Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeding Three Families Supper For Cheap

It occured to me that you might be wondering how we can feed two extra families when we are so strapped for funds these days. While it has been tough, we have quite a stockpile and my heart is led by my maker to be a servant to others and help whenI can.

So here is a break down of last night's meal for three families and might I add that there is enough leftovers for all 3 families for lunch or supper tonight.

Spaghetti- 2pks. Bought fo $.50 per pack and had a $.50 coupon= FREE
Meatballs - $1 from Angel Food
Ground chuck 1/2 cup - $.75
Spaghetti sauce - 1 can and 2 jars $2.00 (with sale and coupons)

Total $3.75

Bagged salad $1.25
2 cans peas $.66
mayo $.35
onion $.33
bell pepper $.68
celery FREE (borrowed from my Mom )
cheese (1/2 bag) $1

Total $4.37

Cake mix $.49 on sale
Icing $1- $.50 coupon doubled = FREE
3 eggs $.15 (got a dozen reducedto $.50)
oil $.10

Total $.74

Bisquick $1.50
milk $.35
butter $.15
garlic powder $.05
This made 21 biscuits

Total: $2.80

Grand total $11.64. That comes out to $3.88 per family. I thought that was a pretty good deal for anybody!

It doesn't take a lot to do for others, especially those in need! I love to cook and do for others, so what better combination?!



Mrs. Darling said...

Yep, its nto hard to feed others if the pantry is full. I havent been too good at reading blogs lately but did you explain somewhere why you are so strapped for moeny. Did your husband lose his job? Goodness I hope not. This economy is awful!

Nico said...

Keep up the great work :)

ASHLEY said...

Marva, that is wonderful. I need to get better about helping others.

Mimi said...

Way to go Marva!
You have a big heart and are setting a good example for your children.
Angel Food is really a blessing to us, don't you agree?

Nikki said...

Wow! That's all I can say. Wow!!

smilernpb said...

Great idea, thank you for sharing. I don't usually work out the individual cost of meals, but I might try to from now on, out of interest!

Marva, did you get my e-mail?

Heather said...

Great message to send to your fans. I too am happiest when I am sharing food with others. Often it's a simple as taking cookies or a couple cupcakes to the elder neighbors. And it's nice to be on the receiving end also!

Anonymous said...

Marva you are so right. God wants us to serve others and we are trying as a family with my daughter and the grandchildren to instill this in them to serve others.

I liked this post as far as how to feed 3 families with little funds. I will share this post with my daughter as they struggle to feed just their own family but always have time to serve the Lord in other ways.


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...


I was thinking I'd left you a comment a week or so ago letting you know my yummy package arrived, but it must have slipped my mind - it's official I've lost my mind! ;) Thanks again!!


MyKidsMom said...

I didn't even think twice about it. You are so awesome at getting deals, I don't doubt you could feed 3 families for what many people would feed one family on!

By the way, I just received some coupons in the mail... thanks a bunch!