Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Overload and Exhaustion

Wow, I don't even know where to start. I am just worn out, in every facet! I am blessed and I will tell you all that until the day the Lord takes me from this world. There are many that have it much, much worse than I and I do not mean to complain. I am going to petition for a little prayer though! :)

My Daddy is still having the trigeminal neuralgia episodes and on the medication to treat that. Now, he has developed shortness of breath. After weeks of going to the family doctor;it has been determined that he has fluid in his lungs. He is very swollen in the stomach and ankles. He had several tests done there and an appointment made to see his cardiologist. Many tests there-6 hours we were there on Monday. Tomorrow (Thursday) he will have a heart cath to see why fluid is there. His last cath was 9 years ago. He also had 5 bypasses 21 years ago.

My Mom is slowly coming out of remission and I hate for her. The pain is getting intense. She goes back tot the doctor a week from today. They will probably up the predisone again. She has Polymyositis (a type of Inflammatory Myopathy). This is an autoimmune disease that destroys the muscles. Daddy willhave an appointment that same day, but hours earlier. So I will take him first and drive the 2 hours and then take her and drive the 2 hours again that afternoon (an hour each way, each time).

I try to help out by cooking for them, writing checks (paying bills), running erranda, making appointments and such. I am so blessed to have them in our lives.

The boys have green runny noses and coughs again. The flu is running rampid around here. We are talking some school classrooms only have 7 or 8 students left at the day ends (most rooms have about 25). They are growing and learning so much! I love my babies!

John's Dad was admitted to the hospital again with chest pains. He was releaased yesterday after tests confirmed nothing. He has been to the er and/or been admitted 14 times since August! I think he is lonely and scared. It always seems to happen at night.

John's knee is giving him fits again and the pain has moved to his shin as well. He has had 3 knee surgeries thus far. 2 of those being in the last 12 years since we have married. We are suppose to go back to the doc today but we are expecting a small ice event in our area; which is rare in itself! LOL

I just cutoff orders for mixes and have 2 more orders to go out. I am so glad I am finished! I am so tired! I also am trying to get surgery scheduled. I have held off since October and am miserable. If you are of the male nature please stop reading now! My bladder virtually fell out in October (on my birthday no less) and I went to the ob/gyn and she temporarily "fixed" it. Anyhoo, I am having a new procedure done next month and hopefully today I will have a date. I cannot lift the boys or anything over 20# and I hate that! I mean I live on a farm for crying out loud!

The boys Christmas program at church was Sunday and they did a great job, excpet when Mason got "tired" and decided to just lay down admist the other 25 children on stage! LOL! They are having another program, but at their school this Friday with cocoa and cookies to follow.

We are getting behind with our "traditions" this year. John is working 6 days a week; there is only so much a Mama can handle! LOL I can only handle it with God's help and HIS hand guiding me! Praise HIM!

Hope you are blessed!


Nikki said...

Marva, I'm praying for you!

That's funny about Mason!

Mimi said...

I'm sending prayers for you and your parents and for John and his daddy. I'm sure That you are right and he is very lonely. Also, this time of year is probably very hard on him, so I hope that your boys can give him some extra hugs for Christmas.
I hope that you feel better soon. Try and get in some alone time and just relax. It's hard, I know.
Mason must have been the star of the show, LOL!

Julie said...

Marva . . . my heart is heavy for you girl! I know how hard it is to have parents getting on in years and with health scares and concerns. Don't you just cringe when you think of them getting older? I know I do!

I also feel for you and your poor bladder! Hugs Dear Friend!!!

Prayers for you and yours . . . your parents, John and his Dad. Also those precious baby boys of yours! They are adorable!

Hugs and Much Love my Friend!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

You do have a lot going on! Praying for peace, health and rest for you and your family. Hang in there!