Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Monday as Hubby and I set at Cracker Barrel carefully examining our check, it hit us. What could we spend with $68?! No we did NOT spend the whole $66 there. But we spent it on three meals eating out Sunday after church (with the boys), Monday for breakfast (at Huddle House) and then lunch/supper Monday at Cracker Barrel. Let me break it down........

We ate at a local restaurant Sunday after church. I knew the boys would never last until we got home, since church was over late (12:45pm) and they had already eaten all of their snacks. We opted for this place since it was not crowded. You know what I'm talking about if you have/ever had small children (hungry children no less). Hubby had a hamburger steak and fries, tea. I had tea and a black/bleu salad. The boys shared a chicken finger plate and had water (they were out of milk). We ordered cheaper items on the menu. The total was about $28!

Monday morning at Huddle House we just hubby and I) each had coffee and an omlett. The total was about $16.

For lunch/supper Monday we had Cracker Barrel. I had the daily special (baked chicken, dressing and green beans) and tea. Hubby had the country fried steak cpmes with three sides and tea. The total was about $21.

With all that being said, according to the grocery and drugstore sales papers this is what I could have bought for that $66.

4 packs Huggies Pull-ups $8.99 minus $2 coupon on each
4 pk. Bryan juciy jumbos $.98- $.50 coupon on each
3 gallons of milk $1.99 at Aldi
3 bags of salad $.99 each
3 loaves of whole grain bread $1.29 each
1 # shaved deli ham $2.99 after $2 coupon
6 family size boxes of Red diamond tea $.99 each
4 - 12pk. Mtn. Dew at CVS $2 each after ECB back
2 -32 load bottles of ALL BOGO @ CVS $3.79 - $1 coupon on each
1 # bananas $.33
4 cans pork n beans $1
2# frozen veggies $1.25

Total $65.99................ Those are itmes I would stock up on, not necessarily make meals from for the week. A much better deal than what we spent the $66 on eating out.

So, what could you do with $66? Leave a comment and let us all know and Friday morning I will pick a name at random and you will win a prize! Let's just say the author is Paula Deen!



Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Sadly, these days I would probably use the $66 to fill up my gas tank! Sigh...Leave my name out of your random drawing, since I won your last wonderful giveaway!

Take care,

Kylie's Mom said...

Isn't the cost of eating out crazy??? $66...that would be 16 weeks worth of milk, 3/4 of a tank of gas in my van, 6.6 bags of flour, 6 extra-large fresh pizzas from Costco, 66 loaves of bread LOL...the list goes on and on.

But please don't enter me in your draw...I live in Canada and the shipping would be too expensive. I just had to comment, though, as the price of eating out is such a sore point with me. My husband could eat out every day, but I have to put my foot down once in a while LOL.

Nikki said...

Marva, you can enter me! $66 would almost buy our groceries for a week. It would fill up our minivan with some left over. It would pay for my new bathing suit since we are going to the beach in September. But my favorite thing to do, if I had $66 to blow, would be to buy books!

Lisa Merriman said...

That's funny, I do the same thing when we go out to eat. As we are paying the bill, I mentally tally in my head what that $$ could have purchased me at the grocery store...and it kills me! I realize that I don't enjoy my meal, and it doesn't taste as good when I am thinking of what I could have filled my freezer with for that same amt. of money.

To answer your question, sadly I would have to say "gas". Each time I fill my tank, it is over $100!

Otherwise, I just purchased this weeks groceries for $67...so we could have eaten for a week!

blessedwith5 said...


I am not entering the drawing - I love Paula Deen, but have several of her books!

Great give away though!

Maranda said...

$66 for us would almost fill up our SUV, it would but groceries for the week, and it would pay for the new toddler bed we just bought our 2 year old daughter!

My husband and I have started sharing meals when we go out to eat. For example, we ate out at Chili's on Sunday and ordered the chips and queso with salsa as an appetizer. Then we shared the chicken fajita quesadillas...more than enough food for sure! If we order an appetizer chances are we can share the big meal and appetizers are normally lots cheaper than a whole other meal. Also, we TRY to order water when we eat out...tea and cokes are over $2 per glass at most places now!

I hope I win something with Paula Deen as the author-LOVE HER! :-)

Nico said...

Sadly, we've been eating out too much and that is where my $68 + has gone. I wish I had taken my $68 and re-stocked my kitchen pantry at Aldi :)

Anonymous said...

Well......lot's of things to do with $66 (too many to choose).....but I would probably fill my gas tank up and have room for a coffee date with a friend! My treat! Ellie

mom2twins04 said...

$66. I just spent $44.00 on school supplies for my classroom... I still have 3 childrens' school supplies to buy....
I could get one tank of gas for my van (which will be paid off in January:) Can't afford to trade for a better mileage car as we are so close to payoff)...
I am so thankful to be out of the formula and diaper stages with my twins, as we were always broke during those stages...
So happy to read your blog!!!
Hope that all is well your way.

Poopsie said...

I am peeking in for the first time. I saw a link to your post from another blog, and your post title enticed me. I am always looking for ways to cut corners, and this sounded like an awesome challenge!

$66 can buy:
1 set of new sheets- $15
8 yards of various material for Ruth's new quilt- $21 (reuse old blanket for batting)
one gallon paint in Ruth's color choice- $18
new area rug- $10
I shop at discount stores and there is a local fabric store that sells at really low prices- Mostly $2 a yard.
I keep saying I don't have enough to redo Ruth's room, but now I can see that I do...
Cindy P :)

heartsfullofluv said...

I am new to your blog from Julie's. Anyway, this week I have found I could do a lot with $66.

a set of twin bedsheets $2.99 NEW
King size bedsheets $5.99 NEW--Sears
Pack of Hotdogs free w/$10 purchase
Milk--free with coupon
Dr. Pepper X 3 two liters $2.97 (minus $1.65 in coupons making it $1.35 for all 3)
Cap'n Crunch $1.79 (used a coupon)
Life cereal $1.79 (used a coupon)
12 grain bread Gold Medal x 4 = $3.66 for all
...fortunately there were good deals this week! That's enough items for now, but you don't have to enter me.

Mimi said...

Your milk is so cheap there! Here it's 3.25 a gallon, or 2 for 6.09.
With 66.00, I'd buy:
10 lbs. of London Broil@1.87 lb.=18.70
10 lbs. of salmon @ 1.99 lb.=19.99
10 lbs. of bnls.-sknls. chicken breasts @1.77 lb.=17.70
9 lbs. of imitation crab meat@ .99 lb.=8.91
This is my week to stock up the freezer a bit!

Poopsie said...

I am tagging you. I hope you will play. One of the questions has to do with how you would spend money...
Come and see, please. :)

Poopsie said...

I don't know where my other post disappeared to. I hope you consider coming over to visit and do a 5 for 5 'meme'. You were one of the people I tagged. If you can do this much with $66 dollars, what would you do with question #4?
Cindy P :)

MyKidsMom said...

I'm thinking if I didn't desperately need it for gas or food like others have already mentioned, I might go thrift-shopping for ebay items to sell and double it(hopefully:)

Thanks so much for the coupons!!!