Monday, March 9, 2009

This and That's

It has been a very busy few days around here! The weather has been positively gorgeous and the boys have enjoyed being outside. They have played until their hearts were content and then some.

Friday I went grocery shopping and such and then they played outside for awhile. We got one field ready for planting too. I am so excited to see Spring just around the corner! Friday night we burned a field off behind the house. This burn was INTENTIONAL! LOL! However, several passersby called 911 and the firetrucks roared up our driveway only to find out we needed the fire! IT is kind of funny now......

Saturday and Sunday was busy, busy as well. We detailed and cleaned up all three vehicles. We put the 99 Chevy out for sale afterwards Saturday morning. Praise the Lord, by Saturday afternoon it was SOLD! That was quick. I had been praying the Lord would take over because insurance in due on the 20th. They are suppose to come and finalize everything today. Get this......the guy had been looking for one similar to this over a year. His wife and I went to school together and she works at my parents bank.

Saturday night we went to Cracker Barrel and it was yummy. We had a wonderful server too!

We went to Lowe's to get landscape timbers, caulking and a kitchen faucet. The faucets similar to ours were around $150 +! Ouch....we'll wait and I'll look at a local place. We forgot about the timbers and I couldn't find the caulking I wanted to do the 4 bathroom sinks.

Then we went to Target. I had some pj's to take back. It was crazy though. I ordered them online and id not have the packing receipt because one was NEVER sent. We tried to pull it up online and it said my email addy was not in their system. They couldn't track it by my check card since we have new cards thanks to a hacker (from another event) and then they called the corp office. I spilled the info again and all of my personal info, only to be put on hold. She came back on the line (we had been there for over 30 minutes by then and the boys were cranky!) and asked me to hold a while longer. I told her to forget it, I would just give them to someone else for Christmas this year. I was so irritated! We went to get the storage thingy I needed for the playroom and they had one. It was suppose to be $59 regular and on sale for $37 this week (last week). The one box was open and when we checked, some of it was missing. I asked for a rain check and was told that they could not give me one! GRRRRRRRR! Needless to say we left and my Target shopping days are OVER!!!!!

Hubby thought I needed a little Dairy Queen after all of the drama and ordered me a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Bowl. I would have been happy with an ice cream bar! It was nasty!!!!!! I ate some of it and told him thank you. We tossed it once home.
We finally made it home with 2 very sleepy kiddos about 9pm.

Sunday morning we all slept in and then I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We lingered over coffee and the Sunday paper.

We rushed to get ready for church and finally made it on time. The boys started to Sonshine Village today (the 3-5 year class). They aren't in the nursery anymore.....another milestone! YAY! I missed service though by staying in there with them. Monkey refused to let me leave. Next week the youth does children's church. Miss KK goes to church with us and she will be in there with them.

After church we came home to hot Santa Fe soup in the crock pot. It was so yummy! Then we all took a nap and lingered around with an afternoon snack once getting up.

We got ready and back to church we went for Marriage Enhancement class. We finally rolled back in at 8:30pm and had a light supper. The boys and us were in the bed by 9:15pm.

Hubby had to get up at 3am for work today. The boys allergies are acting up and we are giving them meds. I am thinking the peds will need to change them though. They are much bigger than when given last year. I am calling the pharmacy this am, to get the correct dosage until their well check later this month.

I am doing the usual cooking cleaning and laundry for today. I will need to get the party invites in the mail today as well as some bills. I need to go by the water dept and pay the bill too. We are out of milk and foil. I also want to get some $.99 chicken breasts before the sale ends tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that I attened two market meeting s and a vegetable production meeting over the weekend as well. They were interesting to say the least.

What does you day hold? How was your weekend? Happy Monday! Blessings!


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

We had a great weekend!

Sorry you had such trouble with Target!

Your soup sounded wonderful!

Hugs dear friend

Mimi said...

We had a really nice weekend.
sorry you had some bad experiences with Target and ice cream!
I don't care for those chocolate covered bowls, either.
I hope you have a great day!

Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

Wow you definately had a full weekend. Sorry you had such problems at Target. You know I don't shop ther often at all and mostly because every time I go they have 30 check stands and only 2 open and both have a line of people. It's just nuts.

That soup sounds really good could you share the recipe?


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading your post this week ;) still haven't gotten past that early pregnancy slump, I guess.

Sorry to hear about your Target woes, they can be a real pain to work with! I had some issues with my registry when we got married, and for that reason they didn't get my baby registry with Sweetpea!

We got a taste of spring this weekend too, lovely!

MyKidsMom said...

Send some of your nice weather over here:) Sounds like you're staying busy.

Your trouble with Target is the reason why I'm leery of buying online. I've had mostly good experiences so far, but it can definitely be aggravating when you come across a problem like that.

IF said...

We are loving the 80 degree weather here!!! I love cracker barell too. I could eat like 10 of their buttermilk biscuits! haha! I hope you are doing great!