Thursday, December 8, 2011

August, September and October

Here are the boys for Halloween. John was Spiderman and Mason was Optimus Prime (a Transformer).

We also got a Border Collie; her name is Mia! She was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia last Christmas. She is almost a year and a half old.

For our anniversary hubby and I purchased me a new vehicle! It is a 2011 GMC Acadia. It seats 7 and we LOVE it! The Durango was not cutting it any longer. When I would take my foot off of the accelator it would go dead; most of the time in the middle of the road! We had it to three different places (one being a dealership) and NOONE could find what was wrong with it. Back in September I was making a left handed turn and it went dead, an 18 wheeler almost hit it becaise it did not want to crank back up. It was past time to trade! The best thing is that I do NOT have a payment!!! We were so blessed to have enough $$$$$ to pay for it ourselves!

This is me and the boys on my birthday! I turned 35 this year! So proud to be here EVERY year!

This was the boy's first homecoming at school! They were so excited to wear their homecoming tee shirts and support their Panthers!

This is my Daddy (on the far right) and some of his brothers and sisters. We were celebrating my Uncle Jack's birthday (he is the one is navy striped shirt). September 15

This is my parents! We were celebrating my Daddy's birthday August 20th! Aren't they a great looking couple?! Daddy was 78 this year!

This is mason on his first day of Kindergarten! What a cutie!

This is John on his first day of Kindergarten! Also a cutie! We had the boys separated this year and they have different teachers.

Here I am with the boys on their frist day of BIG school! I was down 41 pounds here!

John is already to go!

Mason is too!

John with posion (oak or ivey) one of the two! It was so bad that he had to get a shot and a steroid pack! Poor thing!

Some of the peaches we grew!

Some of the Red Gala apples we grew! These trees are in our front yard.

The boys riding in the trailer being pulled by the four wheeler. Aren't they cute in their rubber boots?! They are headed into the apple orchard to pick!

Here is John picking! Look how many are already in his basket!!

Here's Mason! He was trying to get his basket full quicker! LOL! Those are half bushel size baskets!

Here are the boys in the tomato field! John planted 6 Cherry plants and Mason planted 6 Roma plants

. They picked 7 pecks (8 quarts baskets) off of the 12 plants and sold them for a total of $88. They spilt the money and put it in their savings! Here you see them picking and Pawpaw in the back supervising! :) That winds up August, September and October! I will get November up soon! I have missed blogging but real life must come first! Hoping someone somewhere still reads my blog! ;) See you soon!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meal Plan for August

The last few months have been hard. So many sick and then John and I dieting. I have not cooked as much as usual. I have so, so missed it. Work is still crazy but I am determined to cook! ;) John is finished with all 4 phases of the diet and his metabolism has reset! It is amazing! I am finishing up phase 2 hopefully this week! He has lost a total of 56 pounds! Go baby! I am so proud of you! He went from a 36 size pant to a 30 and from an XL shirt to a medium! I will post my details when I get finished. Anyhow, here is the menu plan for the month of August, at least for most of the family. I may not always eat what is listed, as I am still following the diet protocol.

1 Spaghetti, tossed salad, corn on cob, garlic cheese bread, grape salad
2 Waffles, sausage, fresh fruit/BBQ salad, fresh cantaloupe
3 Southwest pork tenderloin, Spanish rice, black beans,
4 Leftovers
5 Chicken alfredo, whole kernel corn, green beans, fresh peaches
6 OUT-Seafood buffet
7 Enchiladas, tossed salad, chips, cheese dip, fresh watermelon
8 Lemon pepper boneless pork chops, fried okra, butter peas, potato salad, peach cobbler
9 Fish sticks, chips/ Leftovers
10 BLT’s, oven fries, fried green tomatoes
11 Sloppy joes, salad, leftover oven fries, fresh peaches
12 Chef salad, Texas cheese fries
13 Chicken and dumplings, salad, fresh peaches
14 Chili cheese dogs, slaw, chips, dip
15 Potato crusted fish, fried cabbage, corn on cob, fresh watermelon
16 Taco salad, chips, salsa, Peach delight
17 Fried “Krispy” Chicken, gravy, biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans
18 BBQ beef, Salad, Oven fries
19 Chicken cordon bleu casserole, leftover green beans, fresh cantaloupe
20 OUT-Daddy’s Birthday, homemade peach ice cream
21 Ole farm breakfast casserole, fried apples, cinnamon raisin toast, hm apple butter
22 Quesadilla pie, tossed salad, leftover ice cream
23 Bacon cheeseburgers, onion rings, salad
24 Fried green tomatoes, butter peas, mac & cheese, kraut & wieners, fried potatoes
25 Oven fried pork chops, green beans, rice, fried apples
26 Steak & eggs breakfast casserole, fresh fruit salad, toast
27 Broccoli & cheese soup w/ Hawaiian bread/ Leftovers
28 Steak fingers, green beans, biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes
29 Brats on the grill, hm potato chips, slaw, fresh watermelon
30 Slow cooker lasagna, tossed salad, garlic cheese bread
31 Hamburger noodle casserole, tossed salad, peach cobbler

So, what's cooking????


Monday, June 27, 2011

And There Was June

June has come and almost gone! It is difficult for me to find time to blog as of late. Here's a glimpse of what is going on here on the farm and in our lives.

John and I saw the dermatologist at the beginning of the month. I had one place removed and John had seven removed. Mine was fine. John has 2 to come back as pre cancer and one as melanoma. He had surgery last Monday the 20th. He has 8 stitches inside and 10 outside. The doctor says there is less than 5% of a chance they will have to go back in again.

John has now lost 53 pounds since March 7th. I am down 30 something. We are very excited!

I am working MANY hours as of late. Things are getting busier as time goes on and it is hard with the little ones in tow. I am blessed though!

