Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hodge Podge

Just a few days after I posted last we were bombarded with straight line winds and tornados. Two tornados hit within 5 miles of us. Straight line winds took out many apple trees and many large trees as well. We were blessed, we are all safe and no structural damage. WE lost a good but of food due to the long power outage.

Daddy's ribs are better! His bp is still dipping some.

Mom got a GREAT report from the neuro doc! God answered our prayers for a full recovery, just will take time (maybe a year). The doc said she may even get to drive again! :) She is having fever as well as intestinal problems though. Her polymycitis is acting up as well.

Big John has now lost a total of 40 pounds!!!! He was hospitalized 7 years ago for the worst kind of migraine. It took 4 days to get it broke. It hit (fir the first time since that). I gave him some meds and he is some better!

Little John is good other than regular allergies. Mason's coughing asmatha is acting up due to allergies.

A friend from high school had to take her 36 year old husband off of life support and he was buried Friday.

The boys planted their tomato plants. They each did 6 this year. John did grape tomatoes while Mason did romas.

I FINALLY am well enough to get rid of the antibiotics for the staph infection in my sinuses!
I am having bp problems is way too low. The neuro doc took me off of most of the preventive I am on for migraines and now they are back! GRRRRR! So I'll be calling tomorror!
I am still managing two households and cooking Mom and Dad's meals. I guess I am doing okay....just really tired!

So that's where we are now! Blessings!

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Nikki said...

It sounds like things are getting better for you! Yea!! I was sorry to hear about your friend, though. I cannot imagine how she must feel.