Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Word

I have seen many friends and bloggers post their "one word". You know the one thing you wish to keep close to your heart and achieve for this year. I have seen "intentional", "treasure" and "focus". I thought about  "joy", then about "direction", then about "family". 

I finally settled on "faithful".  This means that I will stay true to myself completeing the tasks at hand and doing what I say in a productive way with a successful will. It means I will faithfully spend time with my family and less time buried in the laptop screen. I made my Momma a promise on her death bed and it will come to fruition and hopefully a publisher later this year.

Faithful, that is what God is to me and what I want to be to HIM and everyone around me. So, do you have "just one word" this year?

New Year Blessings, my friends!


Julie said...

I love your word! Can't wait for what you are publishing!

Nikki said...

Great word, Marva! Faithful. What a great word for the year!