Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Prayer 2011

There are no resolutions, there are no goals, there is only a prayer for me this year. For me and my family and for you and yours..................

Dear God, I pray for health, happiness and God's will in everyone's life.May God show Himself and help us to remember that HE is real and He loves us!

Thank you Jesus! Praise your Lord! Amen!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starting to Feel the Effects

I am beginning to feel the effects of this dreaded infection. Yesterday was an awful day. The boys are home from school this week and I felt so bad not feeling like doing anything with them. My head hurt so badly and the pressure in my face was almost more than I could stand. By 8pm when John arrived home from work my face and eyes were swollen and I was yellow. I am weak and lightheaded almost always now. By 8:30pm last night I was in the bed. My eyes are bothering me rather badly. They are tired, so very tired.

I go Tuesday the 4th to the infectious disease docto. I am so happy that I am not going to a oncologist!!!! Praise the Lord for all things! I will beat this with your prayers and the Lord's hand over things! Blessings!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My intentions were for this post to be Part 2 of my Christmas series but I got the results today from the sinus culture. It could be so much worse and I thank the Lord it is NOT but nonetheless my heart is heavy and burdened tonight. I could use your prayers. I have staph infection in my sinuses. It is bad, very bad. Bad enough that oral antibiotics cannot treat it....we've tried. The words................ port, picc line (sp.), hospitalization, daily infusions (an hour each way to the hospital), infectious disease doctor and iv antibiotics were all mentioned. Very scary stuff. I thank the heavenly Father it is not cancer!!! I praise him for that. I just have a long road ahead of me...."months" were mentioned. Also, I will be seeing the cardiologist asap since there is risk that the infection could reach my heart through the bloodstream. With all my past heart issues it is a good idea to have things checked out.

Anyhow....I will keep you posted. In the mean time.....please pray!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part 1)

Here are the boys having a a cookie and cocoa party after their school Christmas program. Funny that they have a little girl sitting between them! ;)
The boys with their teacher after the program.

Mason on the back row, singing!

John singing in the program.

Just a larger pic of the program.

Boys Christmas program at church. mason is on the far left and John on the far right. The middle child is not ours! LOL

The boys in front of our tree! Their shirts say "Happy Birthday Jesus"!

Mason's letter!John's letter!

John showing his off!

Mason showing his off!

Here are the boys opening their letters FROM SANTA!!!!

This is my Daddy (the one of the top, far right, in the navy jacket) and seven of his brothers and sisters. One brother is deceased and one was sick on this night). This was the annual get together!

The boys got me this hand stamped pendant for Christmas. It says "two peas in a pod" and has the boys names stamped on it with the two "peas" attached! Love it!

This is my new washer and dryer. It is an LG and I am loving them! They were gotten a little early but still a nice present! :)

This is our new bedroom suit. We are loving it also. Our other one I had since I was 16 years old. I'm 34 do the math. ;)

I love having two night stands!!!! :)

Having a king bed is awesome! We had a queen before and this is like an ocean compared to a pond! LOL
Part 2 coming soon!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prayer Needed

The last few weeks have been hard and overwhelming at times. I knew it was coming but it hit hard. I saw the ENT today and I have a a major sinus infection. This is not for the faint of heart. Pictures were taken and there is white puss foaming. it is disgusting. It seems as though the infection has never cleared least all the way (as it should have been). The catheter was very uncomfortable he used to look around and then he took a culture. Oh my! I thought I would come out of the chair. It is a swab on a metal spring! Ouch!!!! He put me on a strong antibiotic (oral) and an antibiotic nose spray. Should know by Tuesday what was grown and then what antibiotic was used to treat it in the petri dish. Therefore, what is needed to treat me with. If it does not clear up...all the way I will be admitted to the hospital to have an iv antibiotic treatment. And with all of that being said.........he is also concerned with my heart. I had open heart surgery at 19 and have been fine since. However, I have not had a check up in the last 5 years. So I will be having a check up soon to make sure the infection has not made it to or effected my heart. So if you could pray I would appreciate it. I feel really bad and the pressure is awful in my face. I am exhausted on top of everything else. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Traditions are such an important part of life to me. I grew up making traditions with my own family and I want the same for my own little family. I am not sure if traditions played a large part of growing up for John or not. My parents always made a big deal out of birthdays and Christmas as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I am going to list some of our Christmas traditions that we have started for our own family.

  • Decorating a Christmas tree for the living room and the boys each have a John Deere tree in their own rooms.
  • Going to our town's Christmas parade.
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights while rocking it out to Christmas tunes in our pajamas!
  • Making gingerbread house
  • Making Christmas cupcakes for their school ,party
  • Making Christmas snack mix
  • Watching Christmas movies, lots of them!
  • Drinking hot cocoa after setting up our outside decorations!\
  • Reading the Christmas story, every night!
  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Writing Santa a letter and this year we got one back from him
  • Family reunion with my Daddy's side of the family
  • Doing Christmas lace up cards
  • Drawing and coloring Christmas pictures
  • Painting and doing Christmas crafts
  • Going caroling to grandparents homes
  • Participating in our Christmas programs at church and school
  • Reading God Gave Us Christmas
  • Baking Cake for Baby Jesus and having HIM a birthday party
  • Taking treats to special friends and neighbors
  • Making special pancakes Christmas morning and opening gifts, spending lunch with my parents and supper with my brother's family.

