Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making Sense of MRSA

It has been over a year since I was first diagnosed with MRSA of the sinuses. I've had just the old fashioned staph infection of the sinuses but then this. We have staph all over our body. Staph is produced in the sinuses, it generally exits your body via your sinus fluids and saliva. My problem is a little different. I have a very low sinus cavity on my right side. As a matter of fact I have some roots from teeth in that very cavity. That cavity does not drain properly. As a matter of fact I have t keep is washed out with saline and salt water (at least a quart a day). If I don't it pools in the cavity, stagnates and forms a crust (sore) over the cavity. The smell is worse that awful. IT is like rotten flesh and it is there until the sore comes off, the fluid is released and it is washed out and the antibiotics have taken hold. The typical sulfa drugs used to treat MRSA I am allergic too. We normally use Doxycycline with a compounded antibiotic nose spray of sorts. I met with the infectious disease doctor recently and my choices are becoming quite limited. I am using the typical regime for now. My other options are pic line or iv antibiotics via hospital stay. The important thing is to keep the MRSA from getting in the bloodstream. Also another concern is that if it got in the bloodstream how quickly it could make contact with the brain. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. It is not terminal and I am blessed so I just hold on to that.

The pain and pressure is also a lot to deal with. There are times that the front of my face feels like it could just "pop off"! If I bend down too quickly I have found myself getting up from the floor.

I had sinus surgery for reconstruction(due to breathing issue) and to clean out infection and add silicone to bones to strengthen them. a couple of years ago and that was successful. This however is a whole new story. We have known for a while that this other surgery is a very needed option and I just don't want to think about it. I am running out of options. To break it down this surgery would reconstruct most of my face. There would have to be broken bones, screws, plates, possible cheek implant, teeth pulled and teeth implants added, all while building up that sinus cavity. Dealing with all we are right now is just a hard place.

So, that is where we are with my health. We are trying our best to keep me out of the hospital since we are expecting John's Dad to pass anytime, my sick parents and aunt and so on so forth. I currently have no broken skin lesions (sores outside the nose/sinus cavities). So we are very thankful for that! If you have a extra prayer for healing and another for wisdom they would be much appreciated! God is good and we are hanging on to HIM! Blessings!


Nikki said...

Oh, Marva! I've been praying for your healing, but I certainly will keep it up. I didn't realize it was that bad.

Julie said...

How awful. You poor thing! Please know you and yours are in my prayers.

Mimi said...

That is a lot to deal with! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself!