Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 Currents

Current Reading List:
Mudbound by Hilary Jordan for me. I am currently reading The Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums to the boys. We are doing Jesus Calling devotion with the boys. I am doing the  Made to Crave Devotional. I wish John and I were reading or doing a devo together but we're not. I think  I will suggest it though.

Current Playlist:
Nothing. I find myself at home enjoying the peace and quiet. When I am in the car I tune to 93.7 and listen to some current Christian Jams.

Current Food Craves:
Cajun turkey sandwiches with hot mustard and provolone cheese. Coke.

Current Wishlist:
My Daddy not to be so sad. Also for him to have good health.

Current Need:
To get my Acadia's windshield fixed where a rock cracked it a couple months ago. To get the relector fixed on the back corner where someone hit me. Also we need to clean vehicles out and wash them.

Current Triumph:
Still dealing with Momma's death with the Lord's help but beginning to think about medication. I am short and snappy and I do not like being that way.

Current Annoyance:
My sickness; I have staph infection in my sinuses with a secondary sinus infection and have felt miserable for a couple of weeks now. Still on several meds including antibiotics. The infectious disease doctor wants to do a picc line but we are trying oral antibiotics again. I am 4 weeks into a 6  month stint of Doxycycline.

Current Addiction:
Our new puppy. He is a Chorkie and is 16 weeks old. His name is Brixon and weighs about 4 pounds.

Current Blessing:
My family. All of them......husband, children, Daddy, brother, sister-in-law.....all of them. i love them all so much!

Current Outfit:
Hot pink thermo pj shirt and light pink scotty dog pj bottoms.

Current Excitment: Taking the boys to see Parental Guidance at the movies after church (and after we feed the cows) and eating at Red Robin.

Current To-Do's:
Cleaning out/up and organizing the junk room. Starting back to work on the cookbook.

Current Favorite Things:

My Shark Navigator Vaccum. It picks up so well! Better than my Rainbow type vaccum (called a Delphin).


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Julie said...

Thinking of and praying for you and your family!