Thursday, January 31, 2008

February Menu Planner

Here is what I'm cooking for the month of February.
  1. Chicken salad on crescent rolls
  2. Enchilida Casserole, mexican corn pudding
  3. Spaghetti, salad, garlic cheese bread
  4. Slow cooker oriental chicken, rice and green beans
  5. Two step stroganoff, home frozen cream style corn and leftover green beans
  6. Chicken tortilla soup, chips and cheese dip
  7. Crock-pot hot dogs n beans, slaw
  8. OUT for Pizza (Monkey has surgery that morning)
  9. Ribeyes on the grill, salad and onion rings
  10. Creamy italian chicken, buttered noodles, green beans, sweet potato casserole
  11. Slow cooker layered enchildas, salad, mexican corn pudding
  12. Throw together short ribs, ranch style beans, potato salad
  13. Slow cooker lemon chicken, rice, green beans
  14. Valentine's Day and My Mom's B'day. Pizza with my parents
  15. Bacon wrapped fillet steaks, salad, twice baked potatoes
  16. OUT (Top O' River to celebrate Valentine's Day)
  17. Easy breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, hashbrowns
  18. Chili, cornbread
  19. Chicken n dumplings
  20. Salisbury steak deluxe, stove top mac & cheese, green beans
  21. Hot Dogs w/ special sauce, fries
  22. Rosemary cashew chicken, sweet potato casserole and green beans
  23. Corn chowder, cheese muffins
  24. Chicken burritos, salad, mexican macaroni
  25. Santa fe Soup
  26. Phillycheese steak casserole, corn and green beans
  27. Spiced Apple Pork roast, stove top mac & cheese, pink eyed peas, candied sweet potatoes
  28. Brunswick stew, hoop cheese, popovers
  29. Lasagne, salad, garlic cheese bread

Desserts: Minister's delight (apple dump cake), Chocolate chip shortbread cookies, Carrott cake w/ hm cream cheese icing, Strawberry pretzel salad, Strawberry cake w/ hm cream cheese icing

Hope you have have a blessed February!

How Will You Spend Your Income Tax Refund?

I have been thinking a good bit on this subject since I went to the accountant on Monday and found how what amount we will be receiving. The following is how we will be spending ours.
  • Setting our emergency fund up again
  • Tithes
  • Loan to my parents (work on dh's pickup)
  • A television (our main tv went on while I was pregnant 3 years ago)
  • Open a savings account for each of the boys
  • Finish the repairs on dh's pickup (fuel pump and reseal the backglass)
  • Pay off 2 credit cards and cancel them!!! (we have 4 and want to get them all paid off and canceled this year!)
  • Pay 2 hospital bills in full
  • Pay off some books that I ordered
  • Pay for the boys birthday party and makeover their nursery into a big boy room

I think that is all and I am VERY excited to get the opportunity to do this. Praise the Lord for these wonderful blessings! So, how are you going to spend/save your refund?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today I had a several REAL things happen.

I took Tiger to the orthopedic specialist today and got a REAL(ly) wonderful report. His spine is completely straight and there is NO sign of any protrusions to indicate relapse!!! Praise the LORD!!! Monkey stayed with my Mom (Granny) while we went.

I also got a REAL pregnancy test as well. I went by my doctor's office while we were so close by. We are not trying to get pregnant due to health issues and I was on some antibiotics and thought, well you get he picture. Anyhow, it was a REAL negative. Later on my REAL visitor showed up to confirm the Negative. I am a little disappointed........

Then I took Tiger to eat at Cracker Barrel (just he and Mommy). It was so yummy. I love their breakfast. WE had pancakes and REAL maple syrup. I have never had the REAL stuff on my pancakes. This will be a REAL tradition with pancakes now at our house. I guess since Buddy ate it on spaghetti (and everything else) in the movie ELF I was grossed out.

I also got some real deals at Aldi before heading home. I got hot dog buns, Honey Wheat bread and regular white bread for a $.25 PER loaf! I bought about $7 worth to freeze and give away. I also got 1 pound packs of bacon for $1.79. I got some great deals.

It also REAL(ly) hit home about my mil. She went home by ambulance today and was met at her front door with a wonderful Hospice nurse. She can only get around her home in a wheelchair. It is so REAL and so sad. She will finally be pain free when she goes home to meet her maker. Blessings on you Maw-Maw. We love you.

Tonight we will make the 30 minute drive to my in-laws home after hubby gets in from work (my parents will keep the boys).

I wish you all many blessings throughout the rest of the day and night!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You know (or most of you know) that I am a very honest person. I am quite real as well. These last few weeks have really been hard and quite daunting. God is supplying but I am just drained. Having one set of older parents to care for is difficult but 2 sets with a terminally ill one in the mix, is really hard.

I received an email from a "friend" ( blog reader) that simply wanted to 'remind" me of how "morbid" I had been lately. She seemed to be "worried" that I was detouring people from reading my blog. I was taken back at first and I really (still) am not sure what to make of her comments. So "friend" this is for you! I am a child of God, with a mortal's heart and soul. I am not perfect, nor profess to be. This blog was started a s a daily journal. For my life, to see where I've been and where I will go with Christs' help. The things I write about are VERY real and heartfelt in every way. I am sorry that you feel I am depressing you and making you down.

For those of you (or the one) that feels this way, I will pray for you. Please find someone's blog to replace mine for your reading enjoyment. These are the things important to me and that are actually happening in my life right now. I am so sorry that this lowly blog has brought you "down" and made you "so sad". Perhaps you could find comfort in the Psalms or other scripture of God's word.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". Phil. 4:13. I gather a lot of strength from this verse. I am just a sinner saved by HIS grace.

