Friday, June 5, 2009

The Party Has Started

First of all a big shout out to Nicola and Tyra (and Blake)! Ya'll saved us and just in the nick of time. We will not anything until next week about hubby's potential job. I intend to email each of you back but I have offically started the party (work). I feel so behind though. Laundry is running out my ears, I cannot get my menu plan for June finished and I am already exhausted. I am behind reading and commenting on blogs and i feel kind of lost without my bloggy friends.

My schedule is just plain crazy......

Monday 7am drop off boys at daycare, 7am-5pm roadside market, 5 pm pick up boys
Tuesday 8am drop off boys at daycare, 8am-10am payroll, bookkeeping, banking
11am load peaches in orchard
12pm leave for Trussville market
7pm home......I hope
Wednesday 7am drop off boys at day care, 7am-5pm roadside market, 5pm pick up boys
Thursday 6am drop boys off at daycare, leave for market
7am-1 pm Jasper market, drive home
2pm home, unload, run errands for parents (bosses)
4pm pick up boys
Friday 7am drop off boys at daycare, 7am-4pm roadside market, 4 pm pick up boys from
from daycare, take home to mother's helper, go back to work from 4pm-7pm
home 7pm
Saturday 5:30am leave for Jasper market return home at 2pm
2 Saturday's a month John will go to the market at Jasper and I will work the roadside market from 7am-5pm.
2 Sunday's a month John will work the roadside market 1pm-7pm.

This is just what John and I do. The roadside market is open from 7am-7pm M-Sat., 1pm-7pm on Sunday's. Then there are 6 grocery stores we deliver peaches to 3 times or more a week. We also do another market 3 times a week, then there are 3 more that my brother does, for a grand total of 6. The help is my Daddy, Mother, me, John, brother, sil, 2 nephews (16 and 10), an aunt and an uncle and one part time Spanish guy that has been with us for years (he works another full time job).

Please say a little prayer for us........things are really beginning to come in around here and we are all a little frazzled. I'll be around when I can,,,,,,,,



Kristi said...

Praise God for work. Thinking of you in your busy summer schedule.

Mamaoftwins said...

What a blessing on the possible job for hubby! Woo Hoo!

Wow, girl, you are going to be super busy.

Your family is in my prayers.

Have a great day my friend.

Nikki said...

You are always so busy that I don't know how you do it. You and Mrs. Darling seem to thrive when you have no down time at all!

Anonymous said...

I heard something yesterday that really made me think about how I spend my time....we can spend so much time reading and posting to our web "friends" that we don't connect with our "REAL" friends and family.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Hi there Marva girl! Wow, the year has really kicked in for you, hasn't it?

I am envious of all of those fresh peaches you have down there!

You mention the market and then some stores you deliver to . . . what about shipping them? Especially to bloggy friends? I would love to purchase some from you . . . I do understand though if it isn't possible. I know you run your hinie off now.

I miss our "chats."


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hang in there, friend! I wish I'd seen your post about the resume before it was too late, so glad you got good feedback. Will be praying for you!!


MyKidsMom said...

I'm so glad you got the help needed for the resume. I'll keep praying about this job prospect.

I have to echo Kristy in saying Praise God for work. But with your little ones and all the people you help out, I'm sure you'll hardly have time to even think. Take care, and don't worry about keeping in touch with our blogs. We'll still come here for updates when you get a spare minute here and there.

May God bless your harvest, and the selling of it as well.