Saturday, January 31, 2009

February Menu Planner

We are eating lots of mexican food this month. It is one of our favorites! We may be tired of it by month's end.......we shall see! We are extending the menu from January, I didn't get everything fixed from last month.
  1. Spaghetti, tossed salad, five cheese garlic bread
  2. Oven fried pork chops, fried apples, hm mac & cheese, green beans and cranberry salad
  3. Beefy chimichangas, black bean dip and chips
  4. Marinated baked chicken, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, biscuits(w/ apple butter) and cheesy hashbrowns
  5. Corn chowder, popovers, salad
  6. Beefy hashbrown pizza, salad
  7. Ribs, potato salad, chuckwagon beans
  8. Savory beef and noodles, peas, fried okra, cheesy mashed potatoes
  9. Ham & cheese pie, grape salad and toast
  10. Spicy Baked Tilapia, cheesy lentils and rice, salad
  11. Juju's chili, hoop cheese and cornbread muffins
  12. Southwestern chicken sandwiches, baked nachos
  13. Santa Fe soup, scoops chips
  14. Leftovers from party (Mom's B'day)
  15. Tasty burritos, cheese dip and chips
  16. Ham & cheese omeletts, toast and fried apples
  17. Weiners& kraut, fried potatoes, mac & cheese, pintos and sliced onion
  18. Spaghetti, garlic cheese biscuits and salad
  19. Tuna salad sandwiches, fries
  20. Chicken fingers, creamed corn, peas, julienne potatoes
  21. Brunswick stew, cornbread muffins, hoop cheese
  22. Ole farm breakfast casserole, fried apples
  23. Steaks from the grill, salad and baked potatoes
  24. Crescent beef burritos, salad
  25. Potato soup, popovers
  26. Hamburger Stroganoff, peas, creamed corn and cornbread muffins
  27. Cheesey Mexican Bubble Bake, cheese dip and chips
  28. BBQ weiners, chips and potato salad

Desserts and Snacks: BBQ cashews, Strawberry pretzel salad, Chocolate pudding, Chocolate cupcakes, Apple turnovers, Peach cobbler, Brown sugaar praline biscuits and Apple Dump cake.

Blessings and ENJOY!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Pleasure!

You know, tonight as I stood at our bed and thought about all of the clothes, linens and towels that were awaiting me to fold them, I had a thought. Wow! I am so blessed. How many people do not have that, a washer and a dryer. Healthy hands to fold the laundry. How many do not have water and washing detergent? How many pass off the folding as just another chore?

What a pleasure to be able to fold the laundry and have clean clothes for my family.

I am in pain, real pain tonight. I went to the dentist today to have the permnament crowns put on the top front two teeth and stayed in the chair for 3 hours straight. They were very busy. There was NO pain numbing meds gums hurt, but how blessed I am. I had the money to pay for it, a warm and safe vehicle to get me there. Two wonderful parents to care for my children while I was away and a terrific, hard working hubby earning the money for the charge. I came home with the repaired temporary on and the crowns going back, to be reshaped and sized. One was much wider than the other. I am so, so blessed though.

Tell me about your blessings.......what have you been blessed with?

God is so good, all of the time!

Blessings and Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End (at least the sun)

The sun is gone and rain, sheets or rain has replaced it. The temp was still in the 60's upon wakening today, but is dropping quickly. It should bottom out in the mid 30's this afternoon.

The hairstylist is dropping by my house about 10 to give me a haircut. I am long overdue since the last one was in September. My hair has grown about 5 inches since then and is getting quite heavy. It is almost down mid back. I will be so happy to have a happy cut again.

I also need to run to the store for milk, yoohoo's and a few other things that we cannot live without. NOT! I'm sure we would do just fine without many things.

Things went well at the accountant. Much, much better than expected. Thank you Lord! We were shocked to say the least. We just have to decide what bills are going to be a $0 balance before the others and how much is going to the bank.

We made a BIG mistake buying something we were conned into. $3000 mistake to be exact! Anyhoo........we are living and learning. Now, to finish paying for it. It does have a lifetime warranty and no, it is not a piece of jewelry. I am really ashamed we forked over that kind of money. I should be hung out to dry!

We are having our Valentine's date this weekend, since my Mom's party is on valentine's Day (also her birthday). The plans are coming right along and I have to give Diane a big shout out. She is my cousin that is doing most of the work. Thank you! The boys being sick and her having more access to party places than I do here, it has been difficult to do. And she lives a few hours away in South Carolina.

My Dad is recovering nicely. The incision/burn was not as large as what we were expecting and that was a blessing in itself. We should know if it cancer soon.