My Mom is making remarkable progress with the HSV Encephalitis. Her brain is healing and she is overcompensating for the loss of it. She started keeping her own house and is cooking some from memory now. The neuro doc is amazed and says it is not of his doing but the Lord's! Amen to that!!! WE do not have to see him or the infectious disease doc for 3 months and the best news is that if Mom is still progressing at this rate.........he will let her start driving again!!! YAY! She is staying with Daddy in the afternoon for the last couple of open hours at our market each day. WE did find out that she has Celiac disease though and that has been interesting finding out what she can and CANNOT have to eat. Also, she had a pain block today in her back for the pain.

The boys are doing well and I cannot believe that they start to Kindergarten in 6 short weeks! They are so very excited and I am too (for them)!!!

The farm is hopping! We are picking peaches, nectarines, apples. blueberries, tomatoes (green and ripe), squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage and cantaloupes. We have finished the broccoli. Most of the plums were froze out. We have 300 plum trees and might pick 20 baskets overall. Not good!
They are picking about 200 baskets of peaches a day and in the next few weeks that will increase to 400-600 a day.

We have had some excitement around here as of late. Several more storms (thankfully no tornadoes) but we have had 70mph winds and more. Someone was snooping around at the back of the house last Saturday night about 9pm (the boys and I were home by ourselves) and they even knocked on the door. Scary!

Oh and if you like Paula Deen, pick up the September/October issue of her magazine. The magazine folks were here at our farm last month and it appears as though the farm and my sister in law will be featured in it!!!!! SCREAM! We love us some Paula Deen!!!!

Well, the bed is calling my name. It'll be a long day tomorrow. Lots of work at different places.

Happy June!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have always stressed the importance of responsibilty to the boys. They turned 5 in March. Here is a list of their chores and responsibilities.

  1. Make their beds

  2. Put their dirty clothes away

  3. Cleaning their rooms

  4. Setting the table

  5. Clearing the table

  6. Bringin in groceries and things from the car

  7. Putting groceries and things away

  8. Helping fold laundry (washclothes, kitchen linens)

  9. Unloading the dishwasher (no knives or glass)

  10. Helping with supper prep

  11. Brushing their teeth and flossing of a morning (we do their bedtime brushing and flossing)

  12. Dressing themselves

  13. Putting their laundry away

  14. Emptying indoor trash cans

  15. Keeping their toys picked up and put away outside

So how old are your children and what responsibilities do they have around the house?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hodge Podge

Just a few days after I posted last we were bombarded with straight line winds and tornados. Two tornados hit within 5 miles of us. Straight line winds took out many apple trees and many large trees as well. We were blessed, we are all safe and no structural damage. WE lost a good but of food due to the long power outage.

Daddy's ribs are better! His bp is still dipping some.

Mom got a GREAT report from the neuro doc! God answered our prayers for a full recovery, just will take time (maybe a year). The doc said she may even get to drive again! :) She is having fever as well as intestinal problems though. Her polymycitis is acting up as well.

Big John has now lost a total of 40 pounds!!!! He was hospitalized 7 years ago for the worst kind of migraine. It took 4 days to get it broke. It hit (fir the first time since that). I gave him some meds and he is some better!

Little John is good other than regular allergies. Mason's coughing asmatha is acting up due to allergies.

A friend from high school had to take her 36 year old husband off of life support and he was buried Friday.

The boys planted their tomato plants. They each did 6 this year. John did grape tomatoes while Mason did romas.

I FINALLY am well enough to get rid of the antibiotics for the staph infection in my sinuses!
I am having bp problems is way too low. The neuro doc took me off of most of the preventive I am on for migraines and now they are back! GRRRRR! So I'll be calling tomorror!
I am still managing two households and cooking Mom and Dad's meals. I guess I am doing okay....just really tired!

So that's where we are now! Blessings!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday, Happy Earth Day and 5 Year Old Well Checks

I hope you had a blessed Good Friday and remembered what the real reason of it was as well as served our earth in some way!

The boys had their 5 year well checks and immunizations yesterday. Their appointments were at 9:30am, which meant we needed to be on the road by 8:30am. My Mom would need to go with us since the men folk would be working on the lower farm and she had just started some new meds and would need someone close by incase something happened.

I also needed to drop the boys Easter eggs and the Easter cupcakes off at their school before the appointment so the boys get easily get back to the Easter party and egg hunt at 2:30pm.

So off we went, I knew that my Mom would need to wait in the waiting room since the boys would be upset after the shots and finger sticks. We got there with time to spare.

I signed us in and paid the $80 copays. Then we had to do udpates (even though we were just there last week with Mason) and then I was off with them to tinkle in the little cups. That went well and then back to the waiting room we went. Then we were called back for finger sticks. Wowzee they were not happy and neither was Mommy. I had to carry Mason back tot he waiting room and he cried for a good little while.

Finally we were called back to see the doctor. All of the typical things were done and finally Dr. H came in. Mason's coughing asmatha had flared up due to allergies and John had a sinus infection as well as a ear infection. John weighed 41 pounds and was 44 3/4 inches tall while Mason was 45 inches tall and weighed 47 pounds. We had to wait on the nurse for their two immunizations and blue forms for their schools.

Then it happened, the nurse came in and they lost it. John went first. He cried and screamed during the first stick and the second as well. Mason tried to escape out the door and I had to catch him, then John pulled the second needle out. The nurse had to restick him to finish giving the meds.

Mason screamed kicked and fought the whole time, during both injections. He just kept crying. My Mom said she heard them screaming the whole time. She seemed ok. I had promised the boys we would go to Dairy Queen for ice cream. It was barely 10:30am but hey that was okay. They both wanted vanilla cones while Mom had a club sandwich and I am grilled chicken salad.

