Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, John and Mason!

Where does the time go???? My sweet boys are 6 years old today! I am blessed far more than I deserve and God is so good! Please goes to April 18, 2008 and you can read just how good HE has been to us and the boys' "story". There are 4 parts! I will post more with pics this weekend as that will be their "big" party. I am going to eat lunch with them today at school and then have a special snack with their classes this afternoon! They had doughnuts with Nutella for breakfast and opened a few gifts from their Daddy and I. Can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds! God is so good!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Reading

So far in The month of March I am not doing so well with my reading list. You can view it here. I finished no books in the month of February. Actually I did finish one in February (The House That Cleans Itself). that is a total of 4 for the year (now that we are 11 weeks into it). I am currently working on Modern Parents/Vintage Values, Storm Warning, The Husband Project and The Unhealthy Truth. Perhaps if I only read one at a time, I could at least finish one and more quickly! LOL!

So what are reading? What are your reading goals this year?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something is Missing, Perhaps "Someone"

It took a very long time for us to conceive our twin boys. We tried for about 7 years, then did fertility for about 4-5 months. We did very low dose/low key meds/procedures. We were blessed that it happened quickly once fertility "things" were started. We were both "the problem". LOL! That looks stupid on paper. We lost triplet baby at 7 1/2 weeks. We were blessed to have our boys, who were very sick for a very long few years but now are fairly healthy and will be SIX next week!

God is so good! We knew early on that IVF was not an option for us, nor was adoption. Now, at the ripe ole age of 35 with many, many irons in the fire and health issuses that linger I find myself looking at one of those options again. You see a few months ago there was a family member that became pregnant and not in the best of circumstances. She (John's 3rd cousin)had just graduated high school, was not married and wanted to go to college. The Father is on mental disability living with his Mom in a travel trailer who is also on mental disability and is not your stand up citizen. We offered to pay the medical bills and take care of the baby's Mom while she was carrying the said child. She wanted more ($$$). We had a few stiff conditions and things went south. To make a long story short. The child is two weeks old today and precious. I took some things to the Mom (who is living with her grandparents) for the baby. I held her and when I left I felt empty. I will not go into the fact that we are good parents who are stable in EVERYWAY, goes to church, loves God, yadda, yadda, yadda. The Mom does not work, is on every available government aid provided and a few days ago was "hanging out" in Wal-Mart to get some time "away" while the Grandmother kept the baby.

So, While I would love to adopt THAT precious baby (girl). I am praying that God opens a door somewhere else for us to parent a baby (girl) else where. My heart hurts for this "other" baby cause I know what she will and won't have and what we could give her. God has a plan. John is opening up to the idea of it. He did say that when God opens that door he will be ready.

Now, you know my heart and intermost feelings. Also let me say we have "fostered" before. An older male child that was in theraputic care. Feeling on that: WE WILL NOT GO THERE AGAIN! ;) Enough said.

I will wait on HIM! Blessings!

Friday, March 16, 2012


This week has went by rather quickly! Here's what's happening around the home and farm.

  • I went shopping, mainly taking some clothes back that didn't fit John, that he had gotten for his birthday. I hit Wal-Mart, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Target, Publix and Aldi.
  • Got a deal on 1# packages of fresh strawberries for $.79. I have never seen them this cheap!
  • I spent some time relaxing and just reflecting on life.
  • By the time I picked up the boys at school I had one of the worst migraines I have had in a long time. My meds did not even help.
  • The church youth came and picked up a tv that we gave them for the rec room.
  • I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm, was in bed by 9:30pm and did not wake until 6am Thursday morning! Whew! I was one tired girl!


  • Bought groceries, went to the pharmacy, post office visited with my parents.
  • Made 16 containers of strawberry freezer jam! YUM!
  • Changed the printer cartridges.
  • Did one load of laundry and did NOT get it put way.
  • Ordered some jeans online from Kohl's for John and used my Kohl's cash.
  • Did the boys birthday invites.Mailed them out.
  • Called the insurance company.
  • Ordered some gluten free, organic cereal for us and Mom, from Amazon.
  • Found a condo on the beach for early summer vacation.
  • Made chicken pot pie via Paula Deen recipe and salad for my brother and his family
  • Made beef pot pie and grape salad for my parents
  • Made chicken noodle soup (homemade) for my aunt
  • Made hamburgers and salad with chips for us for supper.
  • Cooked 12 #'s hamburger meat for freezer and divided into 1 # packs.


