Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Head is Spinning

It has been a long few days. Thanksgiving was great. I cooked and we took it to my parents home. It was just us and the boys and my parents for the noon meal. that night my brother, sil and their 2 boys (17 yrs. and 11 yrs.) came over. We had a blast and by the end of the night Daddy was in pain pretty badly so we called it a night.

I prepared my list, sales papers and coupons and at 3am my best friend Connie and I braved the 27* temps (and the crowds) to welcome Black Friday in all of it's glory! We had a blast and spent about 7 hours of just shopping. I came home and we spent an easy afternoon and night. I am so thankful John was off so he could stay with the boys.

Saturday Daddy had a lot of pain but finally was able to start back on his Coumadin and seemed more like himself and not so sluggish. I was not feeling well and later that night I found out why. I am miserable. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow but in the meantime if you have any suggestions/advice it is much welcome. It seems as I have bleeding (severe) hemorrhoids again. Yuck!

This morning John and I got the boys ready for church and we decided he and them would go and I would stay home and rest. He had been gone about 5 or 6 minutes when the phone rang. It was his Dad and something was wrong (he was crying). He said he couldn't go and I was asking where can't you go? Well, come to find out he's been having pain in his leg. i called John and he brought the boys home and left to take his Dad to the er. He met his is at his Dad's and they took him to find out that his Dad had so much arthritis that he needs a knee replacement. He is 83 and has no heart function and has a pacemaker and there is many many other health issues. I don't see that happening. He was given a script for pain meds and an anti-inflammatory. He is home resting.

Daddy is better today for now, he seems more like himself and was able to go to church.

I am still having my bottom issue as well as being a few weeks late with my period (I will take another pregnancy test in 2 days)-I think my cycle is messed up from having surgery and the stress of everything and my head is spinning from all the green liquid coming from my nose. Yuck! I am praying there is not any infection. Surgery was less than a month ago and now this!!! Please Lord make my Daddy and fil better and heal my body!!!

I see the ENT tomorrow and am going to try to see the OB/GYN too. We'll see.....Have a great night and blessings!!!!


Nikki said...

I can see why your head is spinning, and I don't know what to say except that I will pray for you.

Julie said...

Marva, you need a vacation!

I don't know how you do it other than by the Grace of God!

Keep us posted . . . hope you get to feeling better.

As far as the BIG H problems . . . have you tried soaking in a Warm Sitz Bath? Preparation H also helps.

mamacantrix said...

Marva, Dear, I'm so sorry you're still having such a rough time! You and your family are in my prayers!