Thursday, September 24, 2009

This, That and This

Hi all! I am so happy to be back in the blogging world! I am a tired girl today though. the boys mainly lil' john and Big John kept me awake the better part of the night and it seems like the longest day today.

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers during the death of John's uncle. He, no doubt is resting in peace now.

Apples are slowing down and things are not quite as hectic and we are enjoying some wonderful apple treats (fried apple pies, honey apple cakes, apple butter, candied apples, apples with caramel dip and so on so forth). YUM!!! It does look like the store (home market) will be closing soon though.

I am trying to get into the mix mode again.......I cannot wait to get started with all of that. I will open my online back up when the weather begins to cool off and we get back home settled from the beach (maybe the end of next month).

The flooding has not effected us directly, but we do not need more rain right now. We have semi-dwarf apple trees and their root stock is not very deep. The rot is hurting us as well. The ground is completely saturated and the smell of mold is in the air. God knows our every need and he will supply.

The boys are doing well and still in pre-school. they stilll like it and are leaning so very much! Mason is completely potty trained now and Little John still has an accident at night here and there (mostly here......every night, as of late). They got flu mist vaccinations on Monday of this week........we are waiting to hear if our peds office will get swine flu vaccinations or not. Swine flu has hit their school and there has been SEVERAL cases of it there. There is a set of girl twins on their class and they have had it. It is scary and we are taking every precaution that we know if.

The small group is going great! All of the ladies seem to love what we are teaching them and are catching right on. the deals and bargains help so much and we are so blessed to get to show them these things and glorify the Lord at the same time. We have seen so many blessings from this!

I hope all is well! Are your children getting flu vacs this year? Are you? What yummy treats are you fixing this Fall?



Nikki said...

It's good to have you back! I miss you during this busy time when you don't blog much. I'm glad that the boys are doing so well, and you made my mouth water with you list of apple treats. Unfortunately, I won't be making too many treats this fall because my John just doesn't need them. Of course, I don't, either.

We don't do the flu shot thing. My children don't go to daycare or preschool, and the children they are around at church don't, either. We are fortunate that way. I haven't had the flu since high school, and so I'm not going to get the flu shot until I actually get the flu again. I might reconsider then. As for the swine flu, it's milder than the regular flu, so I'm really not worried about that.

With your boys' history, however, I think it's a good idea that you got the flu shot.

mamacantrix said...

Good to see you checking in! I hope the trees do okay. I love fall apples! Maybe someday we'll have the space for a tree or two, too. ;)

Here's wishing you a good nap and a good harvest (what's left of it.) Glad the boys are doing so well! And BTW, I got a flu shot this year and will probably do swine flu when it's available. I usually don't, but there's an extra incentive this year. :) We'll FluMist the boys and wait to see if the H1N1 is available for them.

My laundry is calling.... Hugs!

Mimi said...

Hi Marva! I was thinking about you today and wondering how you've been. we get flu shots every year, and the kids have gotten them since they were 6 mos. old. I would love to bake some goodies, but it's been over 100, about 108 degrees here this week, so I'll wait awhile. I plan on baking pumpkin bread, cranberry and orange muffins, and some baked apple chips. The kids are dying to bake and decorate sugar cookies!
Have a fab weekend!

Julie said...

Hello Dear Friend! It is so good to see you blogging again!

Last year my kids didn't get the flu shot and they weren't sick all winter. This year I am not sure what we will do. The colds have already hit at our house, but the kids seem to be kickig them pretty easily.

My mouth waters at the thought of baking apple pies. I really need to get out to the orchard and get a few bushels of apples.

MyKidsMom said...

Great catch-up post Marva! I too have missed you, but am so happy for you that the harvest has gone well for your family this year.

We LOVE apples around here, we can never seem to get enough. Wish we could come to your farm, because store apples just can't compare to the real thing:)

Since we homeschool, I've skipped the flu shot for my kids in the past. But I have to admit that I'm a little concerned about the swine flu this year. If my kids were smaller, I think I would definitely go with it.