Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Reading

So far in The month of March I am not doing so well with my reading list. You can view it here. I finished no books in the month of February. Actually I did finish one in February (The House That Cleans Itself). that is a total of 4 for the year (now that we are 11 weeks into it). I am currently working on Modern Parents/Vintage Values, Storm Warning, The Husband Project and The Unhealthy Truth. Perhaps if I only read one at a time, I could at least finish one and more quickly! LOL!

So what are reading? What are your reading goals this year?


Mimi said...

I am currently reading Birthright by Nora Roberts. I read everyday while I wait for the kids after school and at their activities. I love to read and just read whatever catches my attention! I need to check out "The House That Cleans Itself", so I can find time to read even more!

Nikki said...

You've had a lot going on lately; don't feel bad that you haven't gotten as much reading done as you would have liked. I think you're doing well, and there's plenty of time left in the year to catch up.

Ellie said...

I am reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult....reading is one of my favorite things to do...I always have a book going!