Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Frugal Funny

We had a Christmas get together with my Daddy's side of the family a couple of weekends ago. My parents always cut off the slices of spiral ham and take them in a pretty dish (or dishes). When the get together was over I was packing my Mom's dishes for her. I had to step away from the table and when I came back one of the two dishes was missing. I saw it in my aunts basket and asked her if it was hers. She responded that she had brought a honey baked ham in it.

Here's the funny. I ate ham from that dish, it tasted just like the one my parents had brought. The only difference:

My aunt's was honey baked for $6.66 per pound.
My parent's was an Aldi ham for $1.28 per pound.


1 comment:

Mimi said...

What a difference in price!
Your aunt could have bought about 5 more hams for the price your mom paid.
Now I want some ham...
Merry Christmas!