Hubby and I are starting a marriage study class (conducted by a dear couple we are in church with) at church Sunday night. We are so excited.

I have lost a total of 10 pounds since the 31st of December. Not great, but I am happy with that.

Well, I have two little boys to get ready for Nana, so I'll see you later!


Monday, January 26, 2009


Today was fever free and the sun was shining! What else could a girl ask for? Nadda!

The boys are well on their way to recovery and the house is taking shape again. We went outside for a bit and over to my parents for a visit. MY Daddy had another skin cancer taken off his face today. We are waiting on pathology to find out if this one is Melanoma too.

My Mom's laptop arrived! Yay for her!

We got our central heat/ac unit fixed today. Thankfully that was only $150. We were afraid we were going to have to have a whole new unit! Praise the Lord!

I'm heading to the accountant tomorrow........should be interesting, after winning the truck and all. We'll see!

It has been a good day! Has has your day gone? What is on the agenda tomorrow?

Facebook, Twitter and How Many More

Let me start by saying I am condemning no one and what you do is none of my business. However, this is about ME. After all, this is my blog. LOL! I love you all!

I have had several friends email me and want me to join this group or that group and they think I am just being a stick in the mud. I guess I am writing this as kind of an open letter of sorts.

I love blogging, but sometimes there is little time for even that. I refuse to join another form of web communication. I do good to keep up with my blogging. I have way too much going on in my life for anything else that doesn't have to exist. Things are crazy now, but when I start back to work on the farm during harvest and those 80 hour weeks start, I won't be on here much either. Isn't that right Mrs. Darling?! Tell'em about farm life!

My little boys and hubby need me way too much and I enjoy keeping it simple! My house needs to be kept, clothes washed and put away, food bought and cooked, prayers said, devotions read, boo boo's kissed, hands held, hugs and kisses given and received and life lived with my little family.

Blogging is a hobby, not a necessity. I love it and do not intend to give it up, nor do I intend to join another weblife group.

All that being said, thank you for the invites and God bless you in your adventures!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

I need your help. My cousin and I are giving my Mom a surprise 65th birthday party. we are using "Elvis" as the theme. So, I need help, suggestions and any advice you might have.

Thank you, thank you very much!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did I Hear You Right?

Thursday while at my parents I heard my Mom ask my brother if he got here laptop ordered. Do what????? You gotta be kidding me. Now, let me just tell you there is nothing wrong with that, I am happy beyond belief!

It is just that I was surprised, very surprised. My Mom doesn't like technology. They do not even have a dvd player or a digital camera. She still uses her trusty 35mm for all picture taking.

So, I am thrilled and hope to introduce her to blogging, in the near future! the picture above is my mom picking squash (last Spring)........her normal dress is classier than the farm me you do as little as you have (as far as dressing, make up, ect.) to when you're a farmer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Home From the Doctor.....Once Again

Monkey got worse yesterday and this morning it was obvious that we needed to go see the doctor. He now has bronchitis and croup and it is bad. He is feverish and absolutley miserable........once again. Tiger is getting better and Iam hoping that he stays that way.

Thank you all for your prayers and for letting me know I am NOT the only Momma out there that is tried and challenged daily! Blessings on you all!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seasons of Life

There is a season for everything.......right now it happens to be my two little preemie twin boys claiming their independence. Today has been a wild ride. There have been lots of "no's" shouted from their mouths and many timeouts and a few spankings too. There has been quiet time in their rooms and time outs for mommy too. We got out for a bit and they acted as bad at my parents as they have at home.

There has been many little prayers sent up for grace and patience and wisdom and understanding.

The one thing that I took away from today is that today can never be repeated and for that I am sad. There were a couple of moments I am not so proud of......mostly the yelling parts.

Them sick, me sick, me dieting, them potty training, Daddy gone straight from work to a tourney game (nephew playing) and little appetites still has been a rough day.

I keep thinking about the verse that has gotten me through the last 34 months (they are 34 months old today)........I can do this because........

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
God is so good and I will cherish each day even more than the last because I love those little ones so very much!

Have you had a challenge with your children today?


Making Progress

Thank you all for your prayers the boys seem better this morning. Monkey's bark has been reduced to coughing. He is till on all 5 meds though. The fevers have been gone for almost 24 hours! Praise the Lord! Tiger is better, but they BOTH are quite irritable!

I finally got a good nights sleep last night from 10pm-4am this morning. Thank you Lord! I also feel better!

I will be back to more posts tonight and commenting too. I hope we have turned the corner!

