Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Traditions are such an important part of life to me. I grew up making traditions with my own family and I want the same for my own little family. I am not sure if traditions played a large part of growing up for John or not. My parents always made a big deal out of birthdays and Christmas as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I am going to list some of our Christmas traditions that we have started for our own family.

  • Decorating a Christmas tree for the living room and the boys each have a John Deere tree in their own rooms.
  • Going to our town's Christmas parade.
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights while rocking it out to Christmas tunes in our pajamas!
  • Making gingerbread house
  • Making Christmas cupcakes for their school ,party
  • Making Christmas snack mix
  • Watching Christmas movies, lots of them!
  • Drinking hot cocoa after setting up our outside decorations!\
  • Reading the Christmas story, every night!
  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Writing Santa a letter and this year we got one back from him
  • Family reunion with my Daddy's side of the family
  • Doing Christmas lace up cards
  • Drawing and coloring Christmas pictures
  • Painting and doing Christmas crafts
  • Going caroling to grandparents homes
  • Participating in our Christmas programs at church and school
  • Reading God Gave Us Christmas
  • Baking Cake for Baby Jesus and having HIM a birthday party
  • Taking treats to special friends and neighbors
  • Making special pancakes Christmas morning and opening gifts, spending lunch with my parents and supper with my brother's family.

So, do you have traditions, how do you celebrate?

Christmas Blessings!


Nikki said...

We don't have many traditions yet, but I think it's time we started some. I'll have to think about it.

Julie said...

I love your list!!! You are so amazing!!!

We have a few traditions:

Annual Christmas Photo

Annual Christmas Photo book from Shutterfly - made after Christmas.

Orders from Marva's Mixes

Setting up our Safari Christmas Tree in the kitchen.

Christmas movies every day . . . we try to watch them until they are all watched. But this year we have watched some of the same ones over and over.

Giving to others - we "find" families that would not have a Christmas and buy for them anonymously. We have someone deliver them for us.

This year we began the Magical Reindeer Dust and Blitzed people - (leaving the little jars at their door)

Hot chocolate . . . Marva's is the best!

We hope for snow - sledding.

Send out Christmas Cards

Christmas cookies

Gifts for neighbors - cookies/Wolfermans

Waffles on Christmas morning.

Visiting with family on Christmas Eve.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I love traditions! Merry Christmas, friend!