Monday, March 16, 2009

Other Things

I am sorry for lack of comments on your blog and the fact that I have NOT gotten the post up about the GIVEAWAY. It will be later today or even tonight until I get the giveaway one up. I will hopefully be back to commenting later on today or tomorrow for sure.

MY mind is spinning with details for the boys party on Saturday, a Sunday school party later that same evening, my Dad's upcoming surgery, the fact that it is raining buckets and the play yard (landscaping) needs to be finished by the party and the fact that I am potty training twins!!!!!

We are still recovering from the crazy weekend and I have been up since 2am this morning with Tiger. I am getting a little cold, starting a new diet, I could go on and on........oh me I am exhausted just writing about it all.

I am fine, promise and God is in control. Hope to see you in awhile! Have a Marvelous Monday! Blessings!


Nikki said...

Oh, Marva, we understand being busy. Don't worry about it; just get to it when you can. Even if it's not until next week, we understand.

Mimi said...

No worries, it will all work itself out!
Have fun with the party planning.

Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

Wow you do have a plate full now don't you. Everything will work out nicely and I'm sure the boys will have a wonderful party too.

MyKidsMom said...

Planning parties is so much work, but worth it in the end. I haven't been posting much myself. Life just gets busy like that sometimes. Take care, and stay healthy.

Nikki said...

Yes, it's still open. Glad to have you!