Today I will be stripping beds and doing some laundry and changing out toothbrushes. it is suppose to hit 60* today, so I may just have to get the boys out of this stuffy house and get some fresh air.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! What's on your agenda today?


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday was definitely one that I care not to repeat!

Before I get started let me tell you about Monkey and Tiger this morning. The barking has ceased from Monkey and the fever did not appear overnight but again this morning. It is taking a sly momma to get enough Cheerios in each of the boys to take their meds. He breathing is almost back to normal. Praise the Lord!

Tiger is better, but still feels lousy and is so irritable. Thank you all for your prayers and concern!

Now on to yesterday........

First it started off almost normally until I heard a scream. I thought the boys were in the play room playing. I had just checked o them and they had been fine. i went to grab a bite of breakfast when I heard the scream. I ran into the bathroom to find the floor full of water, about a half inch I suppose. and it was everywhere! I found water in drawers, cabinets and the counter was flooded too. I grabbed out towels as i drained the overfilled sink. I stripped the boys down to their pullups (since their pj's were soaked and dripping). Then they each went to their rooms with clothes to dress themselves while I started the clean up. After six towels and a bucket full of water I was finished. The Mother's Helper arrived then. Lol! Where was she when I needed her for this crisis?! Oh and Tiger had screamed earlier because his hair had gotten wet and water had gotten on his face.

Most of the morning went okay. i was able to shower and "fix myself" for the day. i did a couple loads of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. I was finally able to get antibiotics for both of the boys. I went to the pharmacy and gave them my list. The antibiotics, the cough med (they had to order). another cool mist humidifier 9they were out), some acidilopholis, a pill cutter and a refill for hubby. I had to go by the store for milk and finally home. Then we had lunch and I don not get much done, the boys were getting clingy. When they went down for a nap, so did I.

It was then (before my nap) that (the mother's help) KK and I realized the monitor had been submerged in the flood earlier. It was starting to smoke.......great, another electrical item to go up in flames!

I then got that nap and woke up in time to head to the eye doctor. I now have glands dying in my lower lid on the right side. Just peachy! I am going to see a specialist at the Eye Foundation at UAB (as soon as I find one). in the mean time I have many drops and an antibiotic to help with all the dryness and irritation and ickiness. My eyes hurt so bad!

Then off to Wal-Mart......humidifier, monitor and gum. Found all I needed and headed home. To make a long story short the monitor is a piece of poop and it'll go back as soon as I can get it there.

When I got back from my Wal-Mart trip......that's when everything started happening with monkey (the breathing stuff). This is not the first time it has happened, as a matter of fact his airways have sealed off completely before. With his preemie lungs (still under developed) we are hoping no long term damage was done this time.

I did get to sleep from 11pm last night to 3 am this that was if tonight is just a teeny bit longer! Yippee! We can have a party then!

How was your day? I hope all is well and i hope to regular commenting soon and ASHLEY I promise to get to the award soon! Thank you all and blessing, blessings, blessings!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayers for Monkey

Monkey is very sick with the croup. His airways are closing and hubby has finally gotten the steriods. I am hoping to avoid breathing treatments (at the hospital). We have been in a steamy bathroom and out on the porch bundled up. He is still barking like a seal. Please pray. His breathing is labored and he is struggling.


Sick and Sick

We got to the peds office yesterday (our doc was on call...thank you Lord!) and learned Tiger has a serious sinus infection. His lungs and ears were clear, thank you Lord! They put him on Omnicef. They called it in and when we went by Sam's to pick it up, we were told that Sam's Clubs Pharmicies have NEVER been open on Sunday. GRRRRRR! So now we are waiting on them to transfer it to our local pharmacy.

I was up last night (practicall y all night) running between the boys rooms, since Monkey now has the Croup! He sounds so pitiful and could bareky speak or swallow last night. I am exhausted and may need some time away. I have a helper today but am hoping to catch a few winks.

I called the peds office back this morning about Monkey and am hoping to hear from a nurse soon. I may have to take him in, but I hope not (since it is a 40 minute drive one way).

Well, I am off to shower and hope all is well with you and yours!

Hope to catch up with you tonight........


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sick Little One

Tiger is sick. He has had a cough for a few days and yesterday ran a little temo but seemed fine until 4 pm yesterday. His appetite is almost down to nothing and all he wants to drink is water. He is miserable. His nose is running, eyes watering, coughing, sneezing, fever (comes and goes) and this morning the ugly green monster reared his ugliness (from his mouth mainly).