  • Went to dentist, post office and pharmacy
  • Visited with my parents
  • School called, Mason had allergic reaction outside (eyes affected). Put in 2 script drops and checked the boys out. It was 1:30pm and all they had left was p.e. and snack.
  • Did 2 loads laundry
  • Cleaned out and went through pics of John's family that had been in our closet. Took them out of frames and added frames to yard sale pile.
  • Put together new (dirty) laundry organizer.
  • Visited with brother-in-law and sister-in-law when they came by.
  • Went through the birthday party stuff for the boys party next Saturday.
  • and now to spend some time with the boys making bead art.
  • Ordering pizza for supper!

Tomorrow holds promise of yard mowing, then Outback Steakhouse for a (week) late birthday dinner for John!

What's the weekend looking like for you? Do you go out to eat on the weekends?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Master Bedroom

This is our master bedroom. We redid it last year with a new bedroom suite, new linens, lamps, decor, curtains, shams, pillows and duvet.

We love our master bedroom! It has so much light and is so relaxing!

Monday, March 12, 2012

How Was Your Day?

"Don't Judge each day by the harvestyou reap, but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lasting Time and Sweet Memories

The last few weeks have been a blur. I literally have been flying through the time. Our church family provided almost a dozen meals in a matter of two weeks....we are forever thankful. Almost every night there was enough for my parents and my aunt as well. Praise the Lord!

Mom was very sick once again. Daddy and I had her to the doctor twice and the hospital once in two days time. Little John was not himself and feeling quite badly. I had been canceling appointments left and right. John had been off work for 2 weeks.

On Tuesday February 28th John and I discussed the fact that I had to keep my dental appointment the next day as I had a tooth cracked and broken and was in pain. Nor was the situation good that close to my MRSA infected sinuses. Thankful that I am on the Doxycycline and felt as "safe" as anyone could in that situation. When i walked in the dental office (this is a great group of females who love the Lord), I explained that any given time I may need to leave due to my father-in-law's declining condition and impending death. We had been told just two days before that his eyes were "fixed", his toes had already curled and he had no food or drink for 48 hours. The dentist prayed over me (mainly for peace and comfort) as she started her work.

At 9:53am I got a text from John that read, "He's Home!" My heart dropped, because I knew John was there by himself and I wanted to be there, ASAP! As the dentist finished as quickly as possible (with a temporary crown) I texted our preacher's wife and thankfully our preacher was able to be there in 2 minutes with John. I arrived 18 minutes later. The smell of death is like no other, it lingers with you always. You never forget it. John was taking things well, better than I would in that situation.

After the funeral home came and picked up the body we went to pick up a few last minute things and pick out a casket spray. I had never purchased one before and the cost was completely on us (as John is the only biological child and the 3 half sisters wanted to purchase a simple wreath). We were floored at the price, not that we minded and thankful we had the money but $425.00 surprised us. We also had a 5x7 framed of the boys sitting with Pawpaw McRae in their cowboy gear and cowboy hats he had bought them at the rodeo the year before. We had a sweet arrangement with 2 red roses attached to it and it was set in the corner of the casket.

That afternoon we picked up the boys after school and came home. We told them Pawpaw was in heaven and all better now. That he was happy and he and Mawmaw were together again. John got really sad and had a few tears but Mason cried out for the longest. After supper they seemed fine. John had some questions but was very "grown up" about things. The boys kept telling each other (and anyone that would listen) that if we all let Jesus live in our hearts that we would get to be with Pawpaw McRae and Mawmaw one day in heaven. So sweet!

On Thursday we went to the funeral home and made the final arrangements while my brother took my Daddy to the orthopedic surgeon. We had more errands to run that day and the visitation was that night. We let the boys go for a little while and "see Pawpaw" one last time. As the crowd started pouring in our music minister and his girlfriend took the boys back to the house and kept them while we finished up at the funeral home. Our church had brought a sandwich tray, all the condiments and bread, a gallon each of milk and tea. It was a welcome sight upon our arrival at 8:30 that night.

