Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Month!

Well, it appears that February is upon us! I wanted to review my New Year's Goals.

  1. Blog daily. I blogged 15 times compared to the 31 I wanted to. However, it is better than just once.
  2. Take more pictures. I haven't really, although I have taken several of the boys @ basketball games.
  3. Read Bible daily. Most days but not all. I did say read through it in a year. I am now striving for a chapter a day.
  4. Read 2 books or more a month. SUCCESS! DONE! I have read Gabby, Money Saving Mom's Budget and Organizing for Life.
  5. Read more to the boys. DONE! Almost everyday.
  6. Restart daily devo and prayers with hubby. Starting today.
  7. Read and pray as a family. Not done . Ashamed to say.
  8. Declutter and organize. A work in progress, however I would say I am 50% PLUS there in the house.
  9. Toenails have yet to be painted, however, feet are in better shape!
  10. Paint and redo master bath. I have the color picked out! :)
  11. New kitchen counter tops. Maybe late fall.
  12. Stick to defined budget and put $$$ back. Sticking with budget. No $$$ back yet.
  13. Finish cookbook and gt to publisher. Not yet.......
  14. Get back to "magic number" weight wise. Not yet but on my way! :)
  15. Organize pics/clean off sd cards. Not yet.
  16. Use kinder and more encouraging words with family. Trying and struggling daily.
  17. Surrender and trust more fully in God! Yes and continually working on.

How are your goals going?

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Nikki said...

Well, you see how I'm doing. And I think you're doing great!