Friday, August 29, 2008

They're Home!!!

I wrote about Monday in the last post. I got lots of kosher dill and bread and butter pickles canned.

Tuesday I worked, ran errands for my parents and straightened the house. Tiger had an allergic reaction to Penicillin. Lots of Benadryl and a new prescription of antibiotics.

Wednesday I worked. I closed up the home market. I get the call that my mom's godmother has cancer and is in the hospital.

Thursday I went to the long way farmer's market and sold our produce. I came back to the home market and worked. I had an awful migraine and Aunt Flo had been visiting for over 24 hours. I had to pick the boys up early due to a fall. monkey is okay but his head looks bad. I am feeling quite anemic. I go to the ER myself and get two shots of iron and go by Wal-Mart of restock my iron supplement supply.

Friday I worked and boy did I work. I closed up after a 1o hour day. The parents left Monday for vacation and arrived back home today. Praise the Lord. My brother and I have had all of the responsibility this week and it has been a doozy!

The mower broke down, peaches were to pick and season is not ready to end yet. WE have been to markets, kept the home market running, took care of cattle, did the picking, some fall planting (greens), kept our families going and it rained 5 1/2 inches Monday and Tuesday.

The highlight of my week................seeing that sandalwood colored Cadillac pulling in the drive and feeling my parents arms around me. I am a Momma and Daddy's girl! Thank you Lord for their safe return.

Hope to catch up more soon. I must get up at 4am for another market tomorrow......

Good night, many blessings and sweet dreams......................


Mimi said...

Marva, I hope the boys are feeling better. I really hope that you get some relaxin' time this weekend.

mamacantrix said...

You, dear girl, deserve a vacation! I hate weeks like thing after the other and diminished capacity to take it all in. It's like you're missing the slow pitches, so someone cranks up the speed to prove the point that you're missing pitches! But I'm glad the folks are home safely, and that things are settling back into their usual frenetic pace!


blessedwith5 said...

Glad your folks are home safe and sound~

Take some time to rest.

MyKidsMom said...

Just stopped by to say Hello, hope the little guy feels better soon.

I'll be praying for your hubby's surgery to go smoothly. Take care.