Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Ready

The last few weeks have blown by and if I might say they have been rather intense. Since the boy's birthday I have taken 4 different folks to various doctor's appointments and chemo treatments. I have been scheduled for a rather invasive bladder surgery as well as eye surgery. I wish the eye surgery were lasik but my eyes are in too bad of shape for that. I also have had two more crowns cemented and seated as well as 6 fillings. I brush my teeth FOUR and FIVE times a day and floss and swish and I do NOT drink sodas. I just have bad teeth! Both my parents had dentures by age 22. I hope the boys inherit their Daddy's oral genes! :)

I have been letting things slide since others have been deemed more important. With all the death and sickness it just doesn't seem like Easter time. I have always been "on the ball" with all things holiday! Not this time. I ordered the boys pants and a shirt for Easter. Neither fit them correctly and I have not taken them back. I have resorted to letting them wear last years attire,AHEM...if it fits. If not i will run to Wal-Mart and pick up some khakis and a polo. I am not even sure what hubby has to wear since his weight loss. And since my AHEM weight GAIN I am not sure if I have clothes either. My parents have decided that I need not cook and we will just get take out for Easter lunch. This is NEVER heard of in the south at least at our house. I am totally okay with it though....for some odd reason.

I have not dyed eggs with the boys or read the Easter story for that matter. Their Resurrection Eggs have sat alone in the closet as well. I am actually okay with this.....most all of it actually and am not stressed at all. I do and will talk with the boys about Jesus being "Alive and well" and how blessed we are. John is singing his first solo at church (Easter morning no less) and does not even have the soundtrack to listen to for practice and he is as calm as can be. While we are not ready we are okay and God has a plan. Perhaps we will figure it out before out Sonrise service Sunday morning! :) Happy Easter!!!!


Nikki said...

You've had a lot going on lately, and you need to take that into account when you look at what you haven't done. And it looks like you've done that. Hopefully, next year, you'll be able to do all that you would like.

Mary said...

I hope that life has a less rocky road for you in the months ahead. Perhaps next year you will be able to accomplish a llyou wanted to this year. I hope you can enjoy the holiday weekend. Blessings...Mary