I am alternating Tyneol and Ibuprofen. He also is taking a cough med.

I called after hours care and the nurse is suppose to call back, so I am waiting. The boys are napping, for now. I have our clothes ready and their bag too. Hubby will be in from church shortly and hopefully the ped can get our little one better. We are praying that Monkey does not get it too.

Please say a little prayer. If you have read my blog for a while you know that they were premmies and have underdeveloped lungs (still) and catch many things. Colds and such damage underdeveloped lungs no matter how healthy they appear from the outside. They also are still susceptible for RSV. Their immune systems are very low (still) and that is not a good thing.

Thank you and have a great Sunday!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blessings All Around

This morning as I awoke beside hubby, I just thought about how blessed I am, truly am!

I have a wonderful husband and the boys have a great Daddy who loves us so much. Enough to allow me to be a stay at home mommy (I chose with his blessing to help on the farm, seasonally).
My boys have been well since early November until this week. Tiger has a deep cough today but slept all night and so did Mommy.

It was 9* degrees according to the thermometer this morning but my house was warm and the coffee wonderfully delicious with a hot breakfast.

I was watching the boys playing as I finished chores and they are truly amazing. I just stood in awe! God is so good! Thank you Father!

I have two wonderful parents still mostly healthy for their ages and am so BLESSED to have them so close by.

As I listened to the washer, dryer and dishwasher humming along this morning and the timer go off on the oven (cookies baking for a weekend snack) I thought WOW, I am so blessed.

My home and all 3 vehicles are paid for , all of our bills are paid and our debt (cc) is very little. I am going to pay taxes on the truck hubby won at work this afternoon. I am headed to the bank to open each of the boys a college fund (my parents have them one each, but now they will have two each). I also am opening our first retirement fund as well. I have also put back our first $100, again in our emergency fund......goal is $1000. Thank you Lord!

Hubby's work is slow and some work weeks are only 3 days instead of the 5 or 6 we are used to....BUT we are so blessed he has a job and good insurance!

I have a wonderful mother's Helper that has been with us since the boys were about 4 months old. I am so blessed to have her here when I need her. she is the best. Thank you Ms. KK! We love you!

God is so good all of the time. I could go on and on but I'm sure you're sick of my happies today. I just wanted to share with you!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Been Tagged

The Twins Mama has tagged me for a photo. The rules are:

1. Go to the fourth folder where you keep your photos.

2. Post the fourth picture in that folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag four fellow bloggers to join in the fun.

Here is my photo. It is my boys at 4 months, 4 days old. Tiger on the left and Monkey on the right. Tiger weighed just 10 pounds (exactly) and Monkey weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces. You would never believe they were as sick as they still were just looking at them! We are so BLESSED! Thank you Lord!

Now, for my tagees..........

1. Melissa (Mom to Twins)

2. Nicole (Nicostuff)

3. Julie (Blessed with Five)

4. Leahann (Kimberly's Scrappin' Momma)


Chicken Alfredo on the Cheap

If you read the Pig post then you proabaly remember the cheap chciken and chicken helper. Usually lunches are sandwiches, raw fruits and veggies, salads or soups. I wanted some good, hearty, stick to your ribs food today. It is only 30ish for the high and that is COLD for this southern girl! I know many of you are much colder and all I can say is move South! LOL! Just kidding!

So this is what I came up with. I fixed the chicken alfredo helper as directed BUT
I only added one very large breast of chicken instead of the four it called four. It was plenty! I also added a can of small tender english peas. It was delicious!

1 piece of chicken $1
chicken helper $.70
1 can peas $.33

Total cost of lunch for 3 for 2 days $2.03! Yippee! Love it when you eat healthy on the cheap!


Can't Beat the Pig!

The Piggly Wiggly was having a $1 sale and hubby was home. Do you know what that means? Yep! I was there at 7 yesterday morning! This is what I got:

  • Spilt chicken breast (fresh, not frozen!) 4# $4.00
  • 2 Chex mix $2
  • 2 huge bags of Bugels $2
  • 3 Pringles canisters $3
  • 6 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes $6
  • 1 box Crunch N Munch (for hubby) $1
  • 3 Chicken helper $3
  • 4 family size Red Diamond tea bags $4

I had over $7 in coupons and total spent was $19.65! Yea! That made me so happy!

Total saved was $18.19 (accroding to the bottom of the slip).

What kind of grocery deals have you gotten lately?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty Types

Heather asked which potty we had bought for the boys to use. Being as frugal as I am, we bought one for $10 at the multiples club sale. It sings and makes the flushing noise, except we never put batteries in it. We also scrubbed it down with clorox before use!

