Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Me, Again

I am suppose to be at the surgery center in the morning at 5:45am. Please say a prayer. John will post tomorrow to let you know how things went.

Also, this morning I took my boys (who now feel better) to school. The director (owner)'s husband fell dead of a heart attack around 9ish. He was not even 50 and in great shape. He and Ms. Lisa were not just husband and wife but true sweethearts and best friends (as well as parents of 3 beautiful girls). Please pray for this family. They are in shock and are devasted.



smilernpb said...

Thinking of you Marva. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lots of love and hugs xo

Nikki said...

I just sent up a prayer. I hope you are able to be up and about soon.

Julie said...

I just clicked in to your blog and was just about knocked out of my chair. I am so sorry Marva . . . sorry that I have not kept up with blogs lately and for the numerous health issues with your family. Be safe, be well and recover quickly!

Mimi said...

I'll be praying and thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh heart goes out to
that family....anxious to hear how you do....prayers for comfort and wisdom. Pam,South Bend