I hope you all continue to read I hope you find something in my blog that touches you in some way or another. One thing I do want to reinterrate, is that God is awesome......all of the time. I am one thankful child as well. How blessed I am that he is in control and not us mortals. I am looking forward to meeting my Father some day!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's Agenda

This morning hubby is going for a job interview.
He will have to be back by 10 to keep the boys, while I go to the accountant.
We've got to then go to the post office and bank, as well as Dollar General and the local Piggly Wiggly. The boys also need all 40 toenails and fingernails clipped and to be bathed.
I've got to get ready and start laundry in the meantime.
After lunch he will head on to the hospital and I will stay home until 3. Then I will go get the sitter from school. She will stay with the boys until 9 tonight while I go join hubby at the hospital.
So, all in all.......... well, I just want to stay home!!!!!!!! Things must be done and my mil saw to. It will be a another hectic day. I've got so many more things I need to do here as well. Like balance the checkbook, download some new software for my business. Ironing (enough for a good 3 hours). Get stuff ready for in the am (I take my Dad at 7 to meet with the eye surgeon). Change the bed linens. All of that kind of stuff. It is just stuff and will still be awaiting my arrival later.

I hope you all have a blessed Monday!!!!!!!!! Blessings!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Evening!

It has been a whirlwind weekend. We have spent a lot of it at the hospital. My mil is not any better and only getting worse. She may get to go home tomorrow.
There was a luncheon at our new church today for new members. It was so nice and the boys were so very good. There was a lot to be done at home, that was neglected. I got started on the laundry and dishes. I finished the tax stuff for tomorrow's appointment. We are praying for a nice refund. Bulldog's work days have been cut from 5 1/2 to 4 1/2. That hurts!!!
I have cut coupons and need to get my part organized. I have my coupon's ready to mail out for the train tomorrow.
I even got a .............. are you ready for this?????????? a NAP!!!!! Yes, you heard me right. I got a 1 1/2 hour nap!!!! It was so nice. I am having female problems again and the anemia makes me so tired. Anyhoo, enough about that.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Wishing you all a blessed week!!
Those of you involved in the coupon train, get those coupons mailed out tomorrow. :)

See you tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Everyone that contacted me was put on the train. You should receive your info and directions via eamil today. If you have any questions please email me. We will be at the hospital most of the day today. I will answer any emails before Monday. Please have your envelop with your 50 coupons to mail out Monday. Thank you for your participation! Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, January 25, 2008

OT, ISP and MIL Among Others

The boys had OT yesterday and they are doing so very well that their one time a month has been reduced to 3 times a month. Speech is still twice a month.

I am having trouble with my ISP. My Internet comes and goes when it pleases. Yesterday I was online for maybe an hour and a half all day!!!! I have called tech support and am awaiting directions on what to do next. So forgive me if I am slow or it takes me a while to respond.

My mil seems to be slightly improving. They are going to move her to the cancer floor today and the y have gotten the bleeding to stop (for now). If she goes home (maybe Monday?) , she will do so on Hospice. The doctor said that she is fading though. The cancer is just eating her alive. They are just trying to keep her comfortable. She said she would do it all again, if it meant having time with her family! The doctor said we are looking at 2-6 weeks.

The coupon train currently has 6 members (including myself). If you want to join please email me by 8pm tonight at You need to include your name, address and the types of coupons you want to receive. I hope to have all of the info together, as well as detailed directions to pass along to each of you tomorrow (Saturday). As chaotic as things are right now, there is not a definite time.

Hubby's employer decided to give out W-2's yesterday and I have got to get on the ball with our tax stuff. I am going to try to move our appointment up to Monday. Of course I need my Internet to do some of that.

We will be going back to the hospital tonight when hubby gets home from work and my parents will watch the kiddos.

I have a lot of errands to do today as well. My Mom is going to watch the boys right after lunch so I can go to CVS, Wal-Mart, Piggly Wiggly, the P.O., and Dollar General.

So, that's what going on in my life. Hope yours is going well and you are feeling up to par! Blessings on you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Walking the Walk

My headache has subsided. I had hoped for other plans , to sleep. However, the Lord has laid this on my heart and I must write, for now. Although, I am not sure where to start........

When I was 17 I found Christ. I was brought up in church (actually a Church of Christ, I am now Pentecostal) and while I did not "find" Christ for sometime I was a "good girl". I have always went to church and done most of the things Christians are suppose to do. I try now to do what I am "suppose" to do and I talk the talk. This week (or weekend) something tragic happened (see and a sweet child went home to be with his Heavenly Father. This really got me to thinking. I don't really walk the walk. How many people have I helped bring to know the gospel? How many people have I really shown Christ to?

I do not do all I need to, I probably don't even get close. I am JUST a mortal. I want to go to heaven, but am I doing all I CAN to get there?!! I regret so many things, daily. Like when I lose my patience with my boys or my husband. Like when I am short to my parents. When I don't find time to pray. Like now, when I cannot remember the last time I got lost in his word.

I am AMAZED, in complete awe of this Daddy and his faith just days after losing his son. He spoke at the celebration (memorial). People were led to Christ there. WOW. I encourage you to view this. Just click on each part to view.

I really don't know where I'm going with this. I just want to be better and really walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I want to meet you all one day, perhaps if not here on this earth then when we all get home!

Tonight Lord, I just want to thank you for all of the blessings, great and small. Lord, I love you and I ask you to forgive me. Lord I love you and I want to be a better child of the King. I ask for the ones that might read this to see my heart and feel your love. Thank you for sending your son for my sins and every one's! Thank you for touching my heart and helping me see. I ask all this in your name Father and give you the Glory! Praise you Lord! Amen.

If you don't know the Lord I encourage you to. You will NEVER be the same. God is so good, all of the time. Blessings on you...............

