Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treatment Plan

The ENT called today after speaking with the Infectious Disease doc. They are in agreement that I should stay on the oral antibiotic for 2 more months and the nasal antibiotic as well. I will follow up with the id doc next month and the ENT in March. We will go from there. If they do not think the staph infection is completely gone from the sinuses then I will be sedated and have a pic line put in my arm for iv antibiotics.

I am tired, my head/face always has pressure and sometimes it pains me to wash my face or my hair. My face is swollen and so are my hands. I tend to have a yellow tint to me still. I am weak but my God is strong and I am fighting!!! I am going to have victory over this in Jesus' name! Amen!


Nikki said...

Well, then. I will pray that these antibiotics do the trick and that you don't need a PICC line. Yuck!

Nico said...

Praying for you Marva.

jdjmcc said...

I hate this for you, but I'm so glad they have a plan of attack! Try to build yourself up naturally, so your body can fight with all its got. My mom has a bad case of staph on her foot that she has been fighting since May, she just started healing this week. Sometimes it just takes time. You FIGHT it and WIN :)
Take care,Jessica
P.s. I won the coupons from you last year:) Thanks again!

Mimi said...

I am praying for you!
You can beat this, so be strong and have faith.