So, do you have traditions, how do you celebrate?

Christmas Blessings!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Worked Out!

I am so thankful that things worked out with the mixes! I had a very dear blogger friend to take the mixes off of my hands and off of my sil's hands. I am so thankful for the dear people in my life. God just works things out!


I am very sad and diappointed as I write this! I took an order almost 2 weeks ago with my mixes; a very large order. I sent the person the total and told her she could pay when she picked it up. She messaged me yesterday onfacebook that she no longer wanted the majority of the $160 order. She is one of my husband's sisters and lives out of state. This is out of charcter for her. Apparently her husband's side of the family is not exchanging gifts this year and she just found out about it. I have been tunring people away and now noone else wants the stuff as it it is wrapped in gifts sets. I had to pay my helper to wrap and work on her order last week. The order has been sitting ready since before my cutoff date (12//11). I would only have 5 days to get rid of it and I have my won stuff to get done. Daddy just had surgery and I have to take he and Mom both to the doc this coming week as well as other things. I also have my children to take care of. When I told her I could not undo what I had done. she could not remember all of what she ordered when I sent her the original list she went me she left off some of the things off her current list but said it was the same and she didn't understand why I was charging her a higher amount but she would pay it!

I just want people to be responsible, do what they say and for now on. I will get paid in full, in advance! Lesson learned! I want to do the right thing but why should I get stuck with her mistake?!

What would you do? I have no use for the stuff myself and everyone that I have asked if they would want it said if I had known told me you were out fo mixes and now I've already been shopping!

Just sad...........

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Overload and Exhaustion

Wow, I don't even know where to start. I am just worn out, in every facet! I am blessed and I will tell you all that until the day the Lord takes me from this world. There are many that have it much, much worse than I and I do not mean to complain. I am going to petition for a little prayer though! :)

My Daddy is still having the trigeminal neuralgia episodes and on the medication to treat that. Now, he has developed shortness of breath. After weeks of going to the family doctor;it has been determined that he has fluid in his lungs. He is very swollen in the stomach and ankles. He had several tests done there and an appointment made to see his cardiologist. Many tests there-6 hours we were there on Monday. Tomorrow (Thursday) he will have a heart cath to see why fluid is there. His last cath was 9 years ago. He also had 5 bypasses 21 years ago.

My Mom is slowly coming out of remission and I hate for her. The pain is getting intense. She goes back tot the doctor a week from today. They will probably up the predisone again. She has Polymyositis (a type of Inflammatory Myopathy). This is an autoimmune disease that destroys the muscles. Daddy willhave an appointment that same day, but hours earlier. So I will take him first and drive the 2 hours and then take her and drive the 2 hours again that afternoon (an hour each way, each time).

I try to help out by cooking for them, writing checks (paying bills), running erranda, making appointments and such. I am so blessed to have them in our lives.

The boys have green runny noses and coughs again. The flu is running rampid around here. We are talking some school classrooms only have 7 or 8 students left at the day ends (most rooms have about 25). They are growing and learning so much! I love my babies!

John's Dad was admitted to the hospital again with chest pains. He was releaased yesterday after tests confirmed nothing. He has been to the er and/or been admitted 14 times since August! I think he is lonely and scared. It always seems to happen at night.

John's knee is giving him fits again and the pain has moved to his shin as well. He has had 3 knee surgeries thus far. 2 of those being in the last 12 years since we have married. We are suppose to go back to the doc today but we are expecting a small ice event in our area; which is rare in itself! LOL

I just cutoff orders for mixes and have 2 more orders to go out. I am so glad I am finished! I am so tired! I also am trying to get surgery scheduled. I have held off since October and am miserable. If you are of the male nature please stop reading now! My bladder virtually fell out in October (on my birthday no less) and I went to the ob/gyn and she temporarily "fixed" it. Anyhoo, I am having a new procedure done next month and hopefully today I will have a date. I cannot lift the boys or anything over 20# and I hate that! I mean I live on a farm for crying out loud!

The boys Christmas program at church was Sunday and they did a great job, excpet when Mason got "tired" and decided to just lay down admist the other 25 children on stage! LOL! They are having another program, but at their school this Friday with cocoa and cookies to follow.

We are getting behind with our "traditions" this year. John is working 6 days a week; there is only so much a Mama can handle! LOL I can only handle it with God's help and HIS hand guiding me! Praise HIM!

Hope you are blessed!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Those Moments

there are good moments and bad moments but they all create memories. Around our house we try to focus on the positive ones. When you have four year old twin boys there are days there are more bad than good. the boys tend to want to show their independence (sometimes too much for their own good). We are trying to create traditions within our home and that is difficult when you have many of those moments.

The day started off badly with one child and tonight by bedtime he was the one that was dressed in his jammies sitting in his doorway waiting on his brother to "do what he was suppose to". He was playing quietly with a toy just being. The other that had a great morning was screaming and fussing not wanting to do what he needed but rather what he wanted.

How often do we as adults do what we want and not what our FATHER needs us too?! HE will supply all of your needs! Phil. 4:19

I will write more about traditions in another post.