Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preschool Life

The boys have really gotten the hang of school and are really enjoying it. Their speech is improving and they love their teacher. Monkey is finally trying new foods and finding he like some of them. They are thriving.

It has not been without it's hardships though. They have been attending since around the 1st of July. They have endured a cold, an upper respiratory infection, 2 ear infections, a viral infection, they each have been bitten by another child (Monkey's bit was so severe that it broke the skin) and they AVOIDED the lice outbreak (praise the Lord). Monkey now has a yeast infection on his bottom (due to the antibiotics for the ear infection).

That's enough to do one in........if she didn't have here faith in the good Lord!

They are doing well and their pediatrician thinks this will boost their immune system. So we shall see when they are enrolled next June for preschool. They will only go through October this year.

So, have/do your children attend preschool? What have you found your child most enjoys about it?


Nikki said...

I'm glad that your boys are thriving in preschool. I know that is a relief for you.

Sarah Beth is not in preschool, but when we get together with other mothers and children, she just loves playing with the other children. That is her favorite thing.

Nico said...

Thade is starting preschool soon, and I have to admit I'm dreading the cold and flu outbreaks that follow... But I know he is going to love school. He will be in the same class as his best friend :)

I hope that you and your boys are doing well.

Mrs. Darling said...

I am long past the preschool days but I just had to hop over here and tell you I have been thinking about you while the rain has brought down every stalk of corn in my garden! I remeber hwo you had us all pray when there was going to be a freeze right when the crops were critical. I just thank God that this is corn and we are not dependent upon it for our livelihood. I cant imagine what you farmers go through!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Glad to hear the boys are enjoying and thriving in preschool! Taylor loves her daycare - since I work, she stays with a freind of mine who watches children in her home. There is another girl close to her age and a boy the same age as her 2 days a week. Her vocabulary has exploded since the little girl she plays with each day has started talking, and they started walking at almost exactly the same time. I wish that I could stay home with my daughter, but it helps me to see how much she enjoys being with her daycare provider and little friends each day.

Have you tried lotramin cream for the yeast infection? Sweetpea had several of them her first year, and that seemed to clear it right up (as suggested by her pediatrician) Take care!


Mimi said...

I could never find a preschool that had room for both of my twins, and so they never went to preschool. They did go to a little play group 2 times a week for 5 weeks. It was thru the cit parks dept. and they did puzzles,painting, clay play, log cabin blocks, sang songs, and danced. They were almost 4 then! They cried so much that I had to volunteer just so they could stay! By 5 years old, they were ready for kindergarten and just loved school. I always taught them at home, and they could read and spell before kindergarten and are A students in school.