We are Home

For now. My mil is still in SICU and still very critical. She will be getting a transfusion soon and they are still drawing bile and blood off of her stomach with a tube down her nose. She also has one down her throat. I cannot remember what it is for though.

She cannot eat or drink anything. She has a cathiter and iv's. They will be doing an upper gi in the am.

She is somewhat coherent. She looks really bad though. No more chemo even to help with the pain. She is just too sick. They should take her port out of her chest I would think since it is so uncomfortable for her and she will not need it for the chemo.

Anyhow, I have a migraine and am going to rest a while. the boys have occupational therapy tomorrow and I am zonked. Also, please say a little prayer over our finances. The transmission work on hubby's truck today was $900.00 and last week the service and tune up was $194.00. He also needs a new fuel pump and soon. that will be another $300 + labor. Monkey's medical bills will hit week after next (the 8th) and the 13th he gets glasses. We do not have insurance for those. they will have to be special made and will run between $400 and $700. Unless God supplies another miracle and heals his vision and the hernia. Pray....................

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayers for My Mother-In-Law

My mother in law's name is Marilyn. She has had late stage 4 small cell carcinoma since August. She is back IN THE HOSPITAL AS OF 2:30 this am. She IS VOMITING BLOOD AND THEY ARE PUMPING IT OFF HER STOMACH. Her WHITE CELL COUNT IS 0.10. She now has wet lungs and they are expecting her heart to stop at any time. Please pray for her and the family. Pray for his will to be done and the family to have enough strength in him to bare it. Thank you. I am on my way to the hospital (an hour away) to meet my hubby after I drop off the boys at my parents.

Coupon Train

I and another reader (hi Nico!) friend belonged to a coupon train on a mom website. We lost all of our members except us 2. While that is great and lovely, I have a lot of coupons. I would like to start a train here on my blog. If you are interested please email me with your name, address and what coupons you need. We need 4 or 5 members. We will mail out on Monday mornings. 50 coupons. Your address will only be used for the train. This is a great way to get lots of coupons and give what you don't need. I hope to hear from you soon! If more than one train is needed we can make that happen to.

Blessings on your day!

Twisted Into a Pretzel!

The last few days have been crazy and busy! I almost feel like a pretzel, at least my life. My Internet goes down and works when it wants. I wrote the post about the boys 22 month birthday, 4 times yesterday. Therefore, I have a lot of reading to do. I hope to get around to all of my blogging buddies blogs by tonight!

I have spent some time reevaluating my walk with God. I will writing a post on that. We had some friends loss a son on Saturday night. God has made himself known!!!!

I have also been doing some of the regular things. Laundry, dishes, budget, coupons, lists, grocery list, cleaning, cooking, making appointments, making cookies and treats.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. God be with you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy 22 Months to My Precious Blessings!

My babies are 22 months today. It surely doesn't seem that long ago! It has been a long road in a lot of ways and so short in others. I will be posting our story in different parts soon. Glory to God. We are so BLESSED! God is awesome and can do all things. I am so blessed to be Tiger and Monkey's Mommy. God chose me do this. What an awesome responsibility. Thank you Lord! Praise you name!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Evening!

Hello! It's been a lazy kind of day.

Hubby made it in from his trip around midnight last night. His pick-up got sick on the way home and has gotten sicker since. It will have to go the fix it doctor tomorrow. It will not shift into overdrive or reverse. This might pose a problem if not fixed! He is home and safe and that's what matters. The extra paycheck does not hurt my feelings either.

We stayed home with the boys from church this am. Hubby had a bad sinus headache and is stuffy again. The boys are still coughing and have the runny noses.

I can say I am tired of cooking today. I have cooked all three meals and well, that requires the use and plates and many pots and pans and we all know what kind of mess that can lead to!

I have not done too much. I played with my blog, took a hot bubble bath (notice I did not mention the word long.....bummer). I also cut coupons. I had to make a run to the Dollar General and get hubs some sinus medicine.

That's about it. A nice lazy Sunday (with no makeup).

Also, please be in prayer for the Burgess family. Their 2 year little boy drowned last night. He was the youngest of 5 children. We love this family dearly and went on a cruise back a couple years ago with them. The Dad is Rick Burgess, of the Rick and Bubba Show. They are wonderful Christian radio personalities. You can read more here.

Be sure and hug those precious children one more time when you tuck them in tonight and praise the Lord for all your blessings!

Good night and many blessings!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekly Savings

3 - 20 ct. Electrosol action packs $2.88 - $2.25 coupons
2 - Tyson whole roasted chickens reg. $5.99 on sale $4.99-$1 coupon
1 - 1000 sq. ft. rolls Scott toilet paper $3.34-$2 coupon
2 Pk. Huggie's diapers reg. $10.54 on sale $8 -$1 coupon
3 lg. dz. eggs reg. $2.09 on sale $1.50

total pd. $32.09 saved with sales, comp ads and coupons $21.60

1st transaction:
6-12 pk. Mtn. Dew $20-$4/$20 purchase -$15 ECB (from last trip) Pd. $1.08 AND $10 ECB back for next transaction!

2nd transaction:
2 CVS toothbrushes $2.99 each (free after ECB back)
Nature Made vitamins $25.99 (bogo)
Nature Made vitamins $14.99 (free)
Total $50.71 -$10/$50 coupon -$5.00 manufacturer's coupon - $14.99 -$10 ECB (from #1 transaction) =$10.72 out of pocket.
I also got $5.98 ECB back and am sending in a rebate form for one of the vitamins. That's another $14.99 back.