And then we thought we needed another one, so the business owner (our neighbor) across the highway was having a yard sale and I got it for $3. It was a plain jane kind of potty. We used both for awhile but now the boys are too tall for them, especially the musical one. They will be three in March and are 44 and 45 inches tall already. We have the plain one in the closet as an emergency spare and sometimes on long trips it accompanies us with a plastic bag and a towel underneath it in the back of the Durango.

We also have a soft potty seat (Bob the builder) for our regular toilet.

I was going to link to the potties but it seems I cannot find them. They must be outdated. I also think the simpler the better. MY boys are easily distracted. That was the main reason we never put batteries in the one that was musical. I hope this helps.

Many blessings!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Coupon Winner!

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. The boys have toyed with their little pottys for a few months and go some along each day. They almost always go first thing in the morning (their pull-ups are wet after the long night though) and they always go before bedtime.

I am ready to try the sticker chart and not just for pottying though. I tried the Cheerios and Tiger tried to pick them out of the water and eat them. LOL! They have pottying down and can undress and dress, it's just consistency mainly.

Now for the's JESSICA!!!!!! Please email me at I need your name and mailing address to get them in the mail.

Thank you for everything and many blessings!

Coupon Giveaway!

Good Morning! I am having a coupon giveaway. I would like for you to leave me your best potty training advice in the comment section and I will choose a random winner tonight about 8pm.

I then will announce the winner........

The envelop contains well over $500 in coupons, probably closer to $1000. That's a lot of savings!!!

Blessings on you all!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baked Apple Pancake

1 c pancake mix

2/3 c milk

2 T veg. oil

1 egg, beaten

1/4 c butter

1/3 c packed brown sugar

1 lg. Golden Delicious apple, peeled and sliced

Maple syrup

In a bowl, combine pancake mix, milk, oil and egg. In a 8 inch ovenproof skillet, melt butter. Stir in brown sugar and apple slices, saute until sugar is dissolved. Pour batter over apple mixture . Cook uncovered, over medium heat until bubbles form on top.

Bake uncovered, at 350* for 12-17 minutes. Invert onto a serving platter. Serve with syrup.

ENJOY!!! Blessings!

Happy Birthday Mawmaw! (Hubby's Mom)

We miss you so much (January 9, 1944-March 28, 2008). Have a wonderful birthday celebrating with Jesus.
The above picture was taken the day she had her head shaved, since her hair was already coming out, from the chemo.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Today Held

Let me first start by saying that my father-in-law was released from the hospital, diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The doctor evidently thought he was stable enough. He will likely take lasix for the rest of his life. He seemed in good spirits and seemed like he felt much better this morning when I checked on him.

I had some errands to run today, so i have been out most of the day. At least the morning and them again this evening. I went to the post office, paid the water bill, ran to CVS and Wal-Mart and had a Subway for lunch. My Mom kept the boys while I was on the go. I got back in time to put the boys down for a nap. Monkey slept 3 HOURS and 40 MINUTES!!! I put groceries away and balanced the checkbook and also paid bills. I had put some laundry on earlier, so I tackled that next. Then Tiger and I just hung out and read books and cuddled until Daddy got home from work and Monkey woke up. We rushed supper together and then changed clothes, quite quickly I might add. We got the boys bag ready and headed to pick up my Daddy for my youngest nephews last regular season basketball game. It was a real nail biter! They lost at the buzzer by one point. SAD!

On a happier note, while waiting for the boys to emerge from the locker room, I talked with a new friend from church (her son played on the opposing team). We have a lot in common and we were invited to lunch with her family. She is super sweet and I cannot wait to get our families together for some great fellowship!

Home we came and dropped my Daddy off, got the boys ready for bed and got the trash out for the morning pick up.

We are now watching the Oklahoma and Florida game. Go GATORS!!!!

Hubby is off tomorrow as there is not enough work to go around. I hope to get some projects tackled. Yay! He just rolled his eyes!lol!

Thank you all for your prayers for Hoyle and many blessings tonight and always!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting and Not Finishing

Since the boys were born I have a bad, bad habit of starting and not finishing things. Sometimes I get side tracked and other times I forget......I have to admit, but I also am getting a bit lazy. Lord help me!

I have started not one, not two or even three posts in the last two days but EIGHT posts. I just seem to have no energy to finish them. I love blogging though. Sometimes, for a period I only want to read, other times just to read and comment and other times just to write. Are you that way?

