Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slow Recovery

Can I just say this is getting old......I feel way older than 33! I can go and go and be busy (and do as normal as possible for someone that cannot lift over 5#, stoop or bend) for maybe 3 hours and then the pain hits and I am so tired. I usually need a nap (1-2 hours). I am so thankful the boys are still in preschool so I can rest some. I know that sounds horrible but it's the truth.

This little surgery has knocked the wind out of me! I still have a good bit of drainage, not so much blood anymore though. I haven't had any breakthrough bleeding in sometime. I still have to wash out each nostril twice a day with lots of salt water and it burns! I still use the saline solution every 30 minutes or so. I only have about a week left of the last antibiotic. Thankful for that I am . Just being honest here....... you might want to stop reading now........ I still have the yeast infection and now internal and external hemroids (sp). Heavens to Betsy!!!!! I am making it fine, well as I can and I am trying! LOL! What else can I do?!

So, that's where I am now.

My sil, Sandra is coming to clean house for me Saturday morning. We have small group here that night.

Tonight we went to the funeral home. My friend Connie's, Mom passed away yesterday. She's been sick for some time and now is finally at rest.

My Dad's pain was a little better today, just mainly around the left eye and reading is a little bit of an issue.

John is still getting to work most days but nothing regular is promised.

So, there you have it...........

Hope all is well with you all! Blessings!!!


Nikki said...

It is taking a while, isn't it, Marva? But your body is letting you know what it needs. So rest!! I know how you love to go and go and go, but sometimes you just need to take it a little easy.

Julie said...

Marva I am so sorry you are still going through so much! My heart is heavy for you.

Thank you for the info about the Afrin. Katelyn gets the packing removed late this afternoon.

mamacantrix said...

Oh, Honey. Go buy some yogurt for snacks and rest. I hope it will all be worth it when you stop having such awful infections and one antibiotic after another. I HATE it when my face feels like it's about to blow off the front of my head.

Hugs and prayers...

smilernpb said...

What a busy time you are having at the moment! I am pleased that you are on the mend.

Fingers crossed that you'll all be back to normal in no time.

Hugs xo

Mimi said...

It takes awhile to recover from the trauma of any surgical procedure, but you're getting there!
You are so blessed to have your family and friends to help you. I hope that you feel much better by Thanksgiving. Sending big hugs and prayers to you.