Both to the potty and we set off for home. We had to stop and get the meds at the pharmacy. That was a $103.56, 30 minute stop. Mason was due for Singulair and a new inhaler while John needed an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic ear drop. We also needed some Tyneol and Advil for them.

I got Mom in the house and got her settled and then took the boys home. I had gotten a them a chicken finger box to bring home for their actual lunch and they polished it off. I gave them meds and then they took naps. John woke up screaming with his ear and head, once again (I had been up with him all night the night before). He was also running a 101.2 fever. I gave hima dose of Advil ( I was altenating the Advil and Tyneol for him). Cannot do that for Mason since he is allergic to Ibuprofen. I held my precious baby for a long time. He needed to stay home from the party and egg hunt and surpriseinly wanted to stay home. I went to wake Mason and found he was still tired and also wanted to stay home and finish his nap.

Around 3:30pm the nurse called back and told me to up the Tyneol/Advil rotation to every 3 hours as long as the pain was that severe and the meds were wearing off so quickly. I realized the time and quickly called my Mom to make sure she had taken her meds, thankfully she had.

By 4:30pm Mason was up and the three of us were just laying around while Mommy rubbed backs and we watched Phineas and Ferb.

Needless to say I did not get much accomplished in the house but no worries here, I was needed in other roles today. The boys finally went off to sleep between 9pm and 10pm and slept all night. Thankfully!

Have a great Saturday! Blessings!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Needing To Unload

This will be a random kind of post about many things! Imagine that! LOL

  • One of the retreat windows is leaking again. A family friend is coming to take a look see tomorrow and hopefully get it fixed.

  • Many doctor appointments all around. I took Mom to 3 last week and one today. Took Daddy to one last week. The boys had dental check ups last week and will have 5 year old well visits Friday. Whew!

  • Daddy has cracked ribs and is not suppose to be on tractor, mower, ect. for 4-6 weeks. NOTE** he is a farmer. We'll see how long that lasts.

  • Feels like not enough of time in the day here lately. I feel stretched way too thin. I feel like I am not giving my boys enough of attention. I also am praying that I tell them about Jesus enough and HIS love for them.

  • Easter is fast approaching, outfits are needing ironed, baskets to be made and the the family meal to be cooked and served.

  • I am way behind balancing the checkbook. Thankfully there is money there and the bills are paid.

  • The diet is going well but not great.

  • I so am need of a pedicure.

  • I start back to work June 1. ):

  • Trying to arrange childcare for my kiddos on Tuesday's and Thursday's after BIG school! My boys are NOT suppose to be this BIG!

  • My heart is still broken about my Mom. So thankful she is is her with us!

  • Cooking and taking care of two families/households is a BIG deal!

  • I am tired almost all of the time.

  • I so wish I had time to eat out with friends, read this shelf full of books, soak in the tub, take a weekend away with just John and then a vacation with my family.

  • We took the boys to their first MLB Game Saturday. Go Braves!

The End! blessings!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The New Normal

We are finding a new normal around here and it is hard. As I have said before running two households is hard. Seeing my Mom in this state is hard. Thankfully my heart is not hard and may not understand but my God does!!!! We have tried to keep things as normal for the boys as we can but sometimes it is impossible. For weeks I had to be at my parents at 6am and stay until after 7am to give iv infusions, then went back at 9pm and did the same again. Instead of being at my house working on the cookbook that was due for publication in May, I had to be back at the parents at 8am to take care of Mom. That left a few minutes in between for me to see my boys, make John's lunch and see them all off for school and work. I would stay at my parents once I went back at 8am until after the 2pm infusion ran. I would get home a little after 3pm and rush to get things done and then go get the boys from school and get supper cooked for the parents and us, then take it back over. Then head back home and do bathes and reading, Bible and time with the boys. I would put them to bed at 8pm and John usually was home by then and then at 9pm back over to my parents. Thankfully that is in the past. The new normal is: Getting up at 5:30am, getting ready, do devotion, take meds, make bed, do a load of laundry unload dw and feed the fish. 6:30am boys up, fed, dressed, devotion, amke John's lunch, give boys meds 7:45am boys and John out the door for work and school, I usually make my to do list, do laundry, load any dishes in dw, empty garbages, wipe down counters, answer emails, make phone calls 8:45am head to Mom and Dad's, get Mom up, give meds, make sure she has breakfast, unload/load her dw, do laundry, clean kitchen, talk with Mom, work on memory exercises, do PT exercises, write out any bills, do any farm paper work, make any calls for them 10:30am IF Mom is stable enough to leave by herself (and Daddy or brother are nearby on farm) I run down to town (3 miles) and pick up groceries, meds, go to bank, postoffice and run errands. Then I go back by to check on Mom and if she's okay I go home. I can see Mom and Dad's house from mine. I call about every hour and make sure she is okay. All the while working on house stuff at my place. I also have a morning snack. About 12:30pm I make sure of her pain level (sometimes I have to go back to give pain meds). I make sure she has lunch. Sometimes I stay on work on housework. I usually start supper prep for all of us then. I usually have lunch about 1pm. 3pm Usually Daddy is home or around and I call him and Mom and remind them of her 3pm meds (just one pill, an antibiotic). Then I satart wrapping up around home and have any cold things for supper already made. Then I go get the boys from school. 4pm Boys home no later usually than this. Give them and I snack, talk about their day, playtime. 5pm Finish supper, take supper to parents, playtime 6pm Feed fish, feed us 7pm bathes, call and check on Mom, John arrives home between now and 8pm. Bible reading, story time. 8pm Lights out for the boys, John showers and eats. time to chill with John. 9pm Call and remind Daddy to give Mom meds and tell them goodnight. More time relax. 10:30pm Bed So that is our new normal. It will to change again before long, as I will be going back to work June 1, here on the farm and at markets. The edges are still rough but we are blessed! Praying for Mom's memory to heal and the confusion to go away. Blessings!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Last Month

