Friday, March 26, 2010

A True Blessing

I have been cooking for most of the out of town guests for a few days (since Tuesday am). Wednesday a lady (Cathey) called from our church and told me that the pastor's wife had told her to get the ladies together and provide us with a meal. Cathey is in charge of things like that. She told me they would be here Friday and asked what time. I told her 4pm. This morning I got up exhausted. Doing all of the usual things, taking care of my Mom, arranging child care, the funeral home stuff, flowers, the funeral and taking food to this house and that house. I had two aunts that made a few things and that was a big help. Then today Cathey came and let me tell you those ladies cooked for a army and a half!!!! We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful church! Thank you for our wonderful church family!!!

There was meatloaf, kraut & wieners, 2 gallons of tea, 2 packs of rolls, peach cobbler, lemon pie, strawberry cake, green beans, chicken and rice casserole, whole kernel corn, mashed taters, deviled eggs, mac & cheese, cornbread salad and squash casserole! We feed 12 of us tonight, a far cry for the 30 we fed yesterday and the day before. One meal yesterday was provided by my cousin's church. We are so blessed in the midst of our grief. Today has been so hard for my Mom. She wanted to stay in bed but I took the boys over and she perked up. When she saw all of the food she and my Daddy both were just in aw. My Mom cried.....again. These were tears of thankfulness though.


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