One of the post I started was about Wal-Mart. I am just going to mention the deals I found right now, while you have a chance to check out your own Wal-Mart.
  • spiral hams reduced to $.99 per lb.
  • all Christmas items 75% off (I got the boys some long sleeve Christmas tees for next year)
  • all toys (I got the boys a cd player w/ 5 cds from Little Tikes, I bought two for $7 each)
  • some dvds were reduced to $3 each (I got a couple more Barney ones)
  • winter clothing for the whole family was on sale and shoes too
  • several baking and decorationg type items were also 75% off

Now, back to the program..................

The rain has subsided as of 8am and the sun is out! Glory! The water is going away slowly but surely. The creek within 20 feet of our back door is finally flowing through the ditch and not having to flow over it. It was rushing such yesterday that there were WHITE CAPS and suds!!! It was only 10 feet or so from our back door then.

I am so glad that we have no damage and all of the cows and fruit trees are safe! Thank you Lord for that! Thank you all for your prayers!

Now, we are in need of your prayers yet again. My fil was admitted to the hospital last night and still is having winded spells. They finally have his bp under control and his pace maker seems to be fine. There is fluid around the heart and lungs and they are giving him lasix to get rid of that. Hubby is there now. I am not sure what else can be done or if they will do anything else. All of the tests, x-rays and dopplers have come back normal but he still does not feel "right". He is 81 (in April) and should know by now if he feels "right" or not. LOL! That's what he told the doctor this morning! Hehe! So, when you happen upon a chance, please say a little prayer for him today, his name is Hoyle.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be seeing you in cyberland! Blessings!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!



Yes, in a few months when the humidity is about to burn us up at the core of our being and the land is ravaged with drought we will be praying for this abundance of wet, but after 16 of the last 24 days of rain and just 3 inches since midnight I am ready for a break.

Thankfully, I live in the South cause if I lived in Oregeon with some of my dear bloggy friends I would go insane, in all of the wet stuff. No offense to you ladies.

I got to Wal-Mart yesterday for my Mom and found some sweet deals! Separate post about them.

I also wanted to let you know that I am usually in such a hurry that I just use my spell check and it is not working, so excuse any mispellings. I am a good speller but always in a hurry.

Someone asked why I don't post many pictures. It takes forreevvveeerrrrr with blogger. How do ya'll do it? Is there another program or something else I can try? Just curious.

We are home and organizing today. I also plan on sending off some cards and rebates too. I need to strip the boys beds, as that was not done yesterday. I also have some laundry to finish up. My coupons are in desperate need of being clipped and organized too.

Plenty to do and four extra litle hands to help. I am one blessed Momma! Well, we are having a pj today, but I need to brush my teeth and wash my face before breakfast (fresh baked spiral ham and buttermilk waffles, with maple syrup).

I hope to get a few posts up about Angel Food, some recipes and my deals (as well as January's spending).

Did i mention we think we have a water leak somewhere. Our bill was over $50 this past month. usually it is considered high at $39. Maybe the rain will stop so hubby can get under the house and then start digging if necessary. I hope he doesn't have to, there is 626 feet of line from the house to the meter. We'll see, I suppose.

Have a great day and blessings!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Weekend Is Over, Yay!

i am not that excited, since it is before 5am and I am up and awake. I an tired and have a little cough and sore throat. See, normally I would take some mucinex and feel better as in yesterday. My eyes will not let me do that. I will have to call the eye doc and start special eye drops before I can take any cold/drainage meds. LOVELY!

I also have to call the dermatologist since I have an itchy, red, blistery like rash on both chins. One I really bad, all the way up and down the chin. The other chin it is only about 4 or 5 inches. Keep in mind I have really, really long legs.

I am glad the weekend is over, more so Saturday is what i am referring to. We had another Christmas get together with hubbys' family. One sister lives out of state and we had to wait for her to come home, so it was postponed until Saturday. There was way too many folks there. It was ina small cramped house with 30 or so souls all trying not to run all over each other, but hopw could we? We wer stacked on each other. It was miserable and the kids were very uncomfortable.

One of hubby's sisters has her 2 step kids there froma previosu marriage (number 3 I think) and their kids, husband and boyfriend was there. I had never met them excpet twice in twelve years, but they were invited. They were not asked to bring any food/drinks nada. The same sisters stepson (from her previosu marriage, number 5 I think) was there with his wife and her child. Never even met him, still didn't meet him. I think he was doped up. Who knows! They didn't bring anything to eat/drink. None of the ones above have been to a family get together in 12 years (since I've been around)!!!!