Oh my! Has it really been a whole month since I last blogged?! Things hva ebeen hectic. It seems that is the norm in my everyday life though. I try to take one day at a time and ask God for his guidance and He sees me through. I am doing okay. Still battling staph infection in the sinuses. I will see the infectious disease doctor again next month. By the time I see him, I will have been on this regime of antibiotics for 5 months. I also had a molar tooth in very bad shape that we decided it would be in mybest interest to have extracted. An oral surgeon had to take it out and it was a doozie. The roots were twisted and one root was wrapped around a bone. The bone came loose and had to be filed down. One root was actually in the sinus cavity where the staph infection is. I probably should mention that I could not be put to sleep and gas makes me violently ill so I was numbed up for the procedure. Had it done on Tuesday and am still feeling the effects! AS of this morning John and I have lost 43 pounds together on the diet (in a mont and a day). It is going very well but is difficult at times. Very hard for southern girl that is used to down home cooking and not just eating it but producing it! :) I cannot wait to get the rest of our weight off and keep it off! John looked so handsome this morning! He is finally beginning to see the changes for himself. It's amazing to get up every morning and see you but a little smaller!!! The boys are doing well. Their allergies are going crazy. Mason is on several meds for them and eye drops by script as well as Singular for coughing asmatha. Little John doesn't have the asmatha but does the allergies! They went for their 6 month dental cleaning this week and got great reports. It looks as though they will not be loosing any teeth for awhile. The peds dentist thinks thye are behind at least 12 months. So they will be over 6 when they loose their first ones according to his calculations. Also they celebrated their 5th birthdays on the 22nd, with an army man/camo birthday party! We all had a blast and even my Mom was able to come. It was hard for her but she did make it! Yay! Speaking of my Mom; she has a little set back due to a change up of meds but is back to where we were before the "new" meds. The short term memory is short, no pun intended. It just isn't there. We still have months to go to see if it will return. She is still confused at times but seems more slear headed this week than before. We finally have some meds to help with the tremors as well and we are so thankful for that! She goes back to the neurologist the 19th and the rhuematalogist the 25th. Prayers please..... As for the farm. The pond is full, so the fish are happy! Cabbage is in the ground. Most of the beds are pulled up with plastic and drip tape. Some ground is left to disk up and then beds need to be made. We lost a few plums but everything looks great so far! All of the peaches look wonderful and we are thrilled! Cows are happy but we are still having to feed some hay. just bought another load this week. One stubborn cow got out again this week so the electric fence is goin up as we speak. I noticed when I left Mom she was on the back porch taking in the 70* weather watching the men folk in action putting the fence up. The blackberries and scuppernongs are also being worked out and trimmed this morning. And now, just now the school has called and said that Mason keeps picking at this place on his nose. they think it is staph. So I called the doctor and got him an appointment and off we go to see what it is. Please pray! Blessings!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How It Looks From Here

You know life just stinks sometimes. I have two of the sweetest, beautiful children in the world, the greatest parents and brother ever and a wonderful husband too. Things go along just fine and then one day life throws a pickle your way. You know the kind I'm talking about; so sour that you actually pucker and well it's a pickle you have to eat it. Not much else you can do with a pickle. It's not like a lemon (for making lemonade). LOL Anyhow, over the last few months it feels like we've been throw a jar of pickles. I will not lie, it has been awful at times.

Besides my marriage almost ending, myself having a serious staph infection in my sinuses (that I am STILL being treated for -3 months out), relatives passing away and my Mom's serious condition, we are thriving. There are days I forget how we are doing just that but for those of you that don't know it is by the grace of God. I have learned so much about myself the last month alone. God gets me through the days and at night when I collapse in bed of pure exhaustion beside my husband and we pray; I know everything is going to be alright. Praise HIM! Thank you Lord for your blessings!

Yesterday, Mom and I went back to the id doc (funny how we have the same one). She is getting better. He took out the picc line and she got to start on the oral version of the antibiotics. She is still dazed at times and gets things mixed up, she has little short term memory but we are blessed. The swelling/fluid seems to be decreasing in/on the brain. We see the neuro doc the end of the month. We will know more then about any permanent damage. There is high possibility of that but God has this. He will see us through! She still cannot remember meds and such and cannot do anything in the house (cook or clean). She sleeps a lot. The neuro doc said it is good for the brain to heal, so we let her sleep and we wake her for meals and meds. She is still on anti seizure meds as well. The home health nurse still comes as well as physical therapy but she seems to be getting around better!

In the meantime (actually in December) John and I decided to take charge of our health and change things up for the better. We waited until after Christmas was over but then the id doc would not give me the go ahead with the diet program. So we waited and waited and I finally decided it was now or never so we started on it this past Friday (3/5). It has been hard, very hard in fact. I want to be healthy and loose the weight but I love my food. I love everything about food; shopping for it, growing it, picking it, menu planning, preparing it and cooking it! Most of all I love eating it!!! This will not be easy for this southern girl! I guess I should be glad pickles are not allowed on this diet!!!! At least not the kind we've been served up lately! LOL


Sunday, February 27, 2011

More on Mom

We have a final diagnosis for Mom. She has HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) and Viral Meningitis. She is very sick but getting better. The HSV is like a big cold sore eating away at the brain. It seems that is and the viral meningitis have went through the tough leathery outer part that protects the brain and is in the brain. Most people die from the brain bleeding and never even know they have this. We are blessed she is here. We brought her home on Friday. She has a picc line is on Acylivere (sp) by that and she is on many other meds by mouth. She is confused and somewhat disoriented most of the time. She has to have the iv infusions three times a day. Even though we have home health helping out I do most of the infusions. We have had family in from North Carolina and South Carolina. I am so tired but grateful we could afford the out of pocket to get her home and not have to send her to a nursing home (as that was the other option). The iv antibiotics were going to be $4200 for 8 days and the picc nurse found them cheaper else where (Walgreen's). Mom's short term memory may never return or if it is should return within 6 months. Someone has to be with her at all times and of course she cannot drive. She is weak but getting stronger. We are so thankful! Please pray for me as I run two households, stay with her most of the day and administer the iv meds and others as well. Please pray for her memory and strength!