3rd transaction:
I am going to most of the cosmetics for gifts.
They had a lot of cosmetics 75% off. Here are my finds:
2 BonneBell eye shadows $.99 each, saved $6
2 L'Oreal Duo eye shadows $.1.25 each, saved $9.98
2 Bonne Bell vita lips $.87 each, saved $5.24
3piece BonneBell (lip gloss, nail polish and lip stick set) $1.49, saved $4.50
2 BonneBell lipgloss $.62 each, saved $1.87
Also, 3 Johnson's buddy soaps $.99 each - $1.00 manufacturer coupons on each
Total $12.87 - $2/$10 coupon -$3.oo man. coupons -$5.98 ECB = $1.89 out of pocket

Total paid out of pocket for EVERYTHING above $45.78! And I get $14.99 rebate back! Yippee!


Friday Replay

Well today was one of those days that was off with a bang! Let's see Monkey started coughing at midnight and was up and down until 3 or so. I convinced him to go back to sleep around 4, the alarm clock sounded at 4:20. I made hubby's lunch. I finally got back to bed and Monkey in his crib at 5:30.

Then we were all up and going at 7:30. Breakfast and changed clothes. Made Mommy presentable for the day (well, some of it). Dropped the boys off at my parents at 9am. Went to the Piggly Wiggly and the post office. I also do my parents grocery shopping.

Came home (and their house), unloaded and then went to town. Went by the bank and deposited a check, got a few dollars for weekly spending, on to Subway. I had an early lunch in the parking lot of CVS, while plotting my super savings. Hit CVS, twice. Then on to Wal-Mart with comp ads and coupons in hand.

Got everything loaded up, back home, unloaded ours, then on to Mother and Daddy's. (1pm)Unloaded theirs, loaded up the kiddos and headed home (1 minute away). Got the boys in, changed diapers and down for a nap. I started putting away groceries, paying bills, cleaning kitchen and laundry. The housekeeper came and boys were up at 3pm. The kiddos had snacks and then we did puzzles, colored and played. Got supper ready, kiddos fed and Daddy came in from work. We ate, did bathes, and I got him ready for his trip.

He left for a 10 1/2 hour drive to Texas and will be returning tomorrow night. He went with his Dad to pick up a truck. His Dad is the transportation manager at the local Chevy/Dodge dealership. We really can use the income too. His check has been being almost half for the last 3 weeks. There is not enough work to go around as of late (at his regular job).

So I packed sandwiches, drinks, cake, chips, pretzels, bananas and peanut butter crackers for the trip. The housekeeper has just left (8:30pm) and will be back in the am, if we are not snowed in. Oh, did I mention we are suppose to get a couple three inches around here tonight?!!! I am exhausted and will heading to bed shortly. I have a post coming about my deals today, the boys upcoming birthday party and being frugal on a TIGHT grocery budget. So stay tuned. Same time, same channel, tomorrow!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Garlic Cheese Biscuits

2 c. baking mix

2/3 c. milk

1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 c. butter, melted

1/2 t. garlic powder

  1. Preheat oven to 450.

  2. Combine baking mix, milk and cheese in a mixing bowl. Beat with spoon until soft dough forms.

  3. Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes.

  4. Mix butter and garlic powder and brush over warm biscuits before removing from cookie sheet.


Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

1 stick butter

1/4 c. cocoa

1/2c. milk

2 c. sugar

1 T. vanilla

1/2 c. peanut butter

3 c. oats

Boil butter, cocoa, milk, sugar, vanilla and peanut butter for 1 minute, EXACTLY. Add oats and mix well. Spoon onto wax paper.


Late Start

Today I am playing catch up. I did not wake up until after 7:30 this morning. the bad thing is that I was having the most awful dream (or should I say nightmare)! Anyhow, it looks like a busy one today, as I did not get everything done yesterday. The snow is completely melted and the roads look almost dry! There was not even enough to get out and make a snowball. I would have loved to had a good ole fashioned snowball fight with hubby!

Today list goes something like this:
  • make chocolate fudge cake
  • laundry
  • dw
  • P.O.
  • make muffins
  • make cookies
  • supper
  • boys bathes
  • organize and cut coupons
  • balance checkbook/pay bills
  • organize/make grocery list, get coupons together

I guess that's it for today! Have a great Thursday! Blessings!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleet, Snow and Rain

This is a picture of my Durango just after the "snow". This may not happen again for a decade, so I thought I should save it.

This is the pond just to the side of our house and behind my parents' home.

Yep, it's a real wintry mix. One minute it is snow, the next ice and sleet and then a little rain. It's not sticking just yet, but the temps keep dropping. It may not be long until the roads start getting slick. Hope Bulldog gets home before dark. Please keep his travels in your prayers. Stay warm! I am just going to continue to sit by the fire, rock my babies and grab the occasional sip of hot homemade cocoa loaded with marshmallows. Warm blessings to you all!

The Boys Eating Habits

I have had a couple of people to email and ask what I feed the boys and how I get them to eat.
Well, I have one (Tiger) that eats everything in site and loves to try new things and gains very little. The other (Monkey) eats are very selective and gains more than his twin.

First they only drink milk and water. I had thought I was doing them an injustice by not getting them started on juices, however, the pediatrician and the pediatric dentist were quite proud.

They drink a cup (usually 6-8 oz.) of milk upon waking in the am. They have this with an early morning snack of cheerios. They then have milk with each of their 3 meals.

They have a cup of water at all times while playing and doing hands on activities.

Breakfast foods include:
waffles (whole wheat)
pancakes (whole wheat)
hm french toast (whole wheat)
cereal (usually Cheerios)
turkey bacon
venison sausage
little smokies

Lunch foods include:
whole wheat grilled cheese
whole wheat egg sandwiches
whole wheat turkey, ham, cheese, peanut butter, banana or roast beef sandwiches
veggie hot dogs, veggie chicken nuggets

Supper foods include:
whatever we're eating
Monkey usually has baked fish, veggie chicken nuggets, grilled fish or cereal. He will not eat fruit and / or veggies. The occupational therapist is working with us and him on this.

