Monday, July 21, 2008

Coupon Train Info

Hi all! Everyone that has checked in has me believing all is going well. It is on my part and I have gotten some really good coupons. I hope to be able to keep communication open and all chugging alone smoothly.

There is one tidbit that I forgot to mention though. Please do NOT send coupons that are going to expire with 7 days or LESS of the day you mail out. This puts a hardship on the one receiving them and either they do not get to use the coupon or only have a day or so to do so. Thank you in advance for your attention to this.

I mailed each of you a pack of coupons today. Yes, some of them expire soon and I should have mailed them sooner. It was hard dividing them up equally between the eight of you and remembering who wanted/used what, so that is why I was a little late with the mailing. I hope you all can use some of the those. I intend to make this a monthly project, just bare with me as I set it in motion.

Please feel free to comment/question anything. Any and all suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

Thank you girls, I could not do this without you!



Mimi said...

Thanks, Marva!

Marie said...


I just discovered your blog and love it! Finally, someone else is 5'10, drinks water and wants to lose some weight like me. I have four kiddos and love to write. I love the Lord and enjoy being a frugal homemaker. I also love the country, growing fresh veggies in the garden with my hubby and canning. I was wondering what your coupon train is all about. By the way, the children and I are praying for your husband's health. Be encouraged. :)

Heartfelt blessings,