Sunday, February 20, 2011


I haven't allowed my self to break down and cry until this morning. The hot tears roll down my face as I type and pray, all at the same time. My heart is beyond heavy and I feel the hurt dripping from it. Mason woke me at 4am with a cough and I couldn't sleep then.

Friday my Dad came home for lunch and my Mom was lying on the couch. She said her head was hurting. My Dad went out back to check on the dogs and came back in several minutes later. She was in the floor and didn't respond to him. He called me and she was rigid and still non responsive. I called 911. We got her to the local hospital and they did a CT scan and labs. Nothing except her sodium was low.

In the meantime my brother had went to get my sil from another hospital an hour away where she had been with her Mom that had just had brain surgery. They came immediately to the hospital.

Daddy I were with Mom while the nurse was changing out something on the iv. They had decided to admit her for observation. Then it happened, she started seizing. My Dad and I both were in shock. She was given Adavan. We would come to find out it was a grand mal seizure but not for sometime. Transport by ambulance was arranged to a larger hospital an hour away.

Mike had sent his wife home to get ready for their son's tournament basketball game and he waited with Mom. I took Daddy home to get a shower and I to get somethings to stay with Mom and a few of her things. I had to arrange for childcare for the boys their supper.

We finally got to the hospital and Mom was there in her room with Mike. Mom was out of it from the meds. Before the Adavan she didn't know much; her name and date of birth. By then it was about 6pm. My brother got a text from out cousin saying that my uncle (Daddy's brother) was not doing well and they needed to come. He was on the floor below in ICU. AS they went out the door CODE BLUE was called over the intercom, not once but three times. They were calling the doctors from Mom's floor there. I waited with Mom who was still asleep for an hour when Daddy reappeared. Uncle Virgil's heart had stopped, he was on a ventilator and there wasn't much time left. The doctors said he would pass before morning. None of us had eaten and by then Mike was back in my Mom's room. I had gotten Daddy and I a pack of peanut butter crackers and a Coke. John arrived then.

Daddy was give out and it was getting later. There was no change in Mom and we wouldn't see the doctor until morning. Mike, John and Daddy got to the waiting area in ICU right as the news was given, Uncle Virgil was gone. He and Aunt Bonnie (who passed away a year before from cancer) could be together again, in heaven. John stayed with me until after midnight and then went home.

Sleep was not found for me or Mom. They gave Mom her regular meds about 10pm and they kept her awake. She had not eaten or drinken all day and brought her a cold plate. I fed her what she would eat. By midnight, when John left she was confused and wanted up. She tried to get up numerous times while talking out of her head and pulling wires and leads off. By 3:30 I was exhausted. They came in then and gave her a breathing treatment and at 4:30 did blood work. She finally ate some breakfast (a few bites) I fed her and Daddy arrived at 8am. I started making phone calls and went down to the cafeteria and got him some breakfast. She was still groggy and confused.

Around 9am the neurologist came in and we could not have been more pleased; it was Daddy's neurologist! He talked with us and gave us some hopeful news. He seemed to think that Moms problems were a myriad of factors. An infection, low sodium, prolonged use of non narcotic pain meds and some other minor things. However, he wanted to do a EEG and an MRI to make sure everything was normal there.

I went home to see the boys and sleep an hour or so and Mike went to stay with Daddy, after feeding all of the cows on 2 farms.. John and I picked up Mike's boys and one of their friends and took them to the hospital about 3 with us so they and Mike could go see Alabama play a game they'd had tickets for. Daddy went home about 4pm.
The tests were done and it was not what we had wanted to hear. The EEG showed she is having continual seizures just not grand mals. The anti-seizure meds were started. The results of the MRI showed an abnormality on the right side. We were told either a tumor or fluid. They also did a lumbar puncture. Mom was asleep with the help of Adavan (used to keep her calm and still during lumbar puncture).

The nurse came in with more antibiotics for the iv. She told us the doctor would be around in the morning (this morning) to explain things but he was treating Mom for possible meningitis. Mike made it back. He stayed with Mom last night and we brought the kids home. After paying the sitter (our niece) we hit the bed. My bed had never felt so good!

Please pray for us and the doctors but especially my Mom. She is very sick. We are trying to make arrangements for someone to stay with her at all times, make arrangements for the boys, get John back to work on Tuesday, work around the visitation and funeral and keep up with farm work as well as household things.
I will keep you posted as time allows.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Here

Life here lately has been a more than interesting. Thankfully this morning things are quiet here on the farm. Today, that is NOT a good thing. All the boys (the nephews and our twins) are at their schools.

Mom is at the family doctor for more antibiotics. The immunosuppressant drug (Imuran) that she is taking to fight off the Polymycitois is really taking a toll. She is staying sick more often than not.

Daddy has taken his sister with him tot he hospital to see their brother who is very sick in ICU. This brother (my uncle) Virgle, had a heart attack last week and fell during it breaking his back. He was at home trying to get to the door to let the home health nurse in. He did get to come home for a few days before getting sick with c. diff and colitis. His white cell count was down yesterday to 27,000 from 33,000 the day before.

Mike and Pam (brother and sil) are at the hospital with her Mom. She is currently in surgery having a brain tumor removed (we hope they can get all of it). Lord help us! We are so blessed but there are days when I have to wonder how much more?. The boys also have the between know where you're waiting for the snot to turn green and the cough to get worse just so the doctor will call in antibiotics?!