Snacks might include:
fruit, cereals, graham crackers, saltines and cheese, oyster crackers, yogurt, yogo's, veggie crackers, fruit rollups, pita chips.

We try to make sure everything is whole grain/wheat. Veggies are always served with dinner.

The boys do take poly-vi sol w/ iron to help make up for the nutrients they might be losing. monkey has a texture touch disorder, so some of it is medical and we are working on it. we do make both of them try a few bites of everything each meal.

So, what do your toddlers eat? Suggestions are always welcomed! Blessings!

Wintry Mix!!!???!!!

What's up with that? I live in Alabama for crying out loud! The weathermen are giving a 70% chance of a wintry mix today with the high of 38. No ice I hope! We cannot even drive in snow down here much less ice!

I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but I have NO energy. I just want to go back to bed and stay.
Today I need to:
write a couple more posts
take care of the dishes
do laundry
make myself presentable (yes, I know it's 10am)
make iced tea
go to the post office (maybe I'll get my Daddy to take my letters when he goes)
balance checkbook/ work on budget
make some calls
make bed
clean toilets
clean out both fridges

I guess that'll do it. Have a happy Wednesday! Blessings on you!

The Surgery is Set

Yesterday went very well. the doctor was incredible. Both my husband and I thought he was quite great. Monkey took to him as well. That says a lot in itself. We feel very confident about this doctor.

The surgery is set for February the 8th. They will call the day before with the time. Probably quite early though (around 5 am). They are having to wait on his cold to clear up, so that is what's with the late date.
Tiger stayed with my Mom while we went. It's not very often that we get to take and spend one on one time with each of the boys. It was a good trip, just tiring. When we got home I had a migraine. It was a really bad one too. The kind that only sleep will fix. So after the boys went to bed early (at 6pm), I laid down for awhile and it did ease up some. I got up and did some computer work and checked some blogs and then back to bed until 4;20am (when the clock went off). Then I got to go back to bed around 4:45 (hubby left for work) and slept until 7 (when my little blessings woke me up). I feel much better this am and hope it stays away!

I hope you all have a blessed day! Thank you for your friendships and prayers. You are such a blessing!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayers for Monkey!

Please keep our youngest twin in your prayers. We will meet with the surgeon tomorrow. The surgery's date has yet to come. We should find out tomorrow. We are praying that the surgeon is competent in this field and with such aged children. The appointment is shortly after noon. Thank you in advance and happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 14, 2008

DIY Haircuts and Manicure

My Mom and I gave the boys haircuts on Saturday and finished trimming up Tiger's today. that was $20 saved.

My nails were getting out of control so last night I gave myself a quick manicure, another $25 saved!

The boys actually did very well and my Mom is a pro at cutting littles hair. Thanks so much Mom! I am so blessed to have you!

Do you do your own hair, your kids, your nails?

Two Unhappy Boys Makes One Tired Mommy!

The kiddos do not fell good today. they are so fussy and cranky. Tiger is cutting 2 more teeth, but Monkey is just plain irritable. The funny thing is that they don't want messed with at all and they don't want anything else either.

I have managed to:
make bed
supper in crockpot
load dw
2 loads of clothes
some ironing
shower and look half way presentable
make a couple of calls, do computer stuff

My Mom is coming at 3:30 to help me finish trimming Tiger's hair, give them early bathes (their Daddy is taking their Pawpaw to their cousin's bball game. I also need to got to the p.o.

Blessings on your Monday!

The Winners Are............

Melinda and Nico! MY hubby and I put each name on a piece of paper and shook them up in a bowl, then he drew 2 names. You had had great replies! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the coupons!

please email me at, with your mailing address. I will ship these out as soon as I get your address.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not Making It

Today the boys were both still sick with runny noses and a hacking cough. We didn't make it to church. Bulldog went and stayed for both services. So I did some household chores. I wetn through some cookbooks and the cabinet they are stored in. Stripped the linens and washed them all. Did 3 others loads of laundry. We just kind of laid around today. My Daddy came over for a short visit. No excitment! Good Day! Not Making Myself Do ANYTHING kind of day! Yay! Blessings! I will annouce the winner of the contest in the am!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Big Giveaways!

I am giving away 2 BIG packs of coupons. They each contain over $200 worth of coupons. I am paying the shipping. Please send your readers over to enter if you would like. All you need to do is leave me a comment about your favorite frugal shopping tip. I will have hubby to pick the winners Monday am . This contest is open until midnight on Sunday night. I will post the winner Monday. Blessings!

Happy Saturday!

Today is proving to be an early one already. The boys decided that 4:30 (yes, a.m.) was the best time to wake Mommy this morning. Evidently, their need for Cheerios overrode my desire for some shuteye. What a blessed Mommy I am! ;)

Today I need to go to the post office, CVS, Dollar General, the local pharmacy and Wal-Mart. I also need to fix an early supper so that I might attend a wedding reception at 4:00p.M. I am kind of undecided on that one though.

Today/tonight is a serious overlook at the 2008 budget.

The boys (all but the hubby seems to feel much better this morning. I am going in to tell hubby that the boys think the best well to get well is to get up with the chickens! I'm sure he wil appreciate the humor! ;) NOT! He skipped a deer hunting trip because he felt so bad. He must really feel bad in order to do that.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and a great weekend!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Unexpected Family Day

Hubby had an unexpected (unpaid) off day today. We made the most of it and did some shopping. I did a couple loads of laundry this am before we left and I had the rest of the day off.

