Monday, November 22, 2010

Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving is just a short few days away! We are having Thanksgiving at my Mom and Daddy's this year. John will have to work. It is our first thanksgiving apart and that makes me sad . It makes me even more sad that he will miss the boys and the boys will miss him on this special day.

My Mom's brother and sister-in-law are in from North Carolina and her niece and nephew-in-law will arrive Wednesday from South Carolina. All of those as well as her sister that lives a piece down the road will join us. I am not are of my bother and sister-in-laws plans. They usually have lunch with her family. There will be a table or two full nonetheless!

As far as the menu goes we usually have the typical smoked pecan turkey, a spiral sliced ham, brown and serve rolls, cranberry sauce (courtesy of Ocean Spray), Mom's delicious chicken and dressing made with cornbread, giblet gravy, hm creamed corn, home canned green beans, potato salad, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato pie and some type of cake....usually homemade honey apple cake.

This year I am going to make the green beans, creamed corn and apple cake. Maybe the sweet potato casserole......we shall see! We usually eat around noon. We usually go back home after the meal and let the boys nap while we watch some football. Then back to mom's for supper!

The boys are spending the night with her and Daddy this year and I am going Black Friday shopping like usual. John has to go into work early this year since Alabama plays at home and he will be traveling through there.

I am almost done Christmas shopping and have discovered once again that I have went a teensy bit overboard! More so with the boys. Some things I am putting up until their March birthday though. We need some pillows, a quilt and sheets for our new bedroom suite (arriving next week). So I will probably hit Kohl's for that. Booster seats are BOGO at KMART, so I'll be going there too and Target has their Wii Fit bundle for $67 and since Santa is bringing that as our family gift I need him to bring that to me! :)

So what is Thanksgiving looking like at your house? Are you cooking? eating out? Going shopping? Watching football?

Whatever you are doing here's to you and yours! Thanksgiving Blessings!


Julie said...

Dear Marva, we are going to my sister's house for Thanksgiving . . . my sister and brother and families won't be there, but Mom and Dad, a few of my Aunts and my sister Janeie and her family will all be there.

Everyone brings a little something for lunch . . . Mom and Janeie are roasting the turkeys.

I never ever go out on Black Friday . . . too much craziness for me!

Hugs, Love and Many Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving and always.

Nikki said...

Well, you already read about my plans at my blog, so I won't write it all again here.

I am planning NOT to shop on Friday. Ugh! I hate shopping. Sleeping late sounds much, much better. Do you think my children will let me sleep until 7:30?