I am home taking things in today. My energy levels had returned before the stomach bug hit us and now we are working on trying to get them back once again. I know i have one more month of the antibiotic treatment for the staph infection, possibly two....according tot eh infectious disease doc.

John and I had planned to get started on a diet regime the first of the year but it was a no go from the id doc. He said not until I am well. I am tired of waiting and it will not interfere with my meds and should only give me energy so We are preceding with it this weekend. I am so ready to loose some of this weight. Maybe just maybe I might have more energy then. I will see the id doc again March 7th. We have a friend doing this diet and she is doing great. She is a fellow blogger. The diet helps to reset your metabolism and that is what we both need!

The bladder surgery is still on hold. GRRRRR! That so needs to be taken care of. However, I have a tooth that needs pulled and the id doc said to get it done asap. I also have some other dental work that needs done so I guess we will proceed with that as well.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and of course Valentine's Day. My Mom had a great birthday. We had a couple of her carpets cleaned for her, gave her some flowers and a Willow Tree thingy (what are they called?). The boys made her and my Daddy Valentine's. They were so thrilled that the boys can sign their own names! I also made her (and hubby-for Valentine's day) a strawberry pretzel salad (each). Hubby was quite happy too! My parents gave me money for my day, while John and the boys gave me cards, a Chondra Pierce dvd and a beautiful quartz necklace from Family Christan Bookstore. I am so happy that i have a Valentine to celebrate with.

Today I've got to order a few things for the diet, check on Braves tickets (we are taking the boys to Atlanta for the weekend soon-since the Disney trip is on hold until next year), I also have an order to get made (a case of Hearthside Coffee) and shipped out, I need to paint the piggies and do some regular household chores. I would like to get some reading in also. I am currently reading The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love by Kristin Kimball. It is really good, for me anyhow. Someone that doesn't enjoy talking about cows and such might not enjoy it. I think it's a great read though. Read more about it here.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week in Review

This last week has definitely NOT gone as planned. I do not have a prefect life by any means, I am human and so is John. I am keeping things "real" here at Blessed Frugalness. We've had some issues in our marriage, neither one of of realized them or if we did chose to let them slip by until it was almost too late. We are having to work hard on our marriage that was almost lost. I encourage you to take time for each other and do that often. God is top priority for us and that is the way it should be. He is over this marriage!

This on top of me being sick with this staph infection. I took my Mom back for her monthly check up to the rhumatologist on Wednesday. He was running very late and we got home late. Add in Mason getting sick in the middle of the night Wednesday night. He was over the toilet every 15 minutes or so. I made us a pallet in the bathroom floor and we camped out. I thought he was having reflux problems. Then Thursday at lunch the school called and John was vomiting as well. Yeah...sure sign it was a tummy bug.

Then Thursday afternoon we got hit with a surprise ice and snow storm. No, the meteorologist were not predicting it. John was stuck with a load of haz mat waste at the top of an incline on the interstate when the dot decided to shut the interstate down for 2 hours (until the temps started climbing). Thankfully he finally made it home at 10pm that night.

Friday I kept both boys home with me and we all rested. John had to report to work, unfortunately.

Today, John had to work again and the boys and I stayed home until late this evening. My Dad kept them while I ran to Wal-Mart and the post office to collect our mail. John brought home take out from the Mexican place close to his work for supper. We just finished watching Gaither Gospel hour and now the boys are playing catch with their Daddy. It's almost their bedtime and I am thinking seriously of following fairly quickly. Tomorrow is a shower and church day, then we are having our own little Super Bowl party! :)
Monday I go back to see the infectious disease doctor.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Standing Still and Everywhere to Go

I have so much on my mind right now. I am just going to do a bulletin post.
  • There is so much death and sickness going on around me it is overwhelming;especially since it is mostly children.
  • Little John has been sick with the sinus yuckies and we just finished antibiotics.
  • We've had to put our Disney trip on hold since I am sick.
  • I had to put my surgery on hold as well as a deep dental cleaning, a tooth extraction and a crown. So my mouth hurts all the time and I pee on myself every time I laugh, sneeze or cough............just keeping it real! Yes, the bladder has come back out of the temporary position the ob/gyn placed it in. I have to go back for another attempt "to place it" until I can have the TVT-O /Solyx procedure (when the staph infection is deemed out of my body).
  • I finally go back to the dreaded infectious disease doctor in 10 days! I will have taken 6 weeks liking one day of the 8 week prescribed antibiotics, at that appointment.
  • I am tired of being sick but glad i am feeling some better and my energy is slowly reappearing even though I still overdo it. I still take a nap almost daily.
  • The boys have been staying in trouble at school and it is taking a toll of my Mommy skills.
  • We got out federal tax refund after only 9 days! Praise the Lord!
  • My Mom has went off a little and decided to start raising Labradoodles. Lord help us all. She got a female (solid black) a couple of weeks ago, named her Molly Lou. The dog is only 10 weeks old and already weighs 12 pounds! Oh and did I mention it is a house dog for time being?! This (my Mom) is the same woman that would not allow relatives to leave their mobile homes and come to her house in bad weather because they would bring their dogs to her house. Anyhow....I just find that interesting!
  • The boys wanted to play t-ball but know little about it. We have decided that they are not mature enough to play at 4 years old and need to wait. We are taking a LOT of slack about it from friends. It really doesn't matter their opinions though. We have thought it through and with my brother and Daddy's advice have said not now. First of all it is very sad when the kids don't know what they are doing and run the wrong way or score for the other team and the parents/fans laugh. That bugs me! That makes kids self conscience as well as humiliated! Also, I have seen little kids get hurt badly because they were watching the bird in the sky and not the ball. One child got hit last year and got a concussion. So, we are going to work with the boys this year and maybe next year we will let them play if we feel they are ready! Registration is $85 per child. That does not include uniforms. Also, bats, helmets and gloves are your responsibility to buy. That is a lot of money for us times two.
  • This is the last weekend for deer season to be open and my heart hurts so badly for my Daddy. He loves to hunt and has gotten to very little because of the Trigeminal Neuralgia. I hope he gets to go in the morning some.
  • We are already starting to work in the orchards; pruning trees.
  • Beautiful weather today (high 50's) and tomorrow and pleasant for a week or so. Then we are suppose to get a massive snowstorm for here. They are talking schools being out for sometime (a week or more). The school year in already going into June to make up for the last storm that shut everything down.
  • I am teaching "coupon classes" on a regular basis now; mostly at churches. It is going well and I am learning even more about saving money myself. I thank God everyday for this blessing of being able to teach others how to save money! I am not charging for the classes. I believe the Lord blessed us the way he did when the babies were born as well as financially and he gave me this talent to give to others. I do not want paid for doing right.
  • I have an uncle that has been in and out of the hospital. He lost his wife almost a year ago and has been having it so bad since. This week he has had a stint put in and the angioplasty done on his heart. He also is fighting c. diff. He is still in the hospital after a week already. please be in prayer for him.
  • I have a cousin in her 40's that spent from August until Thanksgiving in the hospital (she had a liver transplant). She went home the day before Thanksgiving, the first time. She has had to return twice since. She is still in there. She is finally off the ventilator and has a trachea. She has lost down to 80 or 90 pounds and has a feeding tube. She has one infection left and the doctors think they have it under control. She is having to have major rehab services. Please be in prayer for her. She has an 11 year old daughter that needs her Mommy.

