Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rough Days and Unofficial Giving Thanks Challenge

It all started last Wednesday. Hubby was sick with a bad sinus infection and went to the doctor. He was given a z pack and Flonase. Little John started with a horendous cough. I started giveing him prescription cough medicine at night to help him sleep better.

Thursday things seemed better. Hubby went to work. The boys at school and I had some shopping and housework to do. When I picked the boys up, Mason seemed down and out. He had been in trouble at school. We talked about it and he seemed better. After supper he said his tummy hurt. We had been weaning him off his reflux meds, so I decided to go ahead and give them to him that night. He seemed better and off to bed we all went.

Friday morning he erupted from his bed and headed to the potty. He dry heaved and then threw up some "fluid". I stayed home from work with him and sent John on to school fully dressed as a firefighter for their halloween celebration. Since a little girl had strep in their class the week before I took him to the peds office. NO strep! The doc thought he was fine, so we stopped at the school on the way home and let him join his classmates for their party. Then home we went. The rest of the day was good and well, normal.

Saturday, Big John had to work. The boys and I worked in the house and caught up laundry. Saturday evening we went to a few family members homes and trick or treated. Then we came home ordered pizza and wings and picked out a movie for the night (ELF). Things were good!

Sunday morning hubby was much more sick and had been up most of the night. Little John had the cough and we all decided to stay home. My sinus infection was worse as well. Late that evening we decided to go to my brother and sil's, my parents and my father-in-laws just for a few minutes each (while staying outside-not spreading germs in their homes). While at my bro and sil's the boys played with their new kitties and chased them around and around in the pinestraw. By the time we got to my fil's, Mason had swelling around his eyes. When we got home he was broke out head to foot. We figure either the pinestraw or kittie cats. Allergy meds and eyedrops administered to Mason.

Monday Mason was better, hubby was worse. much worse after work. That afternoon John's sister called to let us know that his Dad was at the hospital for the third time in less than a week. John headed over there after work. He was admitted with chest pains and his blood was low.......once again.

Tuesday the boys were much better, I was some better and hubby was worse, yet still. I went to the dentist while hubby headed tot he hospital to be with his Dad. While at the dentist my phone rang it was my Mom calling about my Dad. He has trigeminal neuralgia. He started having the attacks again. Two bad ones. I came home immediately after the first crown was cemented. Our friend who owns the pharmacy got his meds ready and Mom picked them up. He got started on them and the attacks subsided......for then. Mike (my brother) and I worked the market, taking turns.

Wednesday, John's Dad was released from the hospital, only to have to go next week to toher doctors and have more tests are a larger hospital in Birmingham. Daddy's meds were increased to 300mg a day (he takes Lyrica) and John (hubby) back to the doctor for the sinus infection. He was given a cough med and Avelox. I worked until 5pm at the home market after delivering a load of apples and picking up supplies at Sam's Club for the market. Daddy has had a couple of attacks today too. Hopefully the meds being raised will help. He is very lightheaded and dizzy (side effects of the meds).

We are thankful. Thankful things are no worse and that my Mom is in remission from the inflammatory myopathy (the type she has is polymycitis). Trying to takeone day at a time and live for HIM!!!

Today I am unofficially joining the giving thanks challenge for 30 days. I saw this somewhere but do not wish to link up.

Going back to day one Monday the 1st, I am thankful for medicines to treat my children when they are sick.

Tuesday the 2nd, I am thankful for having a great friend who is a pharmacist.

Today the 3rd, I am thankful my Dad is some better.

What are you thankful for today?



Mimi said...

Hi Marva,
I am thankful for my family and for all the good things that God has given me.
I hope that your loved ones feel better soon.
Hugs to you, Mimi

smilernpb said...

Hi Marva, I am sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I hope that you are all OK and will recover soon.

Hmmmm. Well I am giving thanks today for the fact that I start my new job next week, and I hope that HE will look after us all as we settle into our new roles. And I am also hoping that HE will look after P, who is once again going through a bad time at the moment, and I hope that HE can give him the strength to look forward to a brighter future, whatever that may be.

I hope that if you have time, you could spare a thought for us. Hugs, sweet friend xo

Nikki said...

I'm thankful for the rain that we are getting today.

I hope your family feels better and gets better soon.

I know too well how much help (or hindrance) a good (or bad) pharmacist can be!

Julie said...

Hi Dear Friend,

I am so sorry things are so difficult right now! My goodness, when it rains it pours!!!

Has your hubs ever tried using a netti pot for his sinus trouble? It would certainly help him to feel better. I highly recommend it!

God Bless

mamacantrix said...

I'm so sorry you're all in such a rough patch, dear Marva! Hugs and prayers for you all. It's inspiring to still see praise and thanksgiving in the midst of struggle...God will honor that!

I'm thankful that DH has a job, that we are all healthy, and that I am so blessed with friends!