Then there was the oldest two nephews/their wives and one of them has two kids. They didn't bring anything either. That kind of ticks me off a little. I cut off and made 1 gallon of creamed corn and 2 (13x9)pans of dressing and took with two 2 year olds in tow. Yay, they could have brought something. They are in their 20's and should want to help. There was plenty, BUT it would have taken some of the pressure off of the rest of us.

I am just glad it is over! Then we were told it would be there again next year..........I won't tell you my thoughts.

Today looks busy once again. I was going to try plastic pants and real underwear with the boys only this week, but think I will postpone it until next week.

For those of you that have wanted other recipes from the menu planner I promise I will get them up. I had them up and blogger ate them! I will have to redo them.

I hope you all have a happy Monday! Many blessings!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Banana Split Bread

Steph asked about this recipe, so here it is. This is an all time favorite and I always have the ingredients on hand.

1/2 c butter, softened
1 c sugar
1 egg
1 c mashed bananas (2 large)
3 T milk
2 c all purpose flour
1/2 t baking soda
1 t baking powder
6 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 c chopped pecans

In a mixing bowl cream the butter and sugar. Beat in egg. In a small bowl, combine bananas and milk. Combine the flour, baking powder and baking soda; add to creamed mixture alternately with banana mixture. Fold in chocolate chips and pecans.

Pour into a greased 9x5x3 loaf pan. Bake at 350* for 65 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes.

When I slice this I serve it with low fat cool whip and a cherry on the top.


Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon

Michelle wanted to know how to prepare this, so here you go......... This is so yummy! I have only made it once, but it will stay on our menu!

1 T brown sugar
2 t butter
1 t honey
1 T olive oil
1 T dijon mustard
1 T soy sauce (I use less sodium)
1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper
16 oz. pk. salmon fillets (I use from Aldi, usually there is 4-6 pieces in it)

In a small saucepan over medium heat, cook and stir the brown sugar, butter and honey until melted. Remove from heat; whisk in the oil, mustard, soy sauce and pepper. Cool for 5 minutes.
Place salmon in a large foil-lined baking dish; brush with mixture. Bake uncovered, at 350* for 20-25 minutes or until flakes easily with fork.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hopes of the New Year

I am going to list my goals and hopes of 2009. There are many and my prayer is that they all will have happened and be finished when I read this a year from now, while celebrating 2010! There is no particular order or significance

  1. Find and stick with an exercise program and start watching more of what I put in my mouth. My goal is to loose 36 pounds. I hope to see 165 and I will be very happy. I want to be healthy! For those of you that do not know I am 5'10" and wear a size 11 shoe.
  2. To start my card ministry back, I used to send cards out all of the time before I had the boys to anyone that was sick or down and out, etc.
  3. I hope to be more active in our church and particulary the women's ministry program.
  4. I hope more visitors in our home. I hope to feel confident enough to invite more frien ds over more often.
  5. I hope to read my new Bible from front to back.
  6. I hope to pay our one and only credit card off and start the boys college funds, all by April 1.
  7. I hope to have our driveway worked on and have the landscaping done.
  8. I hope to get the house washed and the front porch stained and weather proofed.
  9. I hope to build a back deck and the boys a wooden play set.
  10. I hope to finish my cookbook and finally get it published.
  11. I hope to see the boys potty trained (at least daytime) by their third birthday (March 22).
  12. To start an actual half day homeschooling program for the boys and stick with schedule.
  13. I hope to keep track of every dollar spent this year and reevaluate the yearly budget.
  14. I also hope to be a better wife, mommy, christian and daughter as well as sister and aunt.
  15. I will have my Christmas shopping done and all wrapped by December 1, 2009.
  16. I hope to be a better person all around and be more positive!
  17. I also wanted to add that I hope to take more time for me and take better care of myself as far as my nails, face, hair, ect. Take the extra few minutes like I used to.

There you have it! What are your hopes and goals for 2009? how did you do with last year's goals?

January Menu Planner

Here's what we're having at our home in the month of January. I am trying several new recipes. I am also eating lighter (meaning not as much) to aid in the weight loss. I am still fixing regular meals though.

Breakfasts: Waffles, French Toast, Cereal, Cheese Toast, Egg Sandwiches, Oatmeal, Grits, Bacon & Cheese Muffins, Applesauce Oat Muffins, Baked Apple Pancakes, Raisin Apple Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, Fresh Fruit, (on Saturday mornings......big breakfasts)......bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, hashbrowns.

