried beans with cheese, salad, spanish rice with tomatoes
15 Chicken fingers, corn on cob,mac and cheese, peph peas
16 Oven fries, chicken salad sandwiches
17 Santa Fe soup, homemade strawberry ice cream
18 Pancakes, maple link sausage, strawberries from freezer made into strawberry syrup
19 Mexican chicken casserole, sweet spanish onion cornbread, salad
20 Hamburger stroganoff,green beans, cream corn, fried okra
21 Chili cheese fries, hot wings, brownies
22 Chicken burritos, chips and cheese dip
23 Brats on the grill, baked beans, potato salad
24 Ole farm breakfast casserole, toast, fried apples
25 Chicken tender salad, Corn on cob, carrot cake with cream cheese icing
26 Venison cube steak,gravy, buttermilk biscuits, green beans, mashed potatoes, apple butter
27 Bacon wrapped pork chops, green beans, rice and fried apples
28 Sloppy joe pasta bake, corn on cob, potato salad, strawberry pretzel salad
29 Bacon omelets, cinnamon raisin toast, cantaloupe
30 Fried chicken (w/out breading) gravy, drop biscuits, cream cheese mashed potatoes, green beans
31 Beef stew, herb bread, hoop cheese

I also intend to do some cooking for some folks that are near and dear to my heart this month.I will cook vegetables including fried green tomatoes, apple cake, blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, peach cobbler, chili and blueberry lemon bread.

Have a great month! Blessings!!!

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Where You Live and today is the kitchen addition.
So here goes........

This is a view of the whole kitchen. We love fruit, because we farm and have lots of orchards around our place. One of the main things I love is my island. The plant on the island is a twin plant given to us when our twin boys were born three years ago.

I love Phaltzgraff and I am using the Delicious pattern. I have several of the pieces as well as the curtains and dishes.

I picked up these two (there are actually two) bar stools at a yard sale for $5 each! One of my ever finds.

My husband made this wall hanging. I have won the ribbons for fresh and canned things from the county fair. I have been competing since the year 2000. I love to can fruits and veggies!

I have two lazy susans. This is the one of the bottom. I use it for breads, bagels, crackers, tortillas, cereals, honey, syrups, the toaster and electric can opener.

I love my roll out cabinets. It is so nice not to have to get down in the floor and dig through you cabinets to find what you are looking for.

Here is the top lazy susan. It holds all of my spices, herbs, food colorings, etc.

This is one of our newest features in our kitchen and one of my VERY favorites It is a radio, a weather radio, a clock and a cd player. It also has a remote! We finally got it put up this week!

This is the top of my fridge. I love these metal canisters. I paid $.25 each for them at a yard sale.

I found this rug on clearance at Wal-Mart last August and fell in love with it. We love our apples here at the farm!

I know, not very appealing to the eye, but I love my roll out garbage cans! They are very nice and with twins one fills up too quickly!
Well, there you have it. That's our kitchen! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Blessings!!!