Friday, January 28, 2011

Standing Still and Everywhere to Go

I have so much on my mind right now. I am just going to do a bulletin post.
  • There is so much death and sickness going on around me it is overwhelming;especially since it is mostly children.
  • Little John has been sick with the sinus yuckies and we just finished antibiotics.
  • We've had to put our Disney trip on hold since I am sick.
  • I had to put my surgery on hold as well as a deep dental cleaning, a tooth extraction and a crown. So my mouth hurts all the time and I pee on myself every time I laugh, sneeze or cough............just keeping it real! Yes, the bladder has come back out of the temporary position the ob/gyn placed it in. I have to go back for another attempt "to place it" until I can have the TVT-O /Solyx procedure (when the staph infection is deemed out of my body).
  • I finally go back to the dreaded infectious disease doctor in 10 days! I will have taken 6 weeks liking one day of the 8 week prescribed antibiotics, at that appointment.
  • I am tired of being sick but glad i am feeling some better and my energy is slowly reappearing even though I still overdo it. I still take a nap almost daily.
  • The boys have been staying in trouble at school and it is taking a toll of my Mommy skills.
  • We got out federal tax refund after only 9 days! Praise the Lord!
  • My Mom has went off a little and decided to start raising Labradoodles. Lord help us all. She got a female (solid black) a couple of weeks ago, named her Molly Lou. The dog is only 10 weeks old and already weighs 12 pounds! Oh and did I mention it is a house dog for time being?! This (my Mom) is the same woman that would not allow relatives to leave their mobile homes and come to her house in bad weather because they would bring their dogs to her house. Anyhow....I just find that interesting!
  • The boys wanted to play t-ball but know little about it. We have decided that they are not mature enough to play at 4 years old and need to wait. We are taking a LOT of slack about it from friends. It really doesn't matter their opinions though. We have thought it through and with my brother and Daddy's advice have said not now. First of all it is very sad when the kids don't know what they are doing and run the wrong way or score for the other team and the parents/fans laugh. That bugs me! That makes kids self conscience as well as humiliated! Also, I have seen little kids get hurt badly because they were watching the bird in the sky and not the ball. One child got hit last year and got a concussion. So, we are going to work with the boys this year and maybe next year we will let them play if we feel they are ready! Registration is $85 per child. That does not include uniforms. Also, bats, helmets and gloves are your responsibility to buy. That is a lot of money for us times two.
  • This is the last weekend for deer season to be open and my heart hurts so badly for my Daddy. He loves to hunt and has gotten to very little because of the Trigeminal Neuralgia. I hope he gets to go in the morning some.
  • We are already starting to work in the orchards; pruning trees.
  • Beautiful weather today (high 50's) and tomorrow and pleasant for a week or so. Then we are suppose to get a massive snowstorm for here. They are talking schools being out for sometime (a week or more). The school year in already going into June to make up for the last storm that shut everything down.
  • I am teaching "coupon classes" on a regular basis now; mostly at churches. It is going well and I am learning even more about saving money myself. I thank God everyday for this blessing of being able to teach others how to save money! I am not charging for the classes. I believe the Lord blessed us the way he did when the babies were born as well as financially and he gave me this talent to give to others. I do not want paid for doing right.
  • I have an uncle that has been in and out of the hospital. He lost his wife almost a year ago and has been having it so bad since. This week he has had a stint put in and the angioplasty done on his heart. He also is fighting c. diff. He is still in the hospital after a week already. please be in prayer for him.
  • I have a cousin in her 40's that spent from August until Thanksgiving in the hospital (she had a liver transplant). She went home the day before Thanksgiving, the first time. She has had to return twice since. She is still in there. She is finally off the ventilator and has a trachea. She has lost down to 80 or 90 pounds and has a feeding tube. She has one infection left and the doctors think they have it under control. She is having to have major rehab services. Please be in prayer for her. She has an 11 year old daughter that needs her Mommy.

I guess that clears my mind a little. My heart just seems heavy today. I am going to find my blessings though! Right now as a matter of fact! Have a blessed day!


Julie said...

Seems like winter bring much heartache, doesn't it?

My heart has been heavy for others too!

Marva, we certainly need to live closer to one another!!! Of course, we would never get anything done . . . but we would certainly have a great time!


Nellilou said...

The title of your post is an undertatement....Just you make sure you take time for yourself as you don't want to get low and tired....You have quite a hectic time at the moment...I will pray for you and all you love and I hope you can enjoy a relaxing calm weekend

Take care xxx

Nikki said...

Oh, Marva! You do have a lot going on, don't you? I think you and John made the right choice for your boys and t-ball, mostly because you are their parents and you know what's best for them. It's none of anyone else's business! I have even told my mother (only once, though) that she had her chance at raising children, and now it's my turn.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Hopefully, the ID will have something to tell you at your appointment.

smilernpb said...

Marva, I am sorry to hear that you have so much going on right now.

Please look after yourself!

Hugs xo