I guess that clears my mind a little. My heart just seems heavy today. I am going to find my blessings though! Right now as a matter of fact! Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping Trip

I am beginning to get some of my energy back. I decided to hit the city for a good shopping trip since the cabinets were gettting bare. I went to CVS, Winn Dixie, Publix, Aldi and Walgreen's. I think I was sucessful!


1 - 12 pk. Coke $2 (after ECB)

2 Soothe eyedrops $6.99-$3 coupon (each)

Crest Complete mouthwash $3.99 (get $3.00 ECB back)

Total was $13.97 -$13.00 (Used ECB to pay) = $.97 out of pocket

Saved $35.48

Aldi (reg. = normal price at premium store like Wal-Mart)

Pineapple $.99 (reg. $2.99)

3 Avacados $.99 each (reg. $1.68 each)

3# bag carrots $.99 (reg. $2.69)

2 Cantaloupes $.99 each (reg. 2/$5)

4# bad Navel oranges $1.49 (reg. $3.99)

5# sugar $2.39 (reg. $2.99)

4# cabbage head $1.19 (reg. $2.89)

3# bag Gala apples $1.49 (reg. $3.99)

Fruit and grain bars $1.89 (reg. $2.50)

2 loaves of whole grain white bread $1.29 each (reg. $2.79 each)

Total spent: $19.71

Total saved: $19.70


Gold bond body wash $4.99-$1 coupon=$3.99 ($4 RR)

Nivea men's after shave $3.99 -$1 coupon =$2.99 ($3 RR)

4 Stayfree 24 ct. pads on sale $1.99 each -2 coupons (BOGO) = $3.98

3 boxes Kleenex on sale $.89 each -$.50/3 =$2.17

Total $14.32 paid with RR (from last trip) $12 = $2.32 out of pocket and got $7 RR back for next time!

Total saved: $27.18

2 Snuggle fabric softener $3 each (reg. $3.99 each)- $1 coupon on each
All detergent $3.50 (reg. 5.99)-$1 coupon
2 Country Crock spread $1.99 BOGO (reg. $2.49 each) -$.50 coupon doubled on each
Jalapeno pickles $1.50 (reg. $1.99)- $.50 doubled
2 Ragu pasta sauce $2.45 BOGO (reg. $2.45 each)-$.50 coupon doubled on each
Newman's salsa $2 (reg. $2.99) -$.50 coupon doubled
2.5 # ground chuck $2.99 # (reg. $3.49#) -$2 winn dixie coupon for beef -$2 publix coupon for beef
6 cans Hunt's tomatoes 2/$1.39 BOGO -3/$.45 couple doubled and another 3/$.45 coupon doubled
self rising cornmeal $1.49 -$.50 coupon doubled
2 Taco Bell Dinner kit $2.69 BOGO -$1 coupon
Capri Sun Roarin' Waters $2 (reg. $2.75) -$.50 coupon doubled
Borden sliced cheese $2 -$1 coupon
3# sweet onions $3.49
I also had a $5/$30 coupon on total purchase from Winn Dixie! (I love that they take competitor's coupons!)
Total spent was $26.24
Total saved was $43.73
Winn Dixie
Huggies diaper$9.99 (reg. $10.99) -$3 winn dixie coupon-$1.50 man. coupon
Huggies wipes $2.50 (reg. $2.99) Buy diapers and wipes and get $2 off at register-$1 wd wipe coup
4 Steamfresh steamers $1 each (reg. $1.99 each)- 4 $.50 coupons doubled
60ct. Mrs. Paul's fish sticks $5.79 (reg. $7.79)
Free steamfresh steamer w/ fish stick purchase (reg. $1.99)
Manwich $1 (reg. $1.99)
4 Ronco spaghetti $4 (reg. $6.67) -$1.00/2 (two of these coupons)
2L SunDrop $1.69
2 L A&W rootbeer reg. ( $1.69) Free when you buy the 2L SunDrop
3 Hawaiian Punch $1 each (reg. $1.59 each)
2 Hall's 30ct. cough drops $1 each (reg. $1.59 each) -$1 coupon each=FREE for both
Advil 24 ct. $2.99 (reg. $4.29) -$1 coupon
2 Dole Caesar salad kits 2/$5 (reg. $3.99 each) -$1 coupon each on bag
Tomatoes $3.99
I also had another $5/$30 coupon.
Total spent: $28.81
Total saved: $41.43
Plus I also got a coupon for a FREE flu shot valued at $23.00
If I counted correctly I got almost $300 worth of groceries for about $90 or a little less! Woohoo!
What stores do you shop to get the best deals! Do you bargain shop?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'd Like to Share

