Friday, April 2, 2010

Rough Few Days but Happy Good Friday!

Thank you Father for sending your Son and Saving us and thank you for him rising again! I praise Him today and always for He lives!!!! Happy Good Friday to you all!!!

The last few days have been rough to say the least. The boys got great checkups Wednesday from the pediatrician. John is 35#, 41.25 inches tall. Mason is 40#, 41 inches tall. They are doing great after each a finger stick and 2 vaccines, except for their allergies. John's had already started acting up and now his are full blown and Mason are right behind. I have been up for 2 nights straight and John slept in our bed Tuesday night. Noses are running, sneezing and John just coughs, coughs, coughs, Mason's eyes are staying swollen. We are using some over the counter things and John had a steroid to help the inflammation in the lungs and lessen the coughing some. We also have started giving John honey, Mason will not touch it. They say if it is raw and local (it is since it's from our bees) that it will help with allergies. It has helped Big John and we are hoping for the same with Lil one.I also am using plain saline spray in their noses.

So, what works for your kiddos allergies? Would my pharmacist friend like to add something here....? Please!!! I am so tired and have a full blown sinus infection to boot and could use some advice!

The ped said the boys need some exposure to the allergens and I understand that, so they will build some immunity to it. There is a fine line there too.......have to be so careful as not to get them sick because of the respiratory issues from prematurity.

suggestions are needed! The floor is yours!

Blessings and thanks in advance!

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Nikki said...

I really don't have any suggestions except maybe some Benadryl to help them sleep at night. It works like a charm for our children. Have you tried it? Since I don't know what else you have tried, I really can't suggest anything else. But steroids should help a LOT.