Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meeting New Neurologist

Yesterday I met with a new neurologist. The migraines have been off the charts and I have had a headache now for weeks and weeks. They were just getting worse. So I got wo shots in the new (a combo of cortisone and predisone). Yes, it hurt and quite badly. Then he started me a preventive and well as a new drug combo (Aleve and Reglan), he also gave me the same migraine med I have been taking to use if necessary (Treximet) and then two drugs to help me rest if needed (when all else fells) Vistaril and Phenegran.

I used the ones xceot the last two yesterday to "break" the headache cycle, yesterday and it worked!!! I started the prevenative last night as well. And guess what???? I am headache free!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

My headaches are caused by so many things. Here is the list as I know now; smelling cigarette smoke (like just walking by someone smoking in front of a store), excess amounts of caffeine, certain aged cheeses, certain spices (cloves and some others), not drinking enough water, constipation, humidity (change in the pressure outside), stress, hormonal changes (around my cycle), nitrates (found in processed meats) and msg (susally found in chinese food).

I had tried some herbal remedies and nothing had worked. I have used every migraine ecedrine and other over the counter migraines pain relievers known. I have also used other prescription migraine meds.

When the neurologist looked behind my eyes he told me he could not believe the amount of pressure back there. He asked me how much pain I wa in and I told him not much, it was not as bad as it gets. I could still talk and carry on a converstaion like normal and I had driven myself the hour there. He said unbelieveable, that most people cannot function when he sees that much pressure there.

I am so glad to have something that works. I will keep a headache calendar for a month and then see the doctor again then. Please pray that this keeps working!!!

Do you have migraines? What causes yours? What meds do you use?


Nikki said...

I'm glad that you found this new doctor and that his plan seems to be working. I've only had a couple of migraines, and I don't know what brought them on. Since I had them, though, I have a much better appreciation of the pain people are in when they have one.

Mimi said...

I've had them for years, but do not like to take medication, so I go in for shots when the pain is too much to bear.
I'll be praying for you!

Julie said...

My heart breaks for you enduring those headaches.

Praise God for a DR that is helping you!

Anonymous said...

be very careful with the reglan...
read all you can about it
God Bless, Pam, South Bend

Heather said...

Humidity, stress, lack of water, exhaustion,hormones all contribute to mine. I have been lucky that they go away in a day or so after sleeping. But the throbbing is so painful. I'm happy to hear this is working for you!

Marva said...

I only take the Reglan as needed and only 10mg at a time. It is not used everyday. Thanks for your concern Pam. I appreciate you looking out for me! Hugs!

Nico said...

I am so happy that you are finding something that is working for your migraines. Wishing you well :)

mamacantrix said...

I'm glad you're finding something that works. I get migraines, too. My usual triggers are hormones, red wine, food additives, sinus pressure when the weather changes, and mold.
I can usually catch them when they're starting and stop them with 2 Mucinex D and 2 Excedrin (or 2 Tylenol and 4 Advil with a can of soda when I'm nursing and can't take aspirin). Also, keeping up with my vitamins (women's multi and a Super-B), iron supplement, and taking evening primrose oil capsules helps keep them from starting, and I pretty much avoid processed food altogether. Not only does it make a difference with my headaches, it makes a huge difference with the boys' behavior.

I'll pray that you get to the bottom of it and can ditch your migraines once and for all!

MyKidsMom said...

It sounds like you've got just about every trigger out there my friend. I share a few of them, and have to say there are few things that match a bad migraine for the pain. I am so glad you are getting some real help for them, and pray that these medicines continue to help.

smilernpb said...

Oh Marva, I am sorry to hear that you have such bad migranes. I get headaches quite frequently, but they are not migranes.

I'm so happy for you that you finally have found some medication that seems to be working for you.

All the best! Hugs xo