The funeral time had to be moved from 2pm to 11am the next day as it was tornado Friday and the sky was more than eerie! By the time we reached the cemetery it was 80 degrees! After the funeral we elected to come home and we had some friends to bring some food over. Our church had offered to cook for the WHOLE family but John just wanted some time to ourselves. School had let out early and the boys had ridden the bus home with my brother and was at his house playing. Before the weather turned early he brought them home and we just chilled out.

Daddy found out with an MRI that he tore the cartilage in his left knee but the overall structure of the knees are in great condition to be 78 almost 79 years old! So happy for that. He is doing therapy and goes back next month.

I had to cancel my Mom's appointment with the rheumatologist that morning and she was getting worse, much worse. I got it rescheduled for Wednesday of this week. We saw the doctor and he could not believe the shape she was in. She was using a cane and still not walking well. The tremors were back with a vengeance and her fever was 102.8 when we got there. It is the You read more about it in the link. Not only has she been out of remission for over a year but it is at the worst it has been, leaving her mostly in the bed and unable to do common everyday tasks and feeling awful. She got an iv infusion as well as her Prednisone increased from 30mg daily to 60mg daily. It has been 48 hours since that and she is a good bit better! We are hoping for even more improvement. We go back in three weeks.

Wednesday afternoon we learned that my sister-in-law's Mom's cancer (brain tumor) has come back and the prognosis is not good. She will start experimental treatments next week. They are a very private family (and if you are related please keep it to yourself and just lift them up in prayer).

We cherish your prayers a this time. God is good and merciful and just and I am holding on to HIM for my strength! Blessings to you all!

Getting Back on Track

The list is LONG today. I intend to blog on the last few weeks and may write it today but will publish it tomorrow or later today. My aunt (Lynn) and uncle (Darril) are driving in from North Carolina this weekend to help take care of my other aunt (Mary, that has stage 4 cancer). The boys need haircuts tomorrow and somehow I am pulling off a surprise birthday party for John on Sunday (complete with a football theme and I have bought NO decorations yet). It will be okay! LOL

Some of the things I hope to accomplish today:

  • Print off my Bible calendar pages for the month of March
  • Hire someone to paint our master bath and kitchen
  • Do devo
  • Make bed
  • Take Aunt Mary's garbage can to her house
  • make March menu plan (I am a little late)
  • Return some emails
  • Find a rental for our spontaneous beach vacation
  • Call Mom @ 9am for meds
  • Call Mom @ 3pm for meds
  • Call Mom @ 9pm for meds
  • Go to Piggly Wiggly and buy meat (steaks, ground round)
  • Make broccoli salad
  • Make grape salad
  • Run dw, unload dw
  • Clean all bath mirrors
  • Clean bath and kitchen counters and sinks
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep and mop kitchen and both baths
  • Boys to school
  • Go get boys from school
  • Clean both toilets
  • Finish thank you's and mail them
  • Post Office
  • make lunches
  • get boys breakfast
  • check pay stub
  • Dust (everything)
  • Get dishes back to Connie
  • Blog
  • Balance checkbook (this is scary, it hasn't been done since before John's Dad passed and the casket spray alone was $425.00!)
  • Order invites, horns and hats for boys party (March 22)
  • Exercise
  • Bath, get ready
  • Pedicure
  • Take a form to the school nurse

Praise the Lord that's all, I don't think i could fit anything else in there! LOL!!!! I am so blessed and God is so good! Thank you all for reading!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life, Death, Grace and Helplessness

I have so much to say. My heart is so heavy. My computer has been in the shop since Friday evening. We watched tornados once again come and disappear Friday evening. We buried my father in law Friday morning. My Mom is very sick once again. And then another cancer diagnosis for a family member that had been in remission. A wonderful church family, blessings on food, prayers, calls, prayers, texts and visits. One of our little boys sick for days with high fever and tonsilitis. Grace, God's grace................ Thank you Lord, for your grace.

I be back soon with a detailed post.