We went to Target, Aldi, JC Penney's, Sam's, Winn Dixie and to Logan's Roadhouse to eat lunch.

It was nice to get out and get some fresh air.

I had heard that Target has several toys 75% off. I got the boys weather proof windbreakers for next winter at $4.74 each (reg. $12.99). I got the sitter a cute purse (her b'day is in June) for $3.74 (reg. $22.99). I got the TMX Elmo's (2 of them for the boys birthday's in March) for $8.74 each (reg. $34.99). Two Play dough Craft Caddy's, regular $19.99 were reduced to $4.74. I had been wanting a thermos and they had one with two thermos mugs reduced to $7.27 from $12.99. I also found 2 small board books (Mickey Mouse) for $1.00 each. The boys are getting a couple more small board books called "Puppy Love" for Valentine's Day (also $1.00 each).
I am very happy with a great day and can relax a little now. Have a blessed Friday night!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Answered Prayers

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. You are all too sweet.

The doctor finally called back. He said if Monkey had a high temp (104 +), vomiting and /or started acting like he was uncomfortable or in pain then it's urgent (meaning emergency surgery). He is/has not had those things so we wait until Tuesday. He acts fine, but the swelling really had me concerned. I love the boys doctor. He is so good and calls back himself.

We went to my parents about 12 and got home about 5:30. The weather got pretty bad for awhile. Tornadoes watches and one warning. The wind gusted to 70 mph at one point. We stayed in the basement when the hail started. All is well and no injuries. Lots of funnel clouds around. Please pray for all of those effected by the tornadoes.

God bless you all. Have a wonderful night!

Proving Boring Is No Where In Sight

MRI came back for hubby's knee and surgery cannot be done right now. It is evidently not bad enough. He is in a great deal of pain.

My Daddy is almost blind in one eye due to the number of cataracts on it. He will be having surgery soon for that.

Monkey's testicle has swollen to gigantic proportions (almost the size of a smaller medium sized egg) due to the hernia. I am waiting on the pediatrician to call back. He will then in turn have to speak with the surgeon to get the surgery done immediately. The main concern is if the baby coughs (due to this terrible cold) during surgery. So, I am a little on edge right now. Father, please give me strength and keep my little boy safe. Please pray this does not get worse and the hernia ruptures. This is the worry at the moment.

The weather is suppose to get really bad around lunch time here. Tornadoes, hail and such. This is throughout the evening. Pray for that situation. I will have a 45 minute drive to the peds office sometime. I know he will want to see Monkey before he calls the surgeon.

I hope everyone has a blessed day. Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you posted as time and weather allows.

On a lighter note, I had a good day yesterday. I scored some awesome deals at CVS. My Mom kept the boys and I had a Carmel Mocha Java Chiller from Sonic. Oh my! It was delicious and I savored every last drop. Yes, I had a coupon!;) I'll post the CV deals later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doctors and More Doctors!

PTL we have great doctors for our family. However, I am kind of tired of seeing so many! Today Bulldog had an appointment for his back. Good news on that front, as all is well. Yay!
You know there is a but coming!

His knee is worse. His appointment was at 1:30 and we finally got to start home at 4:30. That was after an MRI. The doc seems to think that now he has a tear in the meniscus. That would probably mean surgery. We gladly welcome this (as crazy as that sounds), if it would reduce the pain and swelling. We should get the results tomorrow or the next day.

Monkey's bark is better, but now he has a full blown cold. He is coughing and has the most terrible runny nose. I hope the croup is at bay! I have not mentioned this yet ( I don't think)but when we saw the doctor for his viral infection (last Monday), he was also diagnosed with a hernia. it is pretty severe and his private area is so swollen! We meet with the surgeon next Tuesday and then he will have surgery following the consulation and examination (probably the following week).

Our lives are never boring. I think I could actually enjoy boring, you know?!? Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

See you tomorrow! Blessings ALL!

Out and About!

Yesterday the boys and I went for a stroll on the farm. It was so nice outside. Here's a picture of them all ready to go. We visited with the doggies, the cows and looked at the fish in the pond. They love the outdoors!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Good Morning!

Today looks like a great day! It is beautiful outside with lots of promise. I have a busy day ahead though.

  • 5 loads laundry
  • un/reload dw
  • make tea
  • marinate meat for supper
  • cook supper
  • get ready
  • make bed
  • bank
  • p.o.
  • go strolling with the boys
  • vaccum

I hope to get to relax a bit in there too.

Work on tax stuff, if the chance permits!

Happy Monday! Blessings!

2007 Savings

Here is my savings for the year past. Groceries include, paper products, groceries (of course), diapers, wipes, formula (the first 6 months of the year), cleaning supplies, health and beauty aides and over the counter medicines, ect.
I only shop on sale. I shop at Wal-Mart with competitior's ads. I use coupons. I love CVS. I shop there with my coupons, their coupons, Extra Care Bucks and sales. I get almost everything from there for free, usually. My savings reflect this as well.

January: $981.67 (We also bought a new vehicle and saved over $7000 on it).
February: $657.51
March: $789.84
April: $829.28
May: $981.54
June: $689.22
July: $781.31
August: $776.45
September: $494.41
October: $669.10
November: $908.48
December: $1012.11

That is a lot of change. I just wish I had it in my bank account.
Grand total withOUT the vehicle savings is: $9,570.92.

What a Bargain!

Saturday evening Bulldog and I had to go get my cell phone replaced. Don't care to discuss that, other than...... we had to pay almost $100 for a used one just like my old one. Had to do that in order not to extend the one year left of our two year contract. UHHH!GRRRRRR!

