Monday, July 6, 2009

What A Day!

Look at this......two posts within 48 hours. If I were not sick, I probably would be at work (even though it is 9:28pm).

This morning I got the boys up, fed and they did NOT want to go to school. John felt better and had no vomiting since Saturday night but he was so mad at me. I picked him up and got slapped in the face (during one of his tantrums). I got him dressed anyway through all of the screaming and sent him to his room after a good talking to. He also lost all of his privileges at home for later this evening.

I got them off to school and went to work for two hours to do the banking/bills, ect. I also made a doctor's appointment. Then I went home to chop veggies for chow chow. I made the brine and and added the veggies to sit in the fridge for 8 hours. I got my CVS and grocery lists together, took a 30 minute nap, got myself presentable and left for the doctor at 1pm.

I stopped by CVS and got my shopping done there, tanked my vehicle up with gas and went by Subway for a late lunch. I made it to the doctor at 2:45pm for my 3pm appointment. After being told I had a bad case of bronchitis and puss pockets in the back of my mouth and that I might need to see an ENT if they did not go away with this powerful antibiotic I would be put on for a week, I headed to Wal-Mart to finish my shopping. I had so many coupons and comp items i thought the cashier was going to pass out before she got me rang was actually funny when she saw the total drop from $176 to $115 and that wasn't even all of the savings........with the comp ads (and coupons) I saved $201!!! Yippee! That's enough to make a sick woman well! LOL!

I came home and got the leftovers out while hubby picked up the boys and my meds at the pharmacy. I put away groceries, we ate supper, did bathes, did two washers of clothes and finished canning the chow chow. I am going to bed soon as I have a big day tomorrow at work and the market...........I also have 2 bushels (120 ears) of peaches and cream corn to get put up sometime soon.

For the market tomorrow I will have peaches(50 big baskets), tomatoes (3 -25# boxes, 100 cantaloupes, 2 dozen heads of cabbage, 4 bushels of squash and a half of bushel of cucumbers and a few canned goods. We mainly cup out (sell in small quantities) the veggies and peaches. This is all that can fit on the truck and in the front as well. I hope to remember to take my camera tomorrow and take some pictures and post them.

Well, it has been along day and I have to get hubby up and off to work at 1am......can you hear me pouting?!

Do you have a farmer's market close by and do you like shopping there?

Have a blessed night!!!!


Julie said...

We do have a farmers market in town each Thursday. We went last year, but it was packed! Too hot and too many people!

Marva, I hope you feel better soon. How horrible to be so sick and have to keep going!

Congrats on the shopping trip though - that was quite a savings!

smilernpb said...

Gosh Marva, just reading your post made me dizzy! How you are coping doing so much is beyond me! You must be a miracle lady, especially being ill as well.

I am thinking of you often, and hoping that you and all of your family are well. Take care xx

Nico said...

I hope that you feel better soon :)

Mimi said...

Hi Marva,
We are getting a new farmers market very close to our house. I think it will open this weekend, and I can't wait to shop there!
I hope that you are feeling better.
Hugs, Mimi

MyKidsMom said...

I shop for fruits (usually U-pick)at a local fruit farm. We get most our veggies through gleaners, or (hopefully soon) through our garden:)

You're scaring me a little bit. That bronchitis is nasty stuff that can turn into serious issues. If you can manage to get rid of it without extra rest, you're a better woman than me (and stronger). I will definitely be praying that the antibiotic can knock it out, and that you'll get a few spare moments to recoup. Take care friend~