Lunches: Hm fish sticks, Hm chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, pb sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, fresh veggies/fruits and baked chips/cheddar whales, tuna salad, veggie dogs, grilled cheese

Snacks: Fresh fruits/veggies, BBQ cashews, banana split bread, dried apples and cranberries, pb crackers, natural Popsicles, fruit yogurt

Desserts: Strawberry pretzel Salad, Chocolate chip cookies, Cranberry Fluff, Lemon Ice, Potato Candy, Apple turnovers, Chocolate cake w/ vanilla icing, apple dump cake, peach cobbler, Brown sugar praline biscuits w/ frozen vanilla yogurt

Now, on to the Suppers:
1 wieners and kraut, collards, fried potatoes, mac & cheese, peas
2 grilled steaks, salad and oven fries
3 Christmas get together. I'll take: green beans, cream corn and chicken & dressing
4 Roast w/ carrots and potatoes (in the crock-pot), stewed cabbage
5 crock-pot little smokies (w/ grape jelly & bbq sauce), potato salad and hearty baked beans
6 brown sugar glazed salmon, cranberry salad, green beans and baked potatoes
7 german apple pancake w/ sausage
8 santa fe soup, nacho dip w/ chips
9 sweet sloppy joes, oven fries and freezer slaw
10 oven fried pork chops, green beans, hm mac & cheese, cranberry salad
11 quick veggie soup (via the crock-pot), cornbread and candied sweet potatoes
12 beefy chimichangas, black bean dip and chips
13 Marinated/Baked chicken, eggs w/ cheese, biscuits w/ pear butter, fresh fruit
14 Beefy hashbrown pizza
15 Corn chowder, popovers and pineapple casserole
16 Savory beef & noodles, green beans and cheesy mashed potatoes
17 tuna casserole, salad
18 hamburgers, chuckwagon beans, potato salad
19 ham and cheese pie, fresh fruit
20 taco salad, cheese dip and chips
21 baked Parmesan tilipia, cheesy lentils and rice, salad
22 spicy southwestern chicken sandwiches, baked nachos
23 ribs, baked beans, potato salad
24 chili sausage dogs, oven fries
25 brit's chicken enchiladas, refried beans, salad
26 chili, mexican cornbread and hoop cheese
27 tasty burritos, cheese dip and chips, tomato salad
28 chicken fingers, hm mac & cheese, peas
29 potato soup, pop overs
30 ole farm breakfast casserole, fresh fruit
31 OUT!!! I deserve it! ;)

Looking Back

2008 brought many things for our family, some wonderful, some sad and some terrifying. What got us through all of it was that God is the same, today, tomorrow and forever. He is here each morning I awake, i can always trust him and depend on him.

We saw many things take place in our lives in's a brief recap.
Our boys stayed sick with various illnesses for the first two months of the year. One of them (Monkey) endured four surgeries as well. We were given the all clear on Tiger's spine! No more braces and definitely no surgery needed for what we thought in the beginning was a doomed diagnosis.

My mother-in-law, Marilyn, bravely fought here incurable, untreatable cancer to the bitter end. She spent her first Christmas with Jesus this year.

The boys turned two and hubby and I both turned 32!

We had to wait two months to find out that my Daddy did NOT have a brain tumor and had a stroke at some point, causing the spot of his brain. He also had eye surgery.

The boys were released from all of their therapies. Praise the Lord!

I went back to work for four months on the farm, while the boys attended long days at pre-school.

In the Spring my parents kept the boys for a blissful (for us) 48 hours and we made a mad dash to Atlanta for the weekend.

In the Fall we took the boys to Chattanooga and experienced all it had to offer.

I canned and froze hundreds and hundreds of jars and bags of harvest goodness for the harsh winter ahead.

We added more and more cows and calves to our farm family.

Hubby got an awesome safety bonus that he busted his tail feathers for with the grace of the one above behind him and also won us a new TRUCK! Then we both got nice Christmas bonuses.

I started my mix business back and hope to continue it doing well.

Hubby wrote out an E-F 2 tornado with his sick, bedridden Mom and his family in a double wide.

We had two awesome yard sales bringing in some much needed income.

We paid off more med bills and have all paid in full now except one!

Hubby had his third knee surgery in September and followed many hours of pt.

Major purchases were a freezer, patio set and two tvs (the others had went out, one three years ago).

Hubby was misdiagnosed with Lupus! Praise the Lord!

There were also several emergency room visits with the boys.

I was bit by a mean, mean spider.

Also for me there has been countless hours spent in the dental chair.

I am still under the care of the eye doc for various issues.

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.

I think that is about it. I hope you had a great 08 and 09 will be even better!

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings! You are a gracious and loving Father!