Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not Forgotten

Hi!!!! I just wanted everyone to know that this week will be incredibly hectic around here and I have not forgotten about my wonderful bloggy firiends! I hope to get to read your posts and stay all caught up with you, but not have time to comment. I hope you all understand.

Here's a glimpse of yesterday.................

Got up at 3;30 am got hubby off to work after I made his lunch. Went back to bed for 1 hour and Tiger was up, got him settled and I laid on the bed til 5am.
Got up, got ready, made bed, folded 6 loads of laundry.
Straightened master bath and bedroom.
6:30 am woke the boys, got them ready, loaded all of their things for first day at preschool. Got them loaded and arrived at school at 7:05am.
Came back to fruit market and picked up my truck and baskets, went to orchard and packaged 58 special order baskets.
8:20 drive the hour to deliver them. Unload those. Got o Sam's Aldi and CVS. Drive the hour back. By then it is 12:00pm. Unload everything from truck. Go home and unload our few things.
Come back to fruit market, eat lunch (squash casserole). Answer phone numerous times and take orders.
It is now 1pm. I work on stamping vouchers and checks and figuring the banking. While doing this I help wait on customers.
Then I pay the bills and write out checks for the week, while answering phones and waiting on customers. I take my truck and gas it up.
Then I load two trucks with over 200 baskets of peaches for markets today.
By then it is 4pm. My Aunt and I get all of the small cups and baskets ready for my Mom's market truck, then my Dad takes me to my house to get the car (it has the carseats for the boys and I need to pick them up).
I run to the school at 5pm to pick up the boys and back to work it is.
My 10 year old nephew, brother and parents (and I, along witht he boys) finish loading trucks and waiting on customers.
They picked over 400 baskets of peaches yesterday and then 15 bushels of cantaloupes, over 10 (3/4 bushel) boxes of yellow squash, tomatoes, cukes, zuchinni and I don't even know what else. My Mom was still in the plum orchard at 8pm last night.
I made it home at 6:15pm finally (with the boys in tow). Cooked supper, fed them and me. Hubby stopped by the parents (on his way in from work) and moved trucks around (so they would be covered for the night and the dew would not get on the peaches.He ate supper after he finally got home at 7pm. We then loaded the dw (after unloading it), cleaned up, took out the garbage, vacuumed, wiped counters and table, and will do 3 loads of laundry, picked up toys.
8pm gave the boys bathes, pottyed, brushed teeth, read stories and prayed.
8:50pm hubby showers, I read my emails and caught up reading blogs.
9:15pm I bathe and we go to bed..........at 9:45pm...........Finally!

I hope you all had a great day and I'm off to another busy day on the farm. I promise to catch up with you all soon!

Many blessings!!!!!!


Nico said...

Wow, what a day! I'm exhausted just looking at all that you accomplish in 24 hours. Hope that today isn't too busy for you. Big hugs too!

Mimi said...

It sounds like an action packed and fun day! i bet youll sleep soundly.

Anonymous said...

You are one busy woman my dear still that energizer bunny Marva.

Don't kill yourself on all this hard work and try and also enjoy time with the boys and hubby this summer.


ditarae said...

How DO you do it all? You really are amazing, Marva! And wow, is my mouth watering hearing about all that fresh fruit. All we have fresh so far is strawberries.... sigh...Maybe I need to move to a warmer clime :-)

MyKidsMom said...

3:30!!!! I don't know HOW you made it til 9:45! You must just fall into bed.

I'm curious; I know you were working on losing weight (like the rest of us;). I'm wondering if all this extra activity is helping in that area? You can answer in a few months when you have more time..;)

Peaches sound so yummy! We still have months to go til they're ready here. Take care~

Kylie's Mom said...

My goodness, that is quite the day!

Nikki said...

3:30? AM? I think bad thought about my poor son's hunger when he gets me up that early. (Not really; I do love him lots!)

Mimi said...

Hi Marva! I just wanted to stop by and wish you a nice day. How are the boys doing in pre school? I can't wait to hear about their first week!