So on to my original post. We also went by Target. Here's what I got:
2 - 64 pk. Huggies diapers for $18.50 -$3 Target coupon and got a $5 gift card. That was okay but not as great as this one:

4 - 5 pound bags Russet potatoes on sale for $1.50 - $1 Target coupon on each. Made them $.50 per bag.
4 boxes Huggies wipes @ $2.39 each - $3 coupon on every 2 boxes. $3.56 for 4 boxes. MY total came to $9.33. I then used the $5 gift card. So I got 4 boxes of wipes and 20 pounds of potatoes for $4.33! Yippee!!!!

Check out: Go to the left sidebar and click on Target coupon generator.

Look out CVS here I come. They are suppose to have some great buys this week too. Check out for more info on that.

Happy savings!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

NEVER a dull moment!

Right after Thanksgiving the boys got the croup. We ended up at the er with Monkey since he was the one that couldn't breath. Okay, he actually sounded like a seal barking and couldn't get a breath.

This am while at our new church, he started doing it again and wheezing. Sometimes, I think the sickness will never end. I wish my babies were normal and healthy, you know? I also know that God does not make mistakes! What doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

Church went well and the music was wonderful. We were welcomed with open arms. We kept the boys with us during the service. (As not to infect other children). We did the early service and left before Sunday School started. Praise The Lord! We love it there.

When we got home I called the doctor and he said to come in to the after hours clinic. We went and got a couple of prescriptions. He seems much better tonight.

Bulldog's truck will go into the shop in the am and we are praying the cost is under $500 (please!). This week's co-pay's were $120 alone without scripts!

Hoping for a better Monday! Have a great night!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Sunday

I am a little nervous about tomorrow. We are going to a new church. The boys do not do well with new people and crowds. Please keep us in your prayers as you enjoy your worship in the am. Blessings on you!

Uneventful?! One can only hope!

I wish that I could just chill, you know? Erase all of the to-do's off of the brain, stay in my pj's all day, send the kiddos to my parents and hubby to an Auburn game. I know it's a dream now, Auburn is finished for this football season. Just some quietness would be awesome. Without a kid's worship Cd going and the humidifier at top speed.

The boys are fussy today, at me and each other. They are napping now and Tiger will wake up in about 10 minutes (to complete his 30 minutes of beauty rest) and I will lay him down with me on Mommy and Daddy's bed and pray he sleeps there until Monkey awakes (1 1/2 hours later)!!!

Hubby is at work and I had to get the boys out early and it was cold to go meet him. He forgot his wallet this am. Not good when you drive a truck for a living. Especially one that displays hazardous waste warning plaques on it.

I went by the post office on the way home. We've got to get me a cell phone today. mine sometimes works and other times does not. Also, we need to do a bargain run to Target, for diapers, wipes and potatoes. I know, I'm weird! Anyhow, money is tight this week and we will have to eat supper at home. I do not know if we are going to the hospital to see his mom or not. I have this cold and she is already fighting pneumonia on top of a viral infection and the cancer. If we do I will stay in the lobby.

I have to have gas in the Durango. Ouch! It is $3.09 a gallon here. This is a new record for these parts. How are the prices in your neck of the woods?

How's your Sarurday looking?

So, have a great Saturday! See you soon!

Friday, January 4, 2008

More Please!!!!

Today the boys speech therapist came. They are learning sign language. I am learning along while teaching them. The general concept is for them to learn to say the word as they sign it. Monkey almost refuses to sign at all and Tiger picks everything up by the second time. I want this for them so they can tell me their needs and wants. They have no hearing impairments known at this time.

So far they are signing: More, More please, please, thank you, open, finshed/all done and love. They are doing well with it. I do want to see more please, if you know what I mean! It is so helpful to know what they need!

Not much going on around here today. I have some new post topics swirling around in my head. I have found pretty rottten today. I started with a sinus headache, sore throat, stuffiness and so on so forth. The cardiologist called some antibiotics in along with something for the drainage and congestion. I really have to stay on top of it when I start showing signs of getting sick. I had open heart surgery at the ripe ole age of 19. Let's see.................that was 12 years now. Hope to feel better soon!

Hope your Friday is going well and you have a blessed weekend!

Strawberry Pretzel Salad


2 c. crushed pretzels

3/4 c. melted butter

3 T. sugar


1 - 8 oz. pk. cream cheese

1 c. sugar

1 Lg. tub Cool Whip

1 Lg. strawberry jello (6 oz.)

2 c. boiling water

2 - 10 oz. pkgs. frozen strawberries, thawed

Mix pretzels, butter, sugar (3 T.) and pat into a 13x9 baking dish.Bake at 375 for 8 minutes; cool completely.

Mix sugar (1 c.) and cream cheese, then add cool whip. Spread over crust and refrigerate. Combine strawberry jello, water and strawberries; chill until "livery". Pour over cream cheese. Refrigerate until firm.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get It Done Thursday.........

and finished, I hope! Here is what I lacked on Wednesday and a few other small details.

  • Call Dr. C .CHECK
  • Call Dr. P CHECK
  • Call Dr. H (appts. & bbm) CHECK
  • Make appt. w/ accountant CHECK
  • dw CHECK
  • laundry CHECK
  • supper CHECK
  • clean out guest br ALMOST COMPLETE
  • clean up playroom 1 and closet CHECK
  • take down Christmas tree and decor CHECK
  • finish card organization and calendars ALMOST COMPLETE
  • organize boys snack cabinet CHECK
  • P.O. CHECK
  • Cook ground chuck CHECK
  • balance checkbook CHECK
  • make potato salad for tomorrow night CHECK
  • lay out ribs for tomorrow night CHECK

Hope you all have a great Thursday! Send me a prayer! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday!!

Today is a busy day. Here goes nothing or maybe everything!