Here is a link I would like to share. It is heartbreaking, encouraging and heartwarming. Go here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Booking It 2011

This year I am going to try once agin to book it. Life as Mom is hosting this. I am choosing my own books and reading them in no particular order. I am trying to read at least 30 minutes each day though.
Here are my books; in no particular order.
  • The Bible. I am using the Busy Mom's Bible.
  • The House that Cleans Itself (Mindy Starnes Clark)
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tedd Tripp)
  • The Birth to Five Book (Brenda Nixon)
  • Creating an Intimate Marriage (Jim Burns)
  • Bringing Up Boys (Dr. James Dobson)
  • The Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin)
  • Confident Parenting (Jim Burns)
  • More Than Enough (Dave Ramsey)
  • Making Children Mind Without Loosing Yours (Dr. Kevin Leman)
  • The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
  • Healthy Habits, Happy Kids (Gregory L. Jantz. Ph.D.)
  • The Virtuous Woman (Vicki Courtney)
  • Have a New Kid by Friday (Dr. Kevin Leman)
  • I Just Want You To Know (Kate Gosselin)
  • A Mother's Heart (Jean Fleming)
  • Family First (Dr. Phil McGraw)
  • The Complete Parenting Book (Dr. David Stoop 7 Dr. Jan Stoop)

I think that is a total of 18. I also will be reading several if not all of Beverly Lewis ' books. The Amish series. I have many of these and have ordered 5 more to finish my collection. I will be rereading some of them and reading others for the first time.

Are you booking it this year? What are you reading?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010 (Part 2)

Here is the 2nd part of my Christmas post. I am a little late with it.

This "two peas in a pod" handstamped necklace was my gift from the boys! I love it!

Our family at a Christmas get together the day after Christmas day. Doesn't hubby look happy?

Here's John with our Christmas day snow, on the back porch.

And Mason!

Christmas morning!

This is my most favoirite gift from my parents EVER! I think it is beautiful! I love them so very much!

What Santa left!

the boys in their Mickey pj's with their names on them, Christmas eve night.

Mason with his Bruder garbage truck that Nana and Pawpaw gave him.

And brother John.

Decorating cupcakes!

More cupcakes!

Aunt Brenda and her fishing buddies!

Mason decorating the gingerbread house.

John decorating his side!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treatment Plan

The ENT called today after speaking with the Infectious Disease doc. They are in agreement that I should stay on the oral antibiotic for 2 more months and the nasal antibiotic as well. I will follow up with the id doc next month and the ENT in March. We will go from there. If they do not think the staph infection is completely gone from the sinuses then I will be sedated and have a pic line put in my arm for iv antibiotics.

I am tired, my head/face always has pressure and sometimes it pains me to wash my face or my hair. My face is swollen and so are my hands. I tend to have a yellow tint to me still. I am weak but my God is strong and I am fighting!!! I am going to have victory over this in Jesus' name! Amen!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update to Doctor's Visit

Well, I spoke with the ENT that referred me to the infectious disease doc and he was very upset. He will be speaking with the id doc himself and I am awaiting the results of that conversation. So, we shall see.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Visit With the Infectious Disease Doctor

I am not sure where to start. There is not much to say. I am highly upset. There, that sums it up!

Really, I am upset. I was sent to this doctor because I was told by the ENT that I needed iv antibiotics. I was also told by the ENT that the meds I am on was only to prevent the staph from getting worse and would not cure what I already had.

This doctor wants me to stay on those same meds even though he isn't sure if they are helping or not. IV antibiotics were never mentioned. Frustrated is not even in my vocab!

He said he would see me in 4 weeks. He also said that I could be glad since this had not killed me yet it probably wouldn't!!!! GRRRR! How nice of him.

Tomorrow I will be talking with the ENT and find out EXACTLY what I need to do now, cause I really don't like the id doc!

What would you do now? Blessings!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wish I Were Feeling Fine

Some of you have been in contact via email, facebook and comments on this blog wanting to know how I am doing. I thought I would just make a post of it.

There is so much pressure in my eyes and below as well as my nose. It is very uncomfortable to say the least. I have some swelling; mainly my hands and face. I have a "yellow" tint to me. The fatigue is bad. I am just so tired and weak. The energy is little. I am not use to this. I am use to going, going, going! LOL

I am still thinking about the phone conversation with the doctor (ENT). He called while I was driving to "town" to get groceries at Wal-Mart with the twins in tow. I found a place to pull of the road as he told me the results and the car was so quiet (I had put a dvd in the player for the boys) and I was thinking I am not that sick, I am headed to Wal-Mart for crying out loud! The more the doctor said the more scared I became; "port, pic line, infectious disease specialist, iv antibiotics, hospitalization, infusions, months for the body to rid itself of this infection". This isn't happening. This can't be happening! Don't they know I have 4 year old twins and both of my parents are sick and I have too much/too many people to take care of?!!

I am home from church today and I think that it has sunk in. I am scared but I am not alone. I have my heavenly Father watching over me, walking with me. I am blessed, I do not have a terminal illness. My illness can be healed; in many ways. God is good and I will praise Him in the storm and will see the sun again soon, I am sure of it.