Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It seems that since life has taken a hard road for me of late I have  a rotten attitude. I seemd to be short with my husband and boys and well just be miserable to be around. I have asked God to heal my heart and HE has told me HE will in time, HIS time but in the meantime I have to find a way to deal with myself, to be me again. Sickness, death, tragedy......they all do something to a person. Life is hard without having to deal with those things. I am trying to make conscious effect each morning to get up and be me again. I also am going to see the doctor in a couple of weeks for "my feelings".

I have a lot going on right now. Daddy is down with his knee again. He went back to the doctor yesterday. I am fighting staph infection in my sinuses...it seems that is an ongoing thing. I am trying to get Momma's cookbook finished and in publication by February 1. We are very excited about this, just wish she were her to see it finished. The boys are still playing basketball. Big John is loving the farmlife yet still (praise the Lord!)!

I am trudging on and God walks with me, although HE sometimes has to carry me. I am blessed and HE is so good! Blessings!


Julie said...

My Dearest Marva,

I so wish we lived closer together! My heart breaks for you . . . I know life has a way of "getting" at you. I have dealt with these things too.

May I suggest a little something that helps me?

I am determined to NOT let Satan get the glory from day to day. I am counting my gifts/blessing/thankfulness.
I post them on a little blog I have - you could simply count them on your blog. When Satan is fighting his hardest I list SEVERAL gifts . . . it really helps! If you read my gifts blog, you will notice some days are just one gift or blessing and other days - several ~ those days Satan is fighting extra hard.

Praying for you!

Love, Julie

Nikki said...

Marva, my attitude gets bad, too, when I'm stressed, so I understand. I've been praying for you, and I will continue to do so. I know these times are tough, and I can only imagine how hard they are, but God will see you through them.