Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Needing To Unload

This will be a random kind of post about many things! Imagine that! LOL

  • One of the retreat windows is leaking again. A family friend is coming to take a look see tomorrow and hopefully get it fixed.

  • Many doctor appointments all around. I took Mom to 3 last week and one today. Took Daddy to one last week. The boys had dental check ups last week and will have 5 year old well visits Friday. Whew!

  • Daddy has cracked ribs and is not suppose to be on tractor, mower, ect. for 4-6 weeks. NOTE** he is a farmer. We'll see how long that lasts.

  • Feels like not enough of time in the day here lately. I feel stretched way too thin. I feel like I am not giving my boys enough of attention. I also am praying that I tell them about Jesus enough and HIS love for them.

  • Easter is fast approaching, outfits are needing ironed, baskets to be made and the the family meal to be cooked and served.

  • I am way behind balancing the checkbook. Thankfully there is money there and the bills are paid.

  • The diet is going well but not great.

  • I so am need of a pedicure.

  • I start back to work June 1. ):

  • Trying to arrange childcare for my kiddos on Tuesday's and Thursday's after BIG school! My boys are NOT suppose to be this BIG!

  • My heart is still broken about my Mom. So thankful she is is her with us!

  • Cooking and taking care of two families/households is a BIG deal!

  • I am tired almost all of the time.

  • I so wish I had time to eat out with friends, read this shelf full of books, soak in the tub, take a weekend away with just John and then a vacation with my family.

  • We took the boys to their first MLB Game Saturday. Go Braves!

The End! blessings!


Julie said...

Marva, my heart is burdened for you. There are definitely times I do not understand why God allows some to go through so much. In saying that, I know God is ALWAYS there and is waiting for us to talk to Him.

I know it is hard and you have no time for yourself, but see if you can sneak in a few minutes just for yourself.

Hugs and much love!

Mimi said...

Hi Marva, Sending prayers and hugs. I have been through similar this past year with my dad's illness and passing, and then with my sister's passing, and taking care of my mom and family. Sometimes I just feel lost, but life goes on. It is a lot but you will get through it.
Hugs, Mimi

Nikki said...

Marva, I'm still praying for you. I know this time is hard for you, and I can only imagine how tired you are. It's hard to keep going sometimes, isn't it?