Pick up Mother's helper CHECK

get ready CHECK

gym and walk CHECK

consignment shop, get check CHECK

bank CHECK


Wal-Mart CHECK


Dollar General DO THURSDAY



supper CHECK

make tea CHECK

clean up both play rooms HALF CHECK

clean out guest bedroom DO THURSDAY

take down Christmas tree and decorations DO THURSDAY

clean off front porch CHECK

clean up and out Durango (no washing it.......high is 32) DO FRIDAY?

vacuum CHECK

bathe children CHECK

finish card organization DO THURSDAY

organize the boys snack cabinet DO THURSDAY

clean out desk drawers CHECK

make tax appointment DO THURSDAY

clean out 2007 file cabinet and make for 2008 CHECK

Change sheets on our bed and the boys cribs CHECK

YES, I know how much that is. What I do not finish will be Thursday's to do. Let's see how fast I can go. My helper will be here from 8-3 Wednesday and Thursday. The extra money that I make from Ebay and the consignment shop pays for my help when I need her. thank you Lord for all blessings!

Greeting Card Organization

Many of you know I am a frugal girl.
I always get lots of free calendars in the month of December.
I take one (this year's is a great Betty Crocker) and add magnets to the back and top of it and post on my refrigerator.
  • I put down all of the names of birthday, anniversaries and important dates (I also use it for appointments and so on so forth) I need to remember for the new year.
  • After I do that I make a card list.
  • I check my stockpile greeting card box and see what I have that will go with my list.
  • After I have done that I then go to the Christian bookstore (if they are having a sale) or go to the Dollar store (for $.50 per card) and get what I need.
  • I have a card box that has each month of the year listed in folder type things and I file for each person or couple.
  • When the new month rolls around I fill out each card and address the envelop, stamp it and it's ready to go.

I try to have this done by January 2nd. I am ashamed to say I am slacking this year. Oh well, maybe by next week?! I'll keep you posted.

How do you organize your greeting cards?


I have not gotten as much as I had hoped accomplished today. I have:
  • loaded and unloaded dw
  • cooked soup, baked ham and cornbread
  • 4 loads of laundry
  • taken care of kiddos and hubby
  • straighten my face, no I didn't manage to put it on today
  • organized my plastic bowl cabinet
  • organized my glass bowl cabinet

That's it, not too great! I doubt I do much more today. Tomorrow looks promising though!

Hope you are warm, your tummies full and God's love surrounds you! Blessings on your New Year day!

January's Menu Planner

  1. Black-eyed Pea Soup w/ cornbread

  2. Hamburger Casserole, green beans, whole kernel corn

  3. Chicken Fingers, Mac& cheese, peas

  4. BBQ ribs, Potato salad, BBQ baked beans

  5. Steak, Salad and oven fries

  6. Fried ham, leftover pot. salad and baked beans

  7. Santa Fe Soup

  8. Grilled chicken, rice, fried apples, green beans

  9. Chicken taco salad

  10. Venison roast, potatoes, carrots

  11. Venison chili, cornbread

  12. Chili cheese hot dogs

  13. Venison cubed steak, gravy, biscuits, green beans, mashed potatoes and fried apples

  14. Chicken noodle soup

  15. Fried chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, green beans

  16. Lil' smokies, cheesy scrambled eggs, toast

  17. Spaghetti, salad, garlic cheese bread

  18. Santa Fe Soup

  19. Steak, Salad, onion rings

  20. Chicken fingers, peas, mac & cheese

  21. Venison chili, cornbread

  22. Ribs (BBQ), potato salad, BBQ baked beans

  23. Ham & cheese omelets, toast, fresh fruit

  24. Enchiladas, Refried beans and salad

  25. Pork roast, green beans, fried apples

  26. leftovers w/ gravy, biscuits

  27. Santa Fe Soup

  28. Grilled Chicken, fried eggs, hash browns, toast, fresh fruit

  29. Hamburger Casserole, green beans, corn fritters

  30. Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

  31. Breakfast Casserole, fresh fruit and toast

Desserts: strawberry pretzel salad, Alabama apple wraps, chocolate oatmeal cookies, fried apple pies and angel food cake w/ fresh frozen peaches

Well, that's it. Happy eating!


Well the boys are doing some better, at least the twins! We took them to the dr. yesterday and they have a serious viral infection. No milk for the rest of the week and they have to have no runny diapers for 2-3 days after the end of this week before we can resume milk. They ARE NOT happy campers! They are BIG milk drinkers 4-5 gallons a week. They love water! But not that much and well Pedialyte is a no go. The dr. said try Gatorade, not going over well.

On a sad note, Monkey has been having some swelling in the private area. The dr. said surgery is in order. He has a hernia. Poor little guy! He acts fine and the dr. says it is not as traumatic as if he were older and more developed. They will call with the surgery date toward the end of the week. He has to be over this bug first.

Bulldog is down in his back and it is BAD. He is on a cane. He will not go to the dr. and urrrrurrr!! I am not a happy wife. I love him and respect him but men can be rather stubborn at times. I am just wondering if that 18 wheeler is going to stoop down in the am for him to "jump" into? Okay, that was bad....but I am frustrated. I am concerned that he may hurt it worse. So, please pray.

Most of you know that we are a 1 income family and have received another med. bill from the boys birth. We have paid (after this bill) almost $30,000 in 21 months OUT OF POCKET! Their bills total $1.25 million at this point. What we have had to pay is not a drop in the bucket compared to the insurance paid part. We are blessed. So, $ can be a stressful issue at times. I will be going back to work at least part time this year on the farm. At least my babies will be close and I have a terrific Mother's Helper! Praise the Lord!

Hope you have a warm and safe day! Blessings!