Friday, March 5, 2010

Living Life

I just wanted you to know that I am still around, just not here much. We have several things going on right now. We had some friends loose their quads (yea, all four) this week (she was 22 weeks). I have an aunt fighting cancer and sick in the hospital. So sick she has only taken one round of chemo. She has c.diff and it is taking a toll. My Uncle on the other side is having heart, bp, sugar problems. We also have two very dear family friends sick,. One was told without treatment for cancer he has 2 weeks with treatment 6 months, maybe.The other is 45 years ago on a vent and has a feeding tube......he just got sick one day and the doctors do not know what is wrong. Please pray for these.

My fil is better and is going strong again. The boys are good and we are busy preparing for their birthday party. i finished invites and got most of them out yesterday. The small group is growing and we are adding another ministry to it. John is working many hours and is home little. It has been hard. We are getting the ground ready to plant again! The tree crops look good so far!

I took the boys out for picnic lunch today and we had a blast! They are growing so quickly! I love them so much!

I had more dental work done yesterday and it was not pleasant! I go back Tuesday and I am not excited! LOL

Big John's birthday is next week and I have 2 market meetings as well as the dental work. Exciting times!

Hope all is well and I'll check in soon! Hugs and blessings!!!


Anonymous said...

Prayers are with all the families including your family that god will lay his hands on these individuals and heal them.

Family of the one on the vent tell them to not give up, my mother was in 82 days in a coma and on a vent and everything shut down except her heart that 30% chance of survival and that was 4 years ago and she is still with us today because we kept the faith


Julie said...

Marva, there are so many people that are hurting and sick. I am so sorry there are so many around you . . .

Hugs and much Love

Mimi said...

Sending prayers to your friends and family.
I hope that you are able to enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family.

smilernpb said...

Gosh, what a lot of sickness around you. My thoughts are with all of the families involved.

Enjoy every healthy moment you have, I know we